{7/11} The Catalyst

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  1. [15:28] Reaper says, "I've to warn you."
  2. [15:28] Reaper says, "I take big bites."
  3. [15:29] Mertaisyl says, "And I can't..take little ones."
  4. [15:29] Reaper says, "I don't mind lose an arm, or two."
  5. [15:29] Teivel says, "..."
  6. [15:29] Reaper says, "They'll just grow back in a couple of days."
  7. [15:30] Mertaisyl says, "Mm. There are.. doctors here.. to fix my flesh."
  8. [15:30] Teivel says, "...Please."
  9. [15:30] Teivel says, "PLEASE."
  10. [15:33] Mertaisyl says, "So.."
  11. [15:34] Mertaisyl asks, "Want to try?"
  12. [15:34] Reaper says, "Sure..."
  13. [15:34] Reaper says, "Ah-.. I just realized it's a talking dragon.."
  14. [15:35] Mertaisyl says, "..Yeh. Dragons talk."
  15. [15:35] Reaper says, "Good to know."
  16. [15:52] It paced out into the field, withering grass away in its wake. Greens and those faint blips of color- flowers among the other plantlife- turned dull greys and browns and blacks. Fading out and crumbling to dust.
  18. Like ash that dust fluttered easily into the sky, when it swept about-face to stare down its choice of target. Flecks stuck to pitch-dark scales. Crystalline eyes fell half-lidded. And as though the man posed no threat at all the voidling creature sat upon the field.
  20. Leathery wings stretched to either side. Raised up, until the outer-most bones pointed toward the sky. It drew in a deep breath, its chest filled to the brim- Then it turned its head back, a near one-eighty degree turn, and started to exhale.
  22. Across stitched up cerulean and more typical black, a verdant haze started to form. The creature's plagued breath clung to its scales. A writhing, thrashing fog which moved with a mind of its own.
  24. It breathed until its form was shrouded near entirely.
  26. Then its gaze turned back toward the man. Its maw opened once more, and an ireful crimson glowered from within. A glow which started to brighten as the thing focused its power inward. Attempting to draw from the crystalline implant.
  28. The heat seared against its very flesh. Enough to make even the creature, numbed to pain as it was, wince. Another little puff of breath, and the 'fuel' in verdant tone caught alight as it exited the voidling's maw.
  30. All the rest caught ablaze soon after. A shroud of onyx flames licked across scales of a similar tone. Obscuring the finer details. Practically melting the flesh beneath- So far as it appeared, at least. As though the voidling were made of tar stuck to bones.
  32. Set alight, it tilted its head to one side.
  34. And it did not move, patient instead.
  36. Waiting for him to make the first move.
  37. (Mertaisyl)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [15:58] Reaper would position himself infront of the Dragon, although still maintaining some distance due to the raging flames.
  41. His body would be hovering merely a few inches above the surface, which makes him look even bigger than he already is; although, even then, it's unlikely that he'd be able to match the size of the Dragon.
  43. He fixed his gaze upon the overtowering Dragon whilst resting his dominant arm upon his katana's hilt.
  45. "Now, that's a first. I don't think I ever fought an actual Dragon. This should be good." - he spoke out whilst exercising his neck ever so slightly; making a couple of audible cracking sounds with his bone-joints in the process.
  47. A brief cackle escaped his lips, subsequently followed by the whistling sound that was created by the blade being unsheathed extremely quickly, and slicing through the air - the sharpened edge was pointed at the Dragon as Reaper dissipated his levitation magic and allowed his body to come crashing down onto the ground with a loud thud. Upon impact with the ground, a tiny crater was formed beneath his two feet and the surrounding area quite literally quaked.
  49. This vampire sure weighted quite a bit.
  50. He firmly planted his feet on the ground and lowered his center of gravity before uttering a single word;
  51. "Ready?"
  53. Then, without a prior notice, Reaper disappeared from the Dragon's line of sight, seemingly vanishing out of existence - only to re-appear right behind the beast shortly afterwards, his blade, already brandished and threatening.
  54. (Reaper)
  55. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. [15:58] Knossos Fengari says, "Looks like he's asleep."
  58. [15:58] North says, "Mmh."
  59. [15:58] North asks, "Does Cassandra go to Levengard school?"
  60. [15:59] Knossos Fengari says, "Uhh."
  61. [15:59] Knossos Fengari says, "Don't know."
  62. [15:59] Knossos Fengari says, "I've seen here there sometimes."
  63. [15:59] Knossos Fengari says, "Lets go check."
  64. [15:59] North says, "North wanna learn to read some time. Couldn't understand paper Cassandra- okay."
  65. [16:13] Crystalline eyes stared from within the flame. Half-lidded, glassy. Reflective enough that he could see each bit of fire which passed before them perfectly in their verdant depths. There was no expression to be read from the thing's visage.
  67. It was as motionless as a statue, as it watched the man draw his blade. As that sharp whistle of steel cutting air resounded. The only response to his words was the dull, distant crackle of flames. That and the faintest undertone of whispers, speaking hatred and betrayal.
  69. A side-effect of the plague.
  71. Ready?
  73. Silence.
  75. He was gone in the blink of an eye, and in response? The voidling beat downward with those wings already raised, leaping into the air from its sitting position to avoid the blade it presumed to be swinging down towards its spine. A jolt forward and away.
  77. The thing had fought too many teleporting foes to be caught off-guard by such a thing. Still, irritation started to well and truly fester within. It had yet to best one with such an ability.
  79. On a sharp back-wing the thing caught itself up, and scanned the field from the air for the man's presence. It drew another breath inwards. Preparing for the next strike, when it would come. For it knew this sort. They didn't let up.
  81. But he had to approach it. Not the other way around.
  82. (Mertaisyl)
  83. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  85. [16:24]
  86. {LOAD GAME}
  88. [16:24] {Item} You drop Fury Of Fire.
  89. [16:24] {Item} You picked up Fury Of Fire. Dropped by Mertaisyl. .
  90. [16:41] Reaper whispers: yo mert im sry but im kind of fallin asleep here :X its like kinda late here)
  91. [16:47] Practice makes perfect. But it wasn't quite the same. The voidling had met with beings who need not traverse the distance they covered physically. Hel, the master who raised it did the very same. Laemor, the swordsman, a closer comparison. Or Taiga Rowan, closer still, being more beast than man with a blade.
  93. But none were quite like this.
  95. When Sors traveled, the lifestream screeched in his wake. A raucous cry of agony heralded just where the man would arrive next. The voidling could track that. When Laemor and Taiga ported, green light glimmered to life. Portals and a sickening, soothing sensation of the lifestream in a purer form- Harder to track, but it had learned.
  97. With him, there was no cry nor light. There was silence. Shadows. One moment he was there and the next he was gone. Behind the beast, above, away again and back within moments. A wretched thing, nigh impossible to predict.
  99. But it need not go to him.
  101. The voidling retreated into thefield of flame. Pitch-dark fires scorched the earth, casting smoke into the skies. It remained upon the ground, and kicked up waves of flame with powerful strokes of its leathery wings. Stoking the fire.
  103. It gathered its breath, in the times he was away from it. When he came in close it released, pouring forth a cloud of virulent plague. Fuel which caught alight, when sparks met it.
  105. Not quite fiery breath.
  107. But it was enough to force the man back. Only just. Each little blast took its toll. Still the voidling seemed rather displeased. Trying to pull straight from the crystalline catalyst within its maw didn't quite pan out the way it was meant to.
  109. In irritation the thing jolted into the sky. On a jerking set of wings it lifted off, and it pulled in another deep breath. It waited there in the sky, hovering. Watching. Waiting.
  111. The whistle of steel alerted it.
  113. Mertaisyl dropped, its wings folded in.
  115. Just before it struck the ground, those wings shot out again.
  117. Assuming the man followed its breath poured out all at once. A massive expulsion of plague, which caught a split second afterward. With all its effort it tugged from the gem within its maw. Seeking to pull the flame within outward, into the world.
  119. It felt the smoke as its flesh seared. As the gem grew hotter with the thing's prompting. Despite its best efforts, the stone stubbornly refused to give up its power- But for the moment the thing was given a brief respite.
  121. Enough to catch another breath, as that shockwave pushed the vampire away. Claws dug into the scorched earth, frustration evident. What use was a device which refused to offer its power?
  122. (Mertaisyl)
  123. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  125. [16:54] ** Reaper has inflicted an injury upon Mertaisyl. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  126. [17:26] Shortly after having re-appeared behind the beast, Reaper thrusted his blade downwards, aiming to skewer the dragon from its spine; however, despite not being able to follow Reaper's movements, it seemed to instinctively know that he'd aim for the spine - the blind spot.
  128. It brought its humungous wings down, causing a shockwave to erupt; sending Reaper flying across the terrain in the process. And they were back at stage one.
  130. At this point, sinister cackle inevitably escaped Reaper's lips as his very form dissipated and eventually dispersed completely into a phantom-like shape, which was coated and wrapped with black, fog-like matter. Using that very form, he zipped across the grassy landscape, moving astonishingly quickly, and closing the distance between himself and his prey rapidly, he occasionally moved diagonally in order to evade the fire that the dragon had breathed out.
  132. Eventually, he reached his prey. And yet again, aimed for its blind-spot; the back.
  133. He reverted back to his normal form, and simply puffed. The Dragon would feel the said puff lapping over his nape, soon followed by the sharp whistling sound of steel slicing through the very air, aiming to end the Dragon in one fell stroke.
  135. The Dragon, however, wasn't such an easy target. Flames, yet again were given life by the breath of the dragon; spreading across the grassy landscape like wildfire, scorching and reducing everything in its wake to ashes.
  137. Naturally, even Reaper couldn't remain unscathed after taking on such an attack directly. His skin was burned, his hair scorched, and the scent of burnt flesh followed right afterwards.
  139. He was hurt. It's been awhile since someone managed to get a 'piece' off him.
  141. He leapt backwards and created some distance between himself and the Dragon, taking a moment to re-strategize with himself.
  143. "Good. That's how it should be. It wouldn't have been any fun, otherwise." - he muttered underneath his breath; perhaps just loud enough for the Dragon to hear.
  145. "And yet-.. flames.. I detest those.. So, what would happen if-.." - he paused for a brief moment before he yet again disappeared from the Dragon's line of sight. This time, however, it was different.
  146. Upon having disappeared, a large crater was formed underneath the place where Reaper's two feet were just a moment ago.
  148. It wasn't any sort of teleportation, nor magic - it was sheer physical prowess.
  150. He moved so fast, to the point where the Dragon was simply unable to follow his movements using its eyes alone.
  151. One moment he was there, and right afterwards, he was gone.
  153. And before the Dragon even knew it, Reaper was already beneath its snout, thrusting his katana's hilt upwards, straight intothe dragon's lower jaw with enough force to make the entirety of Dawn quake - and upon impact, the lower jaw was snapped closed with the upper jaw, and in the process, it was utterly shattered; subsequently sending the Dragon flying. Its body skipped haphazardly until its body crashed into a nearby cliff, which had finally put a stop to its momentum.
  155. And with that, this bout was concluded.
  156. (Reaper)
  157. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  159. [17:43] It's that being from before...
  163. "...shit..."
  165. I hate this.
  167. "...observe...don't interfere."
  169. AHHHHH!
  171. "..."
  173. Zerchanok watches.
  174. (Zerchanok)
  175. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  177. [18:11] Tenko Ultovex says, "I am simlpy more.. interested in seeing where your successes have landed you."
  178. [18:11] Laemor says, "Further than anyone has ever gone..."
  179. [18:11] Tenko Ultovex says, "I will hope so, given what needs to be done."
  180. [18:12] It wasn't working. Not the way the voidling wanted it to. In those brief moments of respite when the man teleported away the creature focused inward. It reached for that well of power within the crystal embedded into its maw. It tried to pull from the bindings which held such power entrapped.
  182. To little effect. Flames burnt hotter, sure. Sparks gathered within its maw, the glow brilliant from within. But it could feel the fire against its flesh. How the gem overheated as it tried to hold onto the power it retained within itself.
  184. A distracting presence. Something which drew focus.
  186. Not, thankfully, to the point of complete and utter incapacitation. The voidling could still fight. And Hel, it fought damn well. It caught on quick to where the vampire sought to appear when he vanished from its line of sight. It leapt, reaction times on point, to beat away from the worse of his strikes.
  188. Another attempt toward thecreature's spine. Cerulean scales- A patch stitched in place which did not match the rest- would've made an excellent target. Something of a weak spot. If only he had struck.
  190. Toxins which washed against its form went up in smoke. Another shockwave pushed him back, burning against flesh. Thin nostrils flared when it caught the scent of seared skin and burnt hair. A solid hit of one of its particularly nasty shockwaves.
  192. Even without the gem it managed to do well.
  194. It shook out its wings as it skidded to a halt, its gaze focused on him as he spoke. Just a brief moments pause, in which it snarled. In which it finally, finally, took a second to back off the brute force approach. That had worked to break out the beast within the gem the first time.
  196. But then, the voidling had three others with it. Then, all the power of four magi combined struck into the runic bindings. Runic power which flowed toward the use of a central point.
  198. This thing had set an entire island ablaze. The power within harnessed to cause a wildfire the likes of which had never been seen. But it didn't draw directly from the crystal. It..
  200. The thing blinked. He'd disappeared.
  202. But revelation had struck, and Mertaisyl gathered a breath.
  204. Just as the plague was fuel for its flames..
  206. The voidling jolted forward again, expecting him to have teleported behind. It had lost track of his movement, but that was partially its own fault. Losing itself in internal pondering. A theory it sought to test.
  208. Cerulean light melded with crimson, as pure mana formed within its maw. A brilliant, near-neon violet tone shone out from within, as the voidling poured its own mana into the gemstone. Pooling power within, bringing forth a different sort of heat.
  210. The Fury of Fire was the catalyst.
  212. Like a focusing lense for all its power. Its maw dropped open to pour forth another breath of flame. On its way out, this time, the fuel caught alight. Not after the fact. A gout of violet fire exploded forth-
  214. Only to be caught mid-way through, the hilt of vampire's blade struck up under it's jaw. KInetic force traveled straight through the bottom, and reverberating uncomfortably close to the thing's brain. If the force of the impact alone wasn't enough to break its jaw, the explosive power of its newfound breath certainly would.
  216. The force of the blow sent it backward. Tumbling, head-over-claws, kicking up ash and dust in its wake. Along the way what was left of the initial blast escaped in thin gouts of fire, until those flames finally died out. By the time it struck up against the cliff, its fires were out.
  218. From its broken maw it unleashed a cloud of smoke.
  220. With a quiet rumble, the thing picked itself off the ground.
  222. Pain shot through numbed nerves, but it was more than worthwhile.
  223. (Mertaisyl)
  224. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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