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  1. Merci City is a messy place.
  3. Sure, most people think of it like any other city, and when the supers really get going there’s an awful lot of debris all over the place. But, man. Did you know the supers fuck each other all the time? It’s wild. I work full-time cleaning up after their super sexcapades. It’s messy work, and I stink to high heaven afterward, but it pays really fucking good, so I put up with it.
  5. Most of my days tend to be rather banal. Well, as banal as they can be cleaning up super jizz in Merci City. I used to live in a backwater town where you were lucky if you saw an anthro, let alone a super. When I moved to Merci I spent days just walking around looking in awe at all the different kinds of people. Demons, anthros, supers, and even just some odd-looking humans of every shape, size, species, and limb count. Merci is the melting pot for all kinds of people.
  7. With all kinds of people, comes all kinds of cum. It’s quite the messy job, and you wouldn’t believe the type of supers that get freaky and don’t want to (or can’t, for various reasons) clean up after it. I tend not to take the more health-hazardous jobs. They get filled pretty quickly anyway, and usually take longer to clean up and pay about the same as a couple of the easier jobs in one day. Besides, I came to Merci to transform, but not in that way. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to visit my family for the holidays with six dicks and an arm for each one. My hometown is hardly friendly enough to me as it is, which is why I moved to Merci in the first place. It’s a lot easier to go unnoticed as a trans girl when most other people are way more bizarre than you’ll ever be.
  9. What is great though is it’s startlingly easy to get a house in this town. I’ve moved a few times, such is the nature of the beast, but my current roommate seems pretty cool. She’s an independently wealthy super, and spends most of her time lounging around her house watching TV or locked up in her room. We haven’t talked much yet but we have hit it off pretty well so I’m cautiously optimistic.
  11. My days tend to be pretty uneventful, even in a place as wild as Merci. I usually keep to myself and just watch videos on YouTube or chill to some music. Right now it’s my day off, and I’m lounging around just kinda staring out a window, when I hear my roomie come out of her room. I guess she doesn’t notice me because she passes right in front of me completely naked, showing off her massive cock to me. “Woah.”
  13. “Oh, hey Jess,” she says, turning to me, her cheeks going a little flush. “Sorry to uh, bare myself to you like this. I didn’t know you were here.”
  15. “Don’t worry about it,” I respond. “I never much cared for prudishness anyway.” Hard for me to talk either, given I was laying on the couch in ratty underpants and a too-small tee anyway, barely pretending I was even a girl.
  17. “Thanks. It’s kinda rough when your super powers give you a super dick, anyway. It’s a real pain in the ass having to keep this thing locked up in my own home. You sure you don’t mind? It’s not the end of the world if I gotta.”
  19. “Nah. I’m not a very sexual person anyway. Just like if it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. It’s only sexy if you make it sexy. Anyway, what are you up to today, Claire?”
  21. “I dunno,” she responds, sitting down on the other end of the couch and kicking her feet up on the table. “I hadn’t really planned anything for today.”
  23. “Hmm,” I grunted, and went back to staring out the window.
  25. A couple moments of silence passed, and finally Claire asked, “What’s it like, anyway? Cleaning up after super sex, that is. I-if you don’t mind me asking.”
  27. “Not at all. It’s pretty chill, honestly. You spend most of your time just collecting jizz in buckets to be disposed of in the hazmat bins once you get back to the headquarters. The rest is a lot of Windex and carpet shampoo getting everything to look relatively normal.”
  29. “You ever wonder what it tastes like?”
  31. “What it... tastes like?”
  33. “Yeah. Do you think super cum tastes different? You ever wonder if what they’ve got coming out if them has a different texture or taste than regular people’s?”
  35. “Personally, no. I don’t really tend to think about that kinda stuff, Claire.” Her face fell, almost as if in disappointment. “Although, some of the cum does beckon you sometimes. Some of these supers spread themselves by turning other people into copies of themselves, and the cum ends up with the ability to prod at your mind to try and get you to ingest it. It’s wild.”
  37. “I guess it hasn’t worked yet?” She asked, a wry smile crossing her face.
  39. “I try to avoid the jobs where that’s likely,” I say back, “but every so often one comes up with a payday that’s pretty good, so I take it. It’s hard to resist but I manage.”
  41. “Well, Jess,” she says, running the tips of her fingers up and down her cock, “all I’m trying to say is it wouldn’t be the worst origin story.”
  43. ***
  45. Some things are just way too good to pass up.
  47. In a sea of below average, piss-poor contracts, one stood out to me against all the others. It was a high-risk contract, but it paid gangbusters. I would almost be able to quit off it if I wanted. I snatched the job up and went to work as quickly as possible. I was moving so quick I hadn’t realized I forgot my face mask until after I’d arrived, but I wasn’t worried. What was the worst that could go wrong?
  49. Once I got to the job site and began working, the usual thoughts crept into my mind, aided by the conversation with my roommate from the other day. It was odd, sure, but she had already introduced herself to me as a sex-focused person, anyway. She’s not really hurting me and other than some curiosity she doesn’t push me to fuck her so I’m not really that put off by it. Definitely better than my last roommate, who tried to fuck me every chance he got.
  51. I had gotten pretty into it and managed to keep the intrusive thought from the just staggering amount of jizz away for quite a while, I had barely noticed it passed into lunch by the time I was about halfway done. Unfortunately for me, all the slip resistance in the world couldn’t have saved me as I slipped on an errant pile of jizz and fell face first into the unclean half of the room, instinctively shouting, “Oh, FFUUCK!”
  53. Sitting up, cum all over my face and clothes, and inside my mouth, I began to wipe it off my face, and I instinctively swallowed. The next thing I remember I was naked, with my boss standing over me, saying. “Well, at least it’s clean.” It was difficult to stand up, my stomach feeling bloated and full, sloshing about with what I could only guess was all the cum in that room.
  55. I got paid, at least, so I decided it’d be cool to take the next few days off, to clear my head and figure out the consequences of my accident. And, well, things were pretty fucking dope. The changes started pretty quickly. My hips widened and I got some boobs, and I started looking and feeling like a girl for the first time in my life! It was exciting and wonderful, but I was constantly hungry and I could never seem to satiate it.
  57. I ate a lot, way more than most people would consider sane. But as the transformation went on, I just kept getting hungrier and hungrier, and I was horny ALL THE TIME. Things got even worse as my crotch shifted and morphed so that I was packing two sex organs down there, and now I felt like I had two sex drives I had to take care of. Claire kept expressing concern for me and trying to comfort me after the accident, but I tried to hold out as long as I could without telling her about the hunger, for fear she’d be unduly worried about me.
  59. I had eventually begun to lose track of time, and one day, while lying on the couch, I was watching her walk around, her large cock hanging freely in the nude like it usually does, and my horny alarm bells were ringing so loudly it was almost impossibly to ignore. I had to do something about this or I would go crazy. “Claire.” I said, almost out of my own control. “Can I suck your cock?”
  61. “I thought you’d never ask.”
  63. ***
  65. Super girls can make a lot of cum. I’ll leave the hot details up to your imagination, but the end result is that I felt calm and relaxed enough to go back to work the next day. One thing I did notice is after the fun, things seemed to be easier to lift and I kept leaving bends and dents in things I had grabbed easily before. It seemed to have gone away after a while, though, since my alarm clock was in tact when I woke up.
  67. That accident seemed to have awakened something in me. I’m hornier and sexier but I’m still the same old me underneath that. It’s kinda weird to be hungry for cum all the time, but I think I can live with that. The job is a bit more fun now, too. I had to get reregistered as a working super, with my known superpower being “can eat cum,” which sound kinda lame but it also means the job is a lot more fun now, and I can take even the most dangerous jobs and not get affected by them.
  69. There was one job where I felt like I had been at it for hours and when I checked my watch it had only been thirty minutes and I had barely broke a sweat! It was a huge mess too, so to sate the hunger I was able to take home several gallons of the stuff to eat later.
  71. Claire seemed pretty happy for me too. She enjoyed having me be more sexual and having someone around to have fun with. Best of all, it seemed like whenever I sucked her off it made me feel even better and stronger, which made the rest of the night even better. One night gave me this particular great exchange. I had just finished sucking Claire off, and as I was bringing my head up, she said, “Jess, I think you might be addicted.”
  73. “What, me? Addicted?” I paused to paw a bit of cum dribbling down my chin into my mouth. “No way.”
  75. In a way, though, she was right. I enjoyed feeling the rush from taking in the cum and the various myriad powers that came with it. It always seemed arbitrary but I loved the way it helped me complete my job nevertheless.
  77. Then, one day, I met Firebrand.
  79. ***
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