Spinning Combos Under $100

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  1. Spinning Combos For Under $100
  2. (Reputable and sold at many retailers)
  4. 1) Abu Garcia Ike 2- $39
  5. 2) Quantum Bill Dance- $39
  6. 3) Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2- $49
  7. 4) Pflueger Trion- $59
  8. 5) Bass Pro Tourney Pro- $59
  9. 6) Lew's Laser Speed Spool- $59
  10. 7) Abu Garcia Cardinal SX- $69
  11. 8) Daiwa Revros- $69
  12. 9) Mitchell 300- $69
  13. 10) Pflueger President- $79
  14. 11) Shimano Sedona/Sellus- $89
  15. 12) Mitchell 300 Pro- $89
  16. 13) Abu Garcia Orra S- $99
  18. Most store-brand rod & reel combos sold by places like Cabela's, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, and Dick's Field & Stream brand will give you a lot for the money. They are manufactured by the same people as the major brands, so it isn't like you're getting generic garbage. Retailers also often have good sales on their store-brand products.
  20. It is also possible to buy a rod and reel separate, but most of the time buying a preassembled combo will save you ~20% versus buying the same rod and reel and putting them together yourself. If you really like a specific rod or reel that isn't sold for a combo, go for it. Just make sure the rod, reel, and line weight will all work well together.
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