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  1. (30BB) The House Te no Sekai
  2. Was a place by the river bank. At first, nothing more than a single house that was built under the towering mountain. It was build by: Yakura and his wife Larawen; Jouzai and his wife Mikimo; Izuma and his wife Itsumi; and a few different families all together. It was to become nothing more than a safehaven for them and their upcoming children. Aided by the few friends left that shared the same mindset, this would become the end of their striving for wealth through conquering. Enough battles had been met, they planned to build something while they still had the strength to protect it.
  4. In the years prior these men and women served as mercenaries that fueled the ongoing wars. But they had become older, and fewer in numbers. They were wise enough to see that this was the reach of their glory, with clans like the Uchiha, Senju and The Sarutobis, vouching for war with one another. They became more stationary and more self-supplying over the years, as their settlement grew house by house and with that the oppertunity grew to focus on setting up more advanced professions.
  6. Where these people once lived of the scarce hunt and the lands to survive, they now basked in fruits, spices, and just about every edible one could imagine in this day of age. All within their hand's reach. Their trade had become strong, life had become prosperous. It was but through the sole efforts of this group. Bound by a single man, a proper leader; Yakura.
  8. Within the following years, a few children grew up in the village. Some of which were; (23BB) Shaleena was one of the oldest children in the village, Yakura and Larawen's only child.
  9. (14BB) Mura, one of the younger children in the village, was Jouzai and Mikimo's son that trained under Jouzai's brother Yakura.
  10. (20BB) Hikari and (18BB) Yuma, which were two siblings with the same pitch black eyes as their father. They were children of Izuma and Itsumi. Who's original name 'uchiha' was only known to the two brothers Yakura and Jouzai.
  12. (Year 0 Blue banners) It was a clear night as a full blue moon illuminated the starry skies. A fair balance inbetween dark and light was in play, as it was one of the few nights in recent history that the moon shaped shadows across the lands. It was at this hour that a silent howl creeped through the forest, echoed by the dancing leaves of the woodland foliage. There was this little village by the foot end of the mountain that enjoyed the prickles of this near imaginative night.
  14. A single shout broke the silence, all though the larger part of the settlement was still in deep slumber. Disputes had troubled these people for the entire day. Yakura, once a great leader of this small noble house, had given it his last breathes. Old age had consumed the man’s body and he went in peace. A pure soul, gifted enough to both harnest chakra in ways unimaginable and to gain the trust of the people around him that couldn’t. His legacy had stretched far and wide as a man which ways were righteous and justified for the means of his people.
  16. All this peace, broken by the command of a soul corrupted by jealousy. Yakura’s younger brother Jouzai had never found the way to unlocking his inner flows through extreme jutsu, but he and his men were more than capable blade users. Jouzai felt like he earnt the seat at the top of the house after all of his hard work. Even though Yakura’s children were the original heirs to the house. According to Jouzai their different chakra nature would just bring them destruction, because something so different couldn’t have a good impact on their way of following life. How could a child bearing anything other than Raiton techniques become the representative of the house Yakura’s legacy had left behind. This man, Jouzai, believed it was up to his son Mura to overshadow his brother, given he was in the line of lightning techniques just like him.
  18. The ongoing situations and loss of his brother had blinded Jouzai up until the point where he didn’t even trust his own brother’s legacy. Jouzai’s own blood, Yakura’s children, were devilsbreed in the man’s eyes, and he was certain that everything that had happened was their fault. They would have made the man soft and put a hold to the legend of this undying man Yakura.
  20. Jouzai promised he wouldn’t become like this in that one command through that silent night. Victory would be the house’s, and prosperity would only flourish if all of the differences were banished. Most of the men followed Jouzai’s words blindly. Were it out of blind trust or simply out of fear. Not a single soul wanted to lose their place amongst the now prosperous seats the house had to offer.
  22. Jouzai spoke like a prophet to his people, just like every step of the way this was planned and prepared. Jouzai commanded his son Mura to consume all of his strength to reveal his spirit animal to the people in the form of a lightning technique. Mura was but a child and thus brought forth nothing more than what resembled a wolves' pup. Yet to Jouzai's followers, this creature in the form of lightning was no less impressive. It ran around the settlement, finding all of the banners that were placed in a clear circle around the houses.
  24. "Te no Sekai" Meant "World in Hand", and was the allusion that Yakura and his sibling Jouzai had written on their crimson banners. It was meant to be a symbol of the weight they carried together for their people. It empowered their confidence, and strengthened their unity.
  26. It was during this dark day for the house, that the old crimson red was replaced by the new navy blue banners. The old symbol got replaced by a wolf with wolves’ skull emblazoned on a moon, a reference to this dreadful night. It was then Jouzai commanded the troops to enter, it was time for a new era, his era.
  28. A ring of fire was now present around the settlement, the ashes and remainings of once a proud symbol were soon taken by Jouzai's men and their torches. Those that got banished weren't many, in fact it were most of the key persons that could have went up against Jouzai. His jealousy had come forth in the past, it was just now that he was actually able to give the commands for the first time. Seemingly mad with power the man's cackles echoed through the already chaotic situation.
  30. From all directions, men now marched into their own settlement with torches. Eager to find one of the few prizes inside. Everyone knew each other's face well, thus it was be more of a race than a real challenge. Whoever wasn't already aware, was certainly now with all the war cries around. Most people cowered in fear and could do little to resist the assailants. Though not everyone was simply pushed out of their home. Yakura's bravest men fought with hefty techniques, Izuma being one of them, but they were less set on murdering their own people and were roughly outnumbered.
  32. The happenings already attracted people in the vicinity of the house, people were able to track the clear path of smoke from miles away. Were it to loot the place, to aid the clan, or even to save the trees, many uncertain whispers clouded the surrounding forests.
  34. There was a single man on top of the mountain; Mukuro. A rather distinctive figure that dishonoured his clan in order to save it. With a clear view of the destructive scenario down below. He gasped at the terror he saw, and gripped his cane firmly in his hand. The man’s wonder being at its peeks was a given, yet he instantly made his way down the mountain and traversed the rock with but a single question in mind; was this his doing?
  36. After Mukuro made his way down to the burning settlement he nonchalantly walked through the chaotic streets, balancing the cane in his hand rather than using it as a walking aid. His only goal was to investigate the matter just to indulge in his curiosity. Though he wasn't instantly a target, people considered him a ghost and just went on with their hunt almost as if he were illusive.
  38. Shaleena never wanted any of this to happen. The young lady had been watching the scene through a small and dark window that kept her hidden. Tears rolled down her rosey cheeks. Because of the extreme tragedies she could use every stutter of breath, all though she tried to keep her weeping silent. She had literally lost everything today and had seen it all happen right in front of her eyes. Under her breathe she went over prayers, the exact same words she and her father shared before bedtimes. Shaleena her griefful moment was halted by a soldier banging on her door, the young lady figuratively felt them in her throat. She knew this was coming, yet the world paused for a brief moment. However, passage into her room was found rather quickly with a clap of thunder. Her name was chanted throughout the settlement as these soldiers threw her onto the streets out of her own house. To feed her to the new "Aoi ōkami" - ''blue wolves''.
  40. Mukuro, the sleeveless cloak wearing stranger passed through the chanting crowds eventually stepping out towards the girl, reciting “Through me you go into a city of weeping; through me you go into eternal pain; through me you go amongst the lost people;” while he spinned the cane around, pulling the crowd's attention. A long pause followed the awkward verses until the tattooed man spoke once more "Oh, how rude of me. Let me introduce myself. You can call me ..." and turned to face the crowds. He presented his arm up high for the crowd to see, and with a snap of his fingers he ended his sentence. " .. Kuro.". The crowd witnessed his pitch black hair turn white. As above them a loud, rumbling noise kept getting increasingly louder. The flames around the settlement paled in comparison to the burning skies as a fiery orange mass spawned out of the heavens. It appeared to be falling towards the group, and threatened to burn them all in one fell swoop. The increased heat changed the flames around the settlement into uncontrollable masses. While Mukuro's illusion worked it's magic, the exhausted man just barely managed to reach for Shaleena, he persuaded her to flee with him while they still had this opening.
  42. Shaleena reached out for the stranger's hand, simply taken by the moment she didn't have much other options to begin with. The two ran straight into an ocean of flames that oddly enough didn't burn on the touch. It was then she realised what Kuro's plan was. “My little brother..” Shaleena said nervously, and in panick she looked around her own as she got dragged through hoard of illusionary fire. She saw various scenarios unfold. People ran, fought, and cowered. People she swore to stand up for one day, though she felt so helpless during the entire night. Shaleena walking into the illusion with Mukuro later gave the two the nickname of witch through the stories told by the oppressor Jouzai.
  44. From within the flames Shaleena and Mukuro saw two boys dance fiercely around their mother; Hikari was the older brother of these two. He was fair in length, and bulky from the chakra enhanced physical trainings he went through. Yet he eyed slender, and was fairly tall compared to his younger counterpart.
  45. ;and Yuma, was the younger one of the two siblings. If taken apart, one could easily mistake him for his older brother. He was just two years younger, and always eager to overcome his brother as if it were a challenge. Though time had aged them and formed more distinctive features.
  47. The two were clearly used to fighting by one anothers side by looking at their pattern used where they approached combat. Though one could see that they were unsettled, dishonoured. Their way of fighting was aggressive. Yet their movements had never been so accurate before, their blades were aimed to harm and injure. Itsumi the mother, had stabbed Izuma the father in a blind rage. Jouzai had confessed to her the truth, about Izumi's uchiha roots, about how Izumi had been telling lies for his entire life. Jouzai's twisted ways spread deep into the minds of people. Were it lies, or confessions to provoke those that loved him and his brother. Nothing was beyond Jouzai's madness during this grasp for power.
  49. It was during this moment the two boys felt their eyes burn like never before. Whilst unpracticed, as their father kept the techniques hidden. They would feel a surge of power that was going to benefit them for the rest of their lives. Filled with a certain hatred, yet passion for their fallen father. Their eyes began to spin rapidly as their chakra and blood literally got blended into their first tomoe-less sharingan.
  51. Plays were made back and forth. Metal clashed with metal at a fast pace in harmony with the rest of the settlement. Whilst Itsumi clearly had the advantage, the mother couldn't lay a hand on her two children no matter how ferocious they came at her. With a tear rolling down her cheeks she complimented them "Well done boys." She uttered as she had moved herself into their weapons way.
  53. Mukuro witnessed the scene but was still regaining his breath, albeit a grin already claimed his lips. With a simple “Know them?” and the responsive look of Shaleena he strutted forwards as another opportunity revealed itself. He needed help to protect the girl and the younglings showed potential when they faced their own parent in combat. With Shaleena in tow, the bold man beelines towards the trio, intercepting both the boy's their blades with his cane as he mumbles between gasps for air “Thy soul is by vile fear assailed, which oft so overcasts a man, that he recoils from noblest resolution, like a beast at some false semblance in the twilight gloom.”, his eyes searching to meet theirs. This while his hair recuperates it's pitch black tone, his extreme taunt of an illusion fading along with it. "Let me be your guide out of this sorrow you feel and in exchange you can help us depart from this place." Mukuro confidently added. The man tried to reach out towards their souls, hoping to end the feud between parent and children at least for the time being.
  55. Behind Mukuro’s back time was already consuming Itsumi’s soul. The woman's wounds were too deep. As if she had done it on purpose, Itsumi had accepted a few fatal strikes during her final practice with her boys. But at least Mukuro spared the siblings from brutally taking down their own mother, it stopped when the time was there to break it up. Itsumi crumbled after Mukuro's intervention, ready to say her final goodbyes. Yet the only words that claimed her final breath just felt like a shallow sorry to the siblings. Hikari and Yuma weeped away their sharingan almost simultaneously. Their conflicted minds couldn't really progress what just had happened, they were forced to grow up right then and there. Hikari and Yuma had to swallow their anger and pride, yet accepted a possible way out of this mess with Shaleena and Mukuro.
  57. Shaleena reached for her temples to rub her eyes in thought. Where would they even go next? Where was her little brother currently? But her few seconds of wonder were abruptly halted by yet another pull on her arm from a soldier, to which Shaleena screamed “Enough! Sora where are you!” She ripped the shoulder part of her kimono to bring her hands together to start moulding chakra through a single handsign. “Suiton.” Flowed out of her mouth along with a sudden ocean of water that flushed the soldier away. “Wretched weak minded turn over. They are destroying everything. We have to find Sora and get out of here.” Her voice decisive rather than panicky.
  59. “Shaleeennn..” Got answered in the distance. It was Sora’s voice. Finally. Though that sounded like a glimmer of hope, not another bubble could pop for Shaleena to truly lose her calm, and this tension circulated throughout this modest group they traversed this theatre of war with.
  61. Four pair of heels clicked on the cobblestone roads as the pace was picked up. A few hasty sentences were given by the brothers Hikari and Yuma. “Are you sure?” – “The exit is that way!” – “Shaleena!” But at this moment there was little that could stop Shaleena from suppressing her goal. There he was, Sora, in the middle of the settlement’s square. Heightened on a small podium that was meant to be an altar to those that had fallen. Held by his collar by Jouzai himself. Sora was struggling to keep on fighting the man, but at this point it was to no avail. Spears and swords began to surround the four individuals as Jouzai raised the child up in the air.
  63. Jouzai then began his speech, “This little scum should be happy to be alive after stabbing what’s fed it for all of these years.” Several trails of blood could be seen soaking Jouzai’s attire around his midsection, Jouzai brought his katana up to the boy’s neck. “All of you are to leave at this instant, and are never to return.” Jouzai then resumes the motion with his katana by the boy’s side, sheathing it back into the holster on the man’s hip. The tyrant then throws Sora in the direction of the group without any form of a warning. “Now begone you vile witch! And take that devilsbreed with you! That scum will never outlive Mura anyway.”
  65. With that, the weary soldiers all around the group made a passage to some extent, a certain sorrow in the eyes of many. The group was just as weary, as they backed out of the circle that the soldiers had formed. The group’s restraint vanished not a moment later. They hasted past the fires, and even when the gates were already out of sights, they didn’t lower their pace for at least another few miles. It was then and there they truly spoke for the first time, and decided in which direction to go. What life had become, and who the heck this stranger was. But that is a story for another day.
  67. (0BB+) The Stream of Mura. - Mura no Nagare.
  68. Jouzai would train his son from this day on to become a merciless wrath. He had no idea of the capabilities of chakra and thus always pushed his son beyond limits, that had Mura grow both mentally and physically. They were to go back to their original roots, and whilst having a hold on their own settlement, they coursed through the battlefields for plunder and riches just like in the old days. Oai Ookami had its forces grow in number to this very day. Given their lengthy experience and devious tactics, it peeked the interest of many. They provided only for themselves and lived by the code of greed and plunder. The new blue banner became a symbol for hotspots of mercenaries and thugs alike, opposed to the prior trade and common wealth.
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