N41 - Sultry Squeaks of the Moth’s Siren Song

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. >Aroused moth noises?
  2. >What would that sound like exactly?
  4. >Begin by imagining, if you would, a gentle squeak.
  5. >This squeak is curious, but certain.
  6. >It is… different.
  7. >There is grander sonic texture to this noise.
  8. >This texture is support by a deep subtone; a sultry moan.
  10. >Almost like a coo~.
  11. >A coo of pleasure, of desire, it demands your focus.
  12. >And that’s exactly what you give to it.
  14. >All of the nuances of the coo drive your senses wild.
  15. >The low tenors tug at your heartstrings, and your inner desires become clouded.
  16. >The squeaks become more loving, reminding you of what you truly crave.
  18. >As your moth pony’s hums draws you nearer, her coos get louder and longer.
  19. >Much more sensual and… needy.
  20. >The loving squeaks of your moth pony easing your worries, causing them to vanish.
  21. >With your doubts cleared, the overtones of the squeaks begin to cloud your judgment.
  22. >And it is clear now; your moth pony is singing to you.
  23. >She is singing a song of love, and of lust.
  24. >A song of desire and want.
  26. >She is singing a song of sirens, one that has lured you in and trapped you.
  28. >But you do not panic nor worry.
  29. >The low frequencies and moans coming from your moth remind you that you are safe.
  30. >And that you can do whatever you need.
  31. >And that you can do whatever you want to her.
  32. >Without the fear of being judged.
  34. >Coooooos and squeaks are all you hear.
  35. >Sultry moans call to you.
  36. >And you are drawn further in.
  37. >Would you really turn down your moth?
  38. >Even knowing that she wants you close to her?
  39. >The harmonics of adoration and desire overtake your mind and body.
  40. >You can no longer fight it.
  41. >You answer her call; that low, sensual moan of a hum.
  43. >Elation.
  44. >Passion.
  45. >Warmth.
  46. >Your moth brings you to a state of ecstasy.
  47. >The entire night is yours and hers to share.
  48. >A ritual of immense pleasure.
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