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  1. Injury Prone - Increased likelihood of injury through collision or fatigue.
  2. Injury Free - Reduced likelihood of injury from collisions or fatigue.
  3. Second Wind - Gives the player a stamina boost after the 80 minute mark if their team is drawing or losing.
  4. Long Thrower - This trait increases the maximum distance of a throw-in. Player with throw traits are more likely to be made to take a throw in, providing you don’t rush and take a quick throw.
  5. Giant Thrower - This trait increases the maximum distance of a throw-in, even more than the Long Throw-In trait. A throw-in of this kind can comfortably reach the middle of the pitch (by width) without bouncing. Just like long throws, let the quick throw-in lapse and your preferred taker should appear.
  6. GK Up for Corners - This trait will automatically send the goalkeeper into the opposition box towards the end of a match if they are drawing or losing.
  7. GK Puncher - A goalkeeper with the Puncher trait will be more likely to punch crosses and lofted through balls. Rather than catching the ball
  8. GK Long Thrower - Increases distance that goalkeepers can throw the ball. Players with this trait can accurately find players in the opponent’s half.
  9. GK One on One - Better chances to save a goal when 1 on 1 with the attacker
  10. Acrobatic Clearance - Enables spectacular defensive clearances. Tends to work when the defender is facing his own goal.
  11. Dives into Tackles - Makes a defending player more aggressive, choosing to dive into a tackle rather than jockey an attacker. Also increases the likelihood of employing a sliding tackle.
  12. Avoids Using Weak Foot - Will avoid using weaker foot to shoot, even when it might provider a better angle. Players without this trait are more likely to shoot with whatever foot suits their stance and the angle from goal.
  13. Playmaker - These players request the ball more often, receive it more and will attempt to move it quickly.
  14. Early Crosser - Players with this trait are more likely to attempt a cross before getting level with the penalty area. Providing they have high crossing and curve attributes, they can be very effective. It also seems to add curl to early crosses, rather than sending it diagonally straight towards the goal.
  15. Long Passer - Increases the likelihood that a player will attempt long passes, to pick out a striker or to switch the play.
  16. Swerve Passer - This doesn’t affect passing accuracy, but maximises curl applied to passes.
  17. Flair - Allows players to perform flair touches, fancy flicks, rabona crosses etc. Seems to now encompass a range of traits that used to exist, such as fancy flicks and stutter penalty.
  18. Technical Dribbler - Increases likelihood that a player will attempt an extended or mazy run with the ball.
  19. Power Header - Players with this trait are less likely to try cushioned or looping headers, and will instead power a header directly on target or into the ground. It also makes a player more likely to be present in the area during a corner kick.
  20. Long Shot Taker - Will attempt shots on goal from distance if afforded the space.
  21. Finesse Shot - Improves quality of finesse shots by maximising the amount of curl applied to the shot.
  22. Outside Foot Shot - This trait allows players to shoot at goal with the outside of their boot. This tends to cause an opposite curve to shots taken with the inside of the foot.
  23. Power Free Kick - Makes players attempt powerful, driven shots by taking a longer run up and smashing the ball at goal. CPU controlled players are more likely to attempt this kind of free kick than curved or finesse free kicks.
  24. Beats Offside Trap - Attackers with this trait will look to time their runs and utilise their pace to get in behind defences.
  25. Selfish - Makes a player less likely to want to pass the ball, and more likely to dribble or shoot.
  26. Diver - Players with this trait are more likely to go down under minimal contact.
  27. Argues With Officials - This trait would affect cut scenes following a refereeing decision. The player would be remonstrating with the referee.
  28. High Club Identif. -
  29. Team Player - Like Leadership and One Club Player, increases the likelihood that this player will be given the captaincy automatically.
  30. Inflexible - Causes a player to play worse if they aren't in their preferred position (?)
  31. Crowd Favourite - Popular with the fans.
  32. Leadership - Players with this trait are likely to be automatically picked for captaincy.
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