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  1. <div class="container-fill">
  2.   <div class="gameWheel">
  3.     <div class="blue"></div>
  4.     <div class="green"></div>
  5.     <div class="red"></div>
  6.     <div class="yellow"></div>
  7.     <div class="panel-top"><br/>simon</div>
  8.     <div class="panel-bottom">
  9.       <div class="display off"></div>
  10.       <div id="countLabel">COUNT</div>
  11.       <div class="switchOffLabel">OFF</div><label class="switch"><input type="checkbox" id="onOff"> <div class="slider"></div></label>
  12.       <div class="switchOnLabel">ON</div>
  13.       <div class="start"><input type="button" id="startButton" class="btn start-button" /> START
  14.       </div>
  15.       <div class="strict"><input type="button" id="strictButton" class="btn strict-button" /> STRICT
  16.       </div>
  17.       <div class="strict-indicator off"></div>
  18.     </div>
  19.   </div>
  20. </div>
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