Shining Armor Saves the Farm (pretty nsfw)

Oct 25th, 2018
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  1. “I’ve already told you, I’m married!”
  2. >”I don’t care,” the man shouted back, slamming his fist down and inadvertently sending a pencil holder at the edge of his desk crashing to the floor. “You’re the best breeding stock we’ve got, and since we lost half the harvest, you’re the only way we’re going to make that back.”
  3. Shining Armor looked at the man, his ‘owner,’ with disgust. “You really think you’re going to keep this whole shitshow of a farm afloat by putting me in a room with some mare? Really?”
  4. >”I’ve already got a client lined up. Hell, when he pays us the second half, we’ll probably be able to scrape by on that alone. You’re strong, smart, and dare I say aesthetically pleasing, on top of being some big shot in a past life. It’s like getting paid to have Chuck Norris fuck some dude’s daughter.”
  5. “You can’t make me.”
  6. >”Sure I can. Here’s the deal: I’m not selling anyone. If I don’t get income from somewhere, that means I have to start cutting expenses. Item number one on my weekly receipts is food, and I don’t mean for me and the managers. Now look, your wife is gone, dude. You gonna let twenty families starve because you didn’t want to bang some gorgeous young chick?”
  7. >…
  9. >He’d been in the car for hours, but Shining Armor still couldn’t sleep. Wherever he was being taken, it was a hell of a distance away, and bumpier even than most carriages back home.
  10. >”Hey, Prince,” his owner chided from the front seat, “we’re almost there. Wake your stupid ass up and make sure you look presentable.”
  11. “As if I could sleep with your driving. Where are we?”
  12. >”Some guy’s estate in the middle of nowhere. Hey,” he said, softer this time, “try not to freak the mare out, alright? Guy says she’s never done this before and is scared shitless. Gonna be blindfolded and held down, so don’t hurt her, alright?”
  13. “I’m only doing this because you’ve made me. I don’t want to hurt her any more than you’ve hurt me.”
  14. >”Great, whatever. Also, take this,” he said, handing a small white pill back.
  15. “What is it?”
  16. >”Horse Viagra or something. It’s just to make sure we don’t need to make a second trip to get her pregnant.” Shining simply stared at the pill for a moment, mulling the man’s words over in his head. He’d been pushing the true purpose of this trip to the back of his mind, and if he dwelled on it for more than a second, the thought of leaving his own child in the clutches of some foreign master and unknown mare terrified him.
  17. “I’m not taking this.”
  18. >The car slowly rolled to a stop. “How about this, you take the pill, or I come back there and make you take it?” the owner growled. He might have been unarmed, but Shining had experienced the man’s cruelty firsthand before, and wasn’t eager to repeat the experience.
  19. “Fine,” he grunted, quickly lapping up and swallowing the pill.
  20. >”You know, you unicorns always look like a fish out of water without your magic,” the man laughed before accelerating the car forward.
  21. >The estate was large and modern, but as it turned out, Shining and his ‘owner’ were not headed for the house. Instead, a man waved to them from a small barn down the road, motioning for them to drive over.
  22. >Once they were parked, Shining’s owner got out of the vehicle before opening Shining’s door for him. What a gentleman. But he said nothing, and instead, the owner of the estate now made his presence known.
  23. >”Wow, look at him. Spectacular. What’s your name, big fella?” But before Shining could answer, the man clamped a hand around his snout, “Actually, know what, I don’t care. In fact,” he said, pulling a muzzle from his back pocket and clamping it around the stallion’s face, “that’ll just make everything easier. Sorry, buddy, but your mare’s already a bit freaked out about this, and I think this’d make everything easier.”
  24. >Shining just snorted through the muzzle and glared at the man. He exchanged a few pleasantries with the owner before quickly herding the stallion into the barn. Whatever the owner had given him, it was strong and fast-acting, as he could smell the mare the moment he stepped through the side door. But it wasn’t until he reached the main area of the barn that he realized just how bad the situation really was.
  25. >”H-hello? Master?” said the purple alicorn before him, blindfolded and fastened down.
  26. >Shining screamed into the muzzle and bolted back toward the door. But before he could reach it, his neck choked and he fell to the ground. He’d not realized it, but a leash had been fastened around his collar, and it was this leash that the man started dragging him through the dirt with. “Come on now,” he softly urged, “can’t be getting cold feet.”
  27. >Whether it was the drugs that now coursed through his veins, burning him from the inside out, or the sheer mind-shattering defeat of the whole situation, Shining Armor somehow pushed himself to his feet. His mind feebly urged his body not to walk forward, but it did anyway, barely giving any pull on the leash that brought him toward the horrific sight of his sister, splayed out and ready for… him.
  28. >”Twilight, dearie,” he said softly, laying a hand on his sister’s shoulder. Shining wanted nothing more than to leap up and rip out his throat. “Do you remember what I said?”
  29. >”T-that it has to h-happen, but you still c-care about me?”
  30. >”That’s right. Which is why I’ve brought in a real killer of a stallion here. He’s big, he’s handsome, and I’m sure he’ll make this as wonderful for you as it can possibly be.”
  31. >”Who are you?” she asked, relaxing a bit in her restraints.
  32. >”We’ve agreed to put a muzzle on him, to make you feel as safe as possible. If you like him, we can bring him back next time, without so many restraints. I just have to make sure it gets done right this first time.”
  33. >”O-okay. I think I’m ready…”
  34. >Wordlessly, the man stepped away from Twilight and motioned her brother toward her spread, exposed rump. Her tail had been neatly tied in a bun to give him full access to her nether regions, and her hind legs locked at an angle that would both be comfortable for her and make her easy to mount and enter. Shining bit his lip: sister or not, such a sight was enticing for a stallion with hormones raging as wildly as his.
  35. >”Please be gentle,” Twilight urged, just loud enough to be heard. And with that, something turned within Shining, stopping him from staring down her rump. This was wrong. Not only was he about to betray his wife and daughter, but now, his sister and all their family too. The man was right: he was strong, strong enough to bust a hole in the barn wall even without his magic. So, he’d turn around and leave. It was over.
  36. >But for all his racing thoughts, his legs refused to budge. When they finally did, they moved forward, away from the door and toward his sister. It was too much. He had to do it. Might as well… might as well keep his sister comfortable while he did it.
  37. >He approached her from behind and, in one motion, reared onto his back legs before falling down atop her, careful to catch his fall before slamming his body weight into her. Nonetheless, he soon found himself pressing down into the mare in heat, her natural aromas giving him a cruel and incorrigible erection. “Oh my gosh,” he heard Twilight squeak out as he pressed down a little harder, the tip of his shaft starting to rub up against the inside of her hind leg. But it was far too late for him to heed what could have been a sign to be cautious: his mind was being completely overrun by his hormones.
  38. >Finally, he felt his cock reach its fullest extent. Every heartbeat send blood pulsing through it, rubbing ever so gently up and down against her marehood. Perhaps sensing his inhibition, Twilight muttered quietly, “It’s okay. Just do what you have to do.”
  39. >His intent was to go slow but Shining found himself sliding into his sister with incredible ease. In truth, she was so aroused by the situation that she’d become something of a hormone-addled mess herself, her nether regions desperately longing to suck in more and more of her brother’s length. She gasped as he slid inside; she was no virgin, but the stallion’s girth still pressed against her walls almost enough to be painful. He didn’t hilt and hell, he barely got halfway in, but no mare had ever been able to take much more than this.
  40. >It was at this point, embedded deep inside his sister’s stretching, clenching marehood, that Shining lost his trepidations. He was already this far, and he was going to have to take it all the way anyhow, so why not allow them both to enjoy it? Twilight would never even know what had gone on here. At least he could make her happy.
  41. >Slowly and expertly, he started to pump his cock in and out of his sister. Every thrust was deliberate and cared for, putting his great strength and weight into each one. For her part, Twilight could only grunt and moan her pleasures as she received a wonderfully thorough rutting from the best partner of her life, all while strapped down to a makeshift wooden device without even being able to see her mysterious lover. As seconds ticked into minutes, her lips slowly curled into a small smile as she abandoned her fears and allowed herself to enjoy it. Her Master was right – this stallion really was the best of the best! Their foal would be healthy, strong, and smart, and Master would even allow her to raise them. Perhaps this evening wasn’t so bad, after all, she thought.
  42. >Shining Armor, meanwhile, could barely form a coherent thought through his lust. He started losing the ability to meter his thrusts, instead beginning to attack Twilight’s rear like a wild animal. But she didn’t care in the slightest, and now welcomed the increase in pace. Even in this state, Shining would never hurt his sister, but she still might end up sore in the morning. Plus, as drove himself further and further into his lust, the physical resistance his cock met as it moved in and out of his sister started to wane as well. Her orgasms came every couple of minutes, adding more and more lubricating juice to their intercourse. If either of them could have heard themselves from the outside, they might have thought that a husband was beating his wife with the combination of feminine screams and wet slaps that resounded in the barn.
  43. >Dazed and overwhelmed by the sensations pulsing through her, Twilight could barely stammer out a sentence between breaths, “Come on, stud, I’m waiting for it now. Give me a foal.” Somewhere inside Shining Armor, he realized just how wrong that command was, but he was in no state to care. Instead, he quickly worked his way to the breaking point, suddenly climaxing and releasing his load deep into his sister’s womb. “My God,” she murmured, drunk on lust, “I can feel it warming and filling me from the inside out.”
  44. >Shining allowed himself to remain inside her while he caught his breath and recovered from their session. But, after a minute of sitting like this, he realized that neither his hormones nor his erection had abated. Even with cum dribbling to the floor from her marehood, he just couldn’t pull out. He picked his head up, looking around for her master, finding the man standing off to the side and barely paying attention. A nod and a wave was all he needed to start moving again.
  45. >”Oh wow,” Twilight laughed, excited at his stamina. “You’re still going after all that? Hehe, Master says I can wake up whenever I want tomorrow, so we can go all night if we want to… think you can do that?~”
  46. >Shining Armor looked down at his sister. She was still blindfolded, but she looked upwards in the general direction of his head with a huge, hungry grin on her face. ‘Yes, Twilight,’ he thought, ‘I’ll do it for you.’
  47. >…
  49. >”You remember that mare from last year?” the owner asked, his feet kicked up on his new, fine mahogany desk. The harvest had been good this season.
  50. “That was my sister, you swine.” If Shining had anything to be greatful for, it was his freedom to curse and insult this man with whatever words he deemed appropriate.
  51. >”Right, whatever. She – and her very, very rich master – were overjoyed with how good of stock your foal was. They want you back again for this season.”
  52. “You know I can’t go back and do it again,” Shining sighed. “All the blindfolds and devices and whatever would be gone, and she would find out who the father of her foal really is. I just can’t face her down like this, and I don’t care what you threaten me with.”
  53. >”She already knows, retard,” he dismissed.
  54. “What?”
  55. >”Yeah, her owner told her like a couple months later, or something. Apparently she was real upset for a while but hey they both want you back so I guess she got over it.”
  56. “I…”
  57. >”Honestly, I hate your fucking guts, but you make me way too much money to just let you go. But what I’m thinking is, you jump at this chance, and then maybe I can sell you off for some big bucks to this guy and his pampered little pony. Sounds like a win-win-win to me.”
  58. >Shining was silent. “So?” the owner asked, annoyed. “I don’t got all day for you to sit around with your thumb up your-“
  59. “Alright. But I just want to talk to her first.”
  60. >”Whatever.”
  61. “Fuck you.”
  63. ++++If people like it I might make part 2 or something++++
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