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  1. [14:45] <07Mat> well this is pretty strange
  2. [14:46] <07Mat> so i got a save with a battle video in white 2 to make a code to stop the music
  3. [14:46] <07Mat> watched it allocate the memory for the video, watched it decrypt the video
  4. [14:46] <07Mat> the location of the music was pretty obvious
  5. [14:47] <07Mat> set both to 0 and set read/write breakpoints to see if it gets read/copied anywhere
  6. [14:47] <07Mat> turns out they do to one other spot, so i set that spot to 0 too
  7. [14:47] <07Mat> start the battle and there's music.
  8. [14:48] <07Mat> can you actually disable music completely?
  9. [15:55] <07Mat> wtf, i was thinking maybe it's being set to a default when you change it to 0
  10. [15:55] <07Mat> but you get the same music no matter what
  11. [16:05] <07Mat> i disabled the code that copis the music selections overand it still plays
  12. [16:05] <07Mat> this is ridiculous
  13. [17:41] <05xfr> well I can tell you there there is indeed a fallback
  14. [17:41] <07Mat> oh, there is
  15. [17:41] <07Mat> now i dont feel ad bad
  16. [17:41] <07Mat> any idea where?
  17. [17:41] <05xfr> I asked Kaph to experiment with the music and all invalid values have a default
  18. [17:41] <07Mat> yeah
  19. [17:41] <07Mat> the normal music for the battle is the default battle music
  20. [17:42] <07Mat> which would explain why i was always getting the same music
  21. [17:42] <05xfr> I guess it makes sense there is because I'm pretty sure there are some BW2 exclusive music that fallbacks to default in bw
  22. [17:42] <07Mat> right
  23. [17:42] <05xfr> in the vsplayer those turn up as weird music names in the battle parameters
  24. [17:42] <07Mat> right, ok
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