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  1. "You are so fuckin' pussywhipped, Kar."
  3. Karkat turned to glare at the insufferable seadweller addressing him. "What the FUCK are you talking about, Eridan?"
  5. "Pfff, like you don't even know," Eridan said, a big damn smirk on his face that Karkat just wanted to punch right the fuck off. "Everyone knows about you and Ter. You're pretty much her personal fuckin' bitch."
  7. "You're fucking KIDDING, right? I mean, yeah, we've been matesprits for a while, but it's not like that goddammit!"
  9. "Please. You're like her fuckin' pet, answerin' her beck and call whenever she wants you."
  13. "Oh Kaaaaaaaaarkaaaat~!" Karkat stopped mid insult and twitched in annoyance at the sound of Terezi's voice, and how Eridan just kept looking more and more smug by the second. He REALLY wished she wouldn't call him like that for EVERYONE to hear.
  15. "Well, whaddaya know, Kar? Looks like she's gettin' ready for another booty call right now! Better hurry, or you might not get a treat!" Eridan walked away laughing to himself, and Karkat resisted the very, VERY strong urge to punch him in the back of the head. That was probably exactly what the spade-desperate asshole wanted, and he really shouldn't be keeping Terezi waiting.
  17. ...Jegus christ, did he really just think that? Karkat hates to admit it, but Eridan might actually have a point for once in his pointless fucking life. This matespritship has been in Terezi's hands for too goddamn long. It's time Karkat took control of it, as he rightly should.
  19. Karkat turned, walking briskly towards where Terezi's voice had come from, and into her respite block, where she was already sitting on her bed non-chalantly, waiting for him in her bright red underwear.
  21. "Hehehe. It's about time you showed up, Karkat! I was beginning to think you weren't going to show up!"
  23. Karkat paused a moment before responding. The sight of Terezi's nearly naked body was always enough to bring his normally never ending rage to a screeching halt. He simply stared at her curvy body, her full breasts, wide hips and smooth legs. Finally, his mind started up again, and his mouth opened. "What are you talking about, you dumb bitch? It only took me like, a minute to get here."
  25. Terezi grinned, every one of her pointed teeth seeming to shine brightly, as she walked towards him, swaying her hips from side to side as she did so. "Hehe. Your point being? You still could've gotten here faster. And honestly, Karkat. I can't believe you'd call me something like that! I'd have THOUGHT you would have learned better by now. You know what that means, right?" Terezi pulled out a strand of rope from seemingly nowhere, and leaned in close to whisper in Karkat's ear. "That means it's time for some punishment~."
  27. God, he loved it when her voice took that seductive tone like that. It almost made him want to drop his plans to take control of this encounter, and just let her do whatever she wanted to with him. Almost. Instead, he just gritted his teeth, and grabbed her arms before she could start tying him up. "How about NO, you fat whore?"
  29. Terezi only had enough time to give Karkat a vacant look, hardly able to comprehend what he had just said before Karkat had wrenched the rope from her hands, turned her around, and had her bent over the bed, already getting to work tying her hands together. She struggled and squrimed under his grip, but it was too late now. All she could do was turn her head around, and glare at him as hard as she could. "What the heck do you think you're doing, Karkat?!"
  31. "Tying you up. What the fuck does it look like I'm doing?" Karkat gave the rope one last tug, satisfied that she wasn't going to be able to break free.
  33. "well duuuuuhhhhh. I meant WHY, you nubby-horned dummy!"
  35. "Oh, just for shits and giggles, that's all. Or, you know, maybe because I'm going to FUCK you," he said sarcastically, getting those panties off her over sized ass as he spoke. "And you call ME a fucking dummy."
  37. Terezi just squirmed more in protest. "Dammit Karkat, you KNOW I'm the one supposed to be doing that!!"
  39. "Don't care. Doing it anyway," Karkat said, already ignoring her struggles to fondle her soft, plush rump, his hands rubbing in circles and occassionally giving her cheeks a nice, firm squeeze. This was easily his favorite part of her. Who cared if Terezi was a literal fatass? That just made it even bigger and softer and that is EXACTLY how Karkat likes it. God, sometimes he wishes he could just... Oh hell yes. HELL FUCKING YES. He was going to fuck her sweet, juicy fat ass and there wasn't a goddamn thing she could do about it.
  41. First though, he was going to have just a little more fun. Karkat quickly took off his pants, and then pulled her cheeks apart, giving himself just a quick look at her asshole before he stuck his dick right in the middle, and pressed her plump cheeks back together, with his dick now stuck firmly in between them. God, this already felt amazing, and the feeling just multiplied once he actually started moving. He just thrusted slowly for a bit and enjoyed himself, before Terezi finally got annoyed and spoke up. "Having fun back there, Vantas?"
  43. Karkat just grinned at her, and moved himself until he could feel the tip of his shaft pushing right against her hole. "I'm just getting started," he said, before pulling away to grab a bottle of lubricant Terezi kept on a nearby table that Terezi had for just such an occassion. Or, at least, just such an occassion in reverse.
  45. Terezi's eyes widened behind her glasses as she realized just what Karkat was planning to do. "Oh hell NO!! Don't you even THINK about it, you nubby little freak!!" Her complaints fell on deaf ears, however. Karkat was far too busy applying the lube, making sure everything would go nice and smooth when he got back behind Terezi. Which he just did. "I swear to Gog Karkat I will hang you from a goddamn tree if you actual- FFFFFFFFFFUCK!!!!!" Her threat was cut short, as Karkat ignored her and went ahead, slowly pushing his dick straight into her asshole, stretching it out.
  47. Karkat let out a gasp of air he had been holding in when finally he could go no deeper, and his hips were pressed up right against her cheeks, squishing them a bit in an effort to get even more of himself inside her. "H-holy SHIT, you're tight..."
  49. "N-no shit, Vantas, your cock is in my gogdamn ass!!!" Terezi was practically shouting at him, barely able to take it. It hurt like nothing else had before, she couldn't imagine how it could POSSIBLY get woOH FUCK now he's moving.
  51. Karkat got straight to thrusting at a steady pace, pulling out and then going right back in until he felt his hips slam against her's again. Almost as much as her ass, though, he loved how completely in control he was right now. Terezi was completely helpless before him, her half mumbled death threats and tiny, half hearted whimpers of 'Stop' going completely unheeded. He just laughed, and gave one of her cheeks a firm smack, delighting as he saw a teal hand print quickly form.
  53. Terezi, meanwhile, thought about how much she was going to make Karkat pay for this, how this was sick, fucked up, and... fuck, actually starting to feel GOOD. Slowly but surely, she got used to the feeling, and the pain faded, leaving a strange sense of fullness and pleasure. Soon, she was no longer struggling against her bonds, and she was only complaining to avoid the appearance of actually liking this depraved thing that Karkat was doing to her, and soon, what he was doing just wasn't enough. Terezi quickly tried to compose herself; she couldn't make it look like she was enjoying herself, after all. "You know, i-if you're going to do this to me, you could at least TRY to p-put some effort into it, Karkat."
  55. "Wh-what, are you saying you want me to go faster or something?" Karkat asked, staring at her quizzically. He could hardly believe what he just heard, and it nearly brought him to a total stop.
  57. "Ffffuck..." Terezi cursed at the sudden drop in speed. It had completely thrown off her enjoyment of this. "Yes, fine!! I'm telling you to go faster!"
  59. Karkat then came to a complete stop inside her, and grinned. It nearly killed him to do that, but he had to assert who was in control here. "Oh no. You're not TELLING me to do anything, Terezi. You want me to do something for you, you have to fucking BEG."
  61. It was completely worth it to see the look on her face, halfway between outrage and pleading, and so completely and utterly at Karkat's mercy. "...PLEASE fuck me harder, Karkat." Karkat gave her one last grin, before he started up again, going nearly twice as fast as he was before. Terezi couldn't take it anymore; any efforts to pretend she wasn't enjoying this fell away completely, her mouth hanging open to let the whole world hear her moans, whimpers, and whispers of "Oh gog..."
  63. It didn't take long after that for Karkat to reach his peak, shouting Terezi's name as he buried himself as deep as he could in her ass before cumming. He stayed like that for a bit, before reaching down to Terezi's pussy. He wasn't a COMPLETE douche, after all. He pushed his fingers into her, and pumped them for a couple of seconds. That was all it took, before Terezi's body shook with pleasure that rocked her to her core, as she came as well.
  65. Finally, Karkat pulled his cock out of her, and undid the ropes around her hands. He then promptly collapsed next to Terezi, exhausted.
  67. "Soon as I can feel my legs again, you're dead, Vantas."
  69. Karkat just smiled, cuddling up close to her and giving her a quick kiss. "Like you didn't fucking enjoy it."
  73. They laid together like that for the rest of the night, feeling completely satisfied.
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