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  1. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil: Welcome Home
  4. "So beautiful"
  6. Those were the only words Star Butterfly could utter in her mind, as she gazed upon the sheer wonder and majesty that the Realm of Magic had to offer. All of her wildest dreams paled in comparison to the fantastical sights and creatures she witnessed during her brief stay in this magical place.
  7. Star's arms were stretched out as she rode atop of an elegant white unicorn, her relaxed posture displaying her complete trust in this mythical creature, riding off into parts unknown. For this was no ordinary unicorn, it was the very same creature that the vivacious young princess had created during her prior visit to the Realm of Magic when it was but a sea of corroded sludge.
  9. The two had traveled deep beneath the glimmering yellow pool of magic, occasionally rising to the surface allowing Star the opportunity to inhale some much needed air in her lungs - in addition to the eager Mewman's shouting of "Wheeeeeeeeee!" before diving back into the translucent goo.
  10. And while the splendor she glimpsed upon the ascent was amazing, Star's mind was racing with all sorts of pressing questions during the ride:
  11. Why was she summoned to this sacred dimension? Why choose this very moment of all times? Could she discover something crucial about her new powers here?
  12. Suddenly, the inquisitive fourteen year old's train of thought was interrupted, the mystical waters that had once engulfed the two of them became shallower and shallower, a clear sign indicating that the alabaster equine had finally reached their destination.
  14. Four magnificent pillars of liquid magic stood majestically before the travelers.
  15. Star Butterfly stepped off her impromptu steed, never once taking her glimmering eyes off the massive columns, enthralled by their towering presence.
  16. "Why... did you bring me here?" she asked her horned companion in a hushed tone.
  17. "Perhaps all the answers you seek lie on the top of these columns." The unicorn replied in an ethereal yet soothing tone. Star couldn't fully explain it, but she felt reassured that the firstborn's cryptic words rang true. She could sense an untold presence beckoning her to scale the monolith of magic that stood before her.
  18. However, the firstborn's fragile voice rang out from behind. "If one is to discover the truth to being called here, then one must put your former past behind you. "Put my past behind me?  ...What's that supposed to mea..." Unable to get her sentence out in time, Star's attention was drawn towards the unicorn abruptly descending into the sea of magic leaving nothing but tranquil ripples behind her.
  20. "Am I really gonna do this?" Star hesitantly asked. "Can I really just abandon everything I've worked so hard to achieve without ever looking back?"
  21. Star admitted: There were some past occasions that she'd certainly love to forget all about - As most girls her age often do. But would obtaining the long awaited answers to why she was summoned to the Realm of Magic be worth giving up everything she strived for in her life?
  22. Star had spent the past several months adamantly embracing her role as the future queen of the Butterfly Kingdom, taking her newfound responsibilities with a mature determination to improve life for everyone on Mewni.
  23. And how would Marco, Tom, or her family react if she mysteriously disappeared without warning?" How could her kingdom flourish with no viable heir to take the throne?
  25. Star paced around anxiously, contemplating whether or not she should just desert her quest for answers and return home now while she had the chance, when she began to notice each step she made was progressively growing harder to take. It had gotten to the point where she could hardly even move forward. She decided to remove her white boots and striped leggings to improve her mobility. Almost instantly, her feet felt much lighter without those formal pieces of footwear constricting her movement. The newly barefoot Star delicately stuffed her leggings inside of her boots, before gently placing them on the ground.  
  27. The golden goop felt so refreshing sloshing against her bare feet. She wiggled her toes in the damp ground and laughed as the shallow sea floor softly tickled her soles. It reminded Star of the sunny days she spent on Earth when she visited the serene beaches of her best friend Marco's hometown. "Gecko Creek?" she pondered to herself. "Huh, that didn't sound right."
  29. She absentmindedly wandered the shores in a sudden haze of confusion. "Why can't I remember the name of the town that I lived in from Earth?" Star asked herself. "It had only been a few months since I had left Earth and returned to Mewni, but... why did I even leave Earth in the first place? Her only recollection of that night were tears, "Tears?" she thought: "Was there someone crying when I said goodbye to them?
  31. A small wave of magic splashed against Star, jolting the mewman princess from her wayward thoughts back to reality. Her dark green dress was completely drenched in magical muck. "Aw dolphin giggles!" Star exclaimed out loud. "That was one of my favorite dresses!" If Marco were here, he'd surely make a persnickety comment to lighten Star's mood; like, "Wet dresses maybe a pain, but ....noooothing compares to the agony of dealing with wet socks!"
  33. Star smiled, reminiscing of the joy that her cherished friend almost never failed to bring her. Even though the two hadn't always seen eye to eye over the past several weeks, ever since Marco arrived on Mewni unannounced for his "French summer -whatever a French is." He's always made my happiness and safety his number one priority. Star sighed, as feelings of loneliness began to creep in. "I wish Marco could see this dimension for himself." "Why was he so anxious about me visiting such a spectacular place?" If only he could see what a heavenly setting she was in right now, that would surely put his impractical worries to rest.
  35. Taking in the awe-inspiring scenery had revitalized Star's fascination with the Realm."Y'know..." Star commented: "Why the heck was I so uncertain about staying here to begin with?" "I can just find whatever called me here, go back home, and tell Marco all about!" "No big whoop!" She then took off the soaked dress without a second thought, along with her sentient spider necklace,  folding it neatly on the ground right next to her boots to keep track of them all when her business in the Realm of Magic was done. Besides, it's not like there was any potential risk of experiencing total humiliation here, with no other people to chastise or ridicule her current state of dress. While making her way towards the pillars, It didn't matter to her that she had lost her boots, or her leggings, or even her dress. For these trivial trinkets no longer existed for Star Butterfly.  
  37. The energetic underwear clad girl began to run towards the mighty magical monoliths that towered before her. Now more motivated than ever to reach the summit and find what she had been searching across the multiverse for days. It was the same surge of adrenaline she felt whenever she fought against unruly monsters back on Mewni. "Fighting monsters?" "Princesses don't socialize with monsters." she convinced herself. "Let alone engage in battles with them."
  38. She wasn't even aware that she had discarded her trademark devil-horn hairband her boyfriend Tom had given her. ...Or was he her ex-boyfriend? "Was he the one who played the keytar?" she pondered briefly.
  40. Those thoughts didn't really matter to her anyway. Star began to accelerate towards her destiny upon freeing her long hair as the lovely blonde locks soared against the gentle wind. She could hardly wait to tell Marco all the sights she had seen while traversing the multiverse in order reach this sacred dimension. Him and Jan... Jan... the strange girl who liked magic. Or was it pink? She wasn't entirely sure. Had she even been there today?
  41. Without even bothering to stop, Star removed her bra and panties and quickly tossed them aside into the sea. Leaving the spirited young girl completely naked as the day she was born.
  43. Free.
  44. Such a simple yet powerful word, it was truly the most accurate feeling to describe Star Butterfly's current state of being: Free of worry, free of uncertainty, free of anxiety. That glorious word ricocheted inside her mind like an echo in a desolate ravine.
  45. Her nipples protruded from her areolas, that festively matched the same recognizable heart shapes as her cheek marks, as the warm breeze caressed her budding chest. Her clitoris emitted a powerful tingling sensation throughout her body, a physical reassurance that the blonde teen had made the right decision to embrace her calling.
  47. With her destination nearly in sight, a brilliant flash of light momentarily engulfed Star. Transforming her normally puny Mewberty wings, into an eponymous set of golden butterfly wings. Her feet leapt off the gossamer liquid, allowing her majestic wings to take flight to the spot that beckoned her. The current of gold caressing her nude form as she ascended to the summit, felt as cordial as the siren song that enticed her to enter this wonderland of mysticism in the first place. Star vaguely recalled wanting to thank someone for allowing her to come so far in reaching her fated enlightenment. A young brown haired boy, right around her age, who supported her to follow her instincts, in spite of his concerns. She had forgotten the kind boy's name though, but that wasn't important anyway. What was important, was getting to the columns of light as quickly as possible.
  49. After what seemed like an eternity, the winged Star had finally reached the top of the pillars of magic. Once she had set foot on solid ground, she was greeted by the unmistakable whinny of a herd of familiar baby unicorns. The precocious young tykes knocked Star to the ground and planting a barrage of welcoming kisses all over the bare Mewman. "She's finally made it!" One unicorn exclaimed excitedly. "We thought you'd never come!" another child called out between kisses.
  50. Star giggled in glee in combination to her flattery of the the foals' elation of having her in their presence again, along with their tongues tickling her most sensitive areas. Then just as soon as the licking started, it had suddenly ceased. It became apparent what caused the children to stop, when a recognized unicorn with an indistinguishable butterfly marking rose from the depths.
  51. "Tell us princess" the firstborn calmly inquired. "Have you uncovered the truth of why you were called here?" Her response with met without any delay or hesitation from Star whatsoever. "Of course my child." Star responded in a commanding yet tender tone. "I was summoned back to my home.
  53. There was no longer a hint of doubt in the teen's voice anymore, now that she had been reminded of her true purpose in life.  
  54. "I am your creator - it is my solemn duty to nurture and protect my own offspring." She stood proudly before her mythical kin. Unwavered by her fully nude body exposed for the world to see. Her irises, once a piercing blue, had now become a distinct shade of violet shade, with pupils aglitter.
  55. "Rest easy my darlings." "Your long-awaited caregiver has finally returned home. The creator's uplifting words were met with thunderous cheers from the younger unicorns. "The creator is gonna give us all lovings and carings!" The former princess chuckled to herself in response to hearing the enthusiastic youngling's improper use of grammar, while she snuggled with the children she had neglected for too long.
  57. The view of the vast ocean of magic from this height was nothing short of breathtaking. Why would she ever think about leaving such a magical paradise, when everything she needed was sleeping right beside her here in the Realm of Magic? No threats of danger or boredom would ever threaten her beloved unicorns, so long as their benevolent creator were there. With her head cushioned against her firstborn's stout build, the creator's line of sight was attracted high up in the clouds towards the twinkling stars, sparkling above in the enchanting pink sky.
  58. "Star" Something about that word seemed to stimulate something in her unclouded mind. But what possible connection could that word resonate within her? "Oh well," she convinced herself. "It probably wasn't that important anyway."
  59. The newly christened guardian of the Realm of Magic had finally found the place she called home.
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