A Helping Hoof Part 13 (ending)

Dec 15th, 2014
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  1. On the last episode of A Helping Hoof, Anon was banished from Equestria. Just a little too late, Celestia realized that Fluttershy did not rape Anon during the party, though she did rape him during estrus. The Fluttershy at the party was a changeling, and Celestia assumed that a new Changeling Invasion was around the corner. She locked down Ponyville and Canterlot with magic so only ponies could enter.
  2. During Anon’s banishment, he found a new town, called Kelethin, ruled by the beautiful human girl named Crystal. Anon convinced Crystal to take him back to Equestria so he could see Rarity again, but the magic wall kept him from visiting Ponyville. They decide to look in the Everfree forest for some magic solution, but during the night they are attacked by timberwolves. Crystal finds Anon at the epicenter of a large magical explosion… Dead…
  3. And now, the thrilling conclusion.
  5. >Day BadPacitan’s A Helping Hoof part 13 (ending) in Equestria.
  6. >You are Crystal.
  7. >What happened here?
  8. >You look at the two husks that used to be timberwolves.
  9. >A few embers light what remains of their twisted hearts.
  10. >Anon’s leg is bleeding from a large gash, clearly made by one of the two monsters.
  11. ”Anonymous…?” You ask just over a whisper, immediately regretting it.
  12. >But if he heard you he doesn’t acknowledge your voice.
  13. >His broken form lays still at the center of the blast zone.
  14. >Was he trying to defend you?
  15. >Or just himself?
  16. >You take an apprehensive step forward before running toward him at full speed.
  17. “Anonymous?” You ask this time in a louder voice, hoping that this time he would wake.
  18. >Like before he lays still.
  19. >You reach out a hand to touch him, but pull back at the last second.
  20. >You’re afraid that he -
  21. >No.
  22. >Summoning some inner strength you manage to move a shaky hand to touch him.
  23. >He’s still warm.
  24. >Maybe he’s just resting…
  25. “Anon?”
  26. >You shake him with one hand and his limp body rolls to the side slightly.
  27. “ANON!”
  28. >With both hands you shake him vigorously, hoping against hope that this time it would work.
  29. >You put a hand on his face, but there is no breathing.
  30. >He said he was a magical construct of some sort, maybe he doesn’t breathe?
  31. >But he has to have a pulse, right?
  32. >Trembling you move your hand lower and delicately press against his chest, praying to feel a rhythmic thumping.
  33. >Once again your efforts aren’t rewarded with any sign of life.
  34. >You slump over his body.
  35. >He… he ran out of magic… just like he said he would…
  36. >You feel your eyes burning, and stifle a sniffle.
  37. >Are you… about to cry?
  38. >You’ve only known Anon for a short time, so it isn’t possible for you to have feelings for him already, right?
  40. >Again you shake him trying to will him back to life.
  41. >If it were a drone you wouldn’t even bothered to look at it, let alone care.
  42. >And yet here you are… quivering over this monkey.
  43. >At first you wanted to use him.
  44. >Once you knew about his undying love for Rarity you thought you had the perfect source of love.
  45. >But when you got to know him, he became so much more to you, even though he was emotional, and frail.
  46. >Maybe that’s why you liked him.
  47. >Anon wasn’t like any pony you’ve ever known.
  48. >Even his quirks didn’t seem to bother you.
  49. >He had the slightest glimmer of understanding you.
  50. >Maybe one day you could have revealed yourself to him.
  51. >Anon was no common pony to be drained and discarded.
  52. >He’s Anonymous.
  53. >…
  54. >Your Anonymous.
  55. >With growing resolve you decide to save him, but how?
  56. >You don’t know the slightest bit of human anatomy, but there has to be a way.
  57. >Suddenly, a voice in the back of your head offers the slightest whisper of a suggestion.
  58. >Magic.
  59. >It’s always magic.
  60. >It has to work.
  61. >You stretch slightly before sitting beside Anon’s broken form.
  62. >After two deep breaths you find your center and feel the energy growing.
  63. >You place a hand on his head, and one on his chest and will your strength into him.
  64. >The flow trickles ever so slowly, but you feel it stop as it makes contact with him.
  65. >Again and again you try, but the result is always the same.
  66. >Cursing to yourself you realize that this isn’t working.
  67. >In your human form, you can only summon a small amount of your energy.
  68. >The only choice is to return to your normal form and try that way.
  69. >Just before you transform you stop yourself.
  70. >What if it actually works?
  71. >You aren’t ready for him to know what you really look like.
  72. >He’ll just think that you’re a monster and try to run away, just like all the rest.
  73. >You look at Anon.
  74. >Poor Anon.
  75. >Broken, and alone.
  76. >It doesn’t matter!
  77. >You don’t care if he hates you.
  78. >You have to save him!
  79. 3/10
  80. >When your eyes close you feel the relief of casting aside your human form.
  81. >First a hoof, then the next, and soon everything returns to normal.
  82. >You flutter your wings before trying your magic again.
  83. >This time your resolve to keep going, no matter how much of your strength you have to spend.
  84. >Your horn glows its familiar green light, and soon enough Anonymous is engulfed in your magical embrace.
  85. >
  86. >
  87. >You are now Rarity.
  88. >This is all your fault.
  89. >If you had kept quiet during the trial Anon wouldn’t have gone in a rage and tried to hit Celestia.
  90. >He should have known better than that.
  91. >What a stupid human!
  92. >But he’s your stupid human.
  93. >Not only that, it turned out that Fluttershy didn’t do those things to Anon.
  94. >Ugh, this is all too confusing.
  95. >You extend a trembling hoof to open your bottle of scotch for some respite from this.
  96. >The liquid makes two swirls before you’re finally able to drink the sweet elixir.
  97. >You hesitate for half a heartbeat before downing a as much as your mouth can take.
  98. >Instantly your nerves spring to life and the fiery liquid burns instead of sooths.
  99. >Your mouth moves on its own to spit out your last hope.
  100. >You have to throw it all out, just like the gin before.
  101. >None of it can satisfy you anymore.
  102. >You glare at your friend - your former friend, Twilight.
  103. >She did this to you with her ill-conceived intervention.
  104. >This is her fault!
  105. >Now you can’t even get a moment of sweet relief.
  106. >Anon is out there in the wild, probably being eaten alive and you can’t even have a drop to console you.
  107. “You didn’t have to do this to me,” You say with venom in your voice.
  108. >Twilight gives you a look with an air of superiority like she always does.
  109. >”It was for the best, Rarity.”
  110. 4/10
  112. “How do you know what’s best? I was doing just fine before you did this to me!”
  113. >She takes a step forward, defiant.
  114. >”Just look at yourself, Rarity. You can’t even go a few minutes without a drink.”
  115. >It was true, you had begun drinking a lot more heavily, but for good reason.
  116. >You’re worried about Anon.
  117. “So now you’re concerned about me? Where were you when Anon was in trouble?”
  118. >Twilight is taken aback.
  119. >”That has nothing to do with it.”
  120. “You still haven’t answered me. All of my alcohol, the gin, the scotch, it all tastes like shit now after the –“
  121. >No.
  122. >You can’t say it.
  123. >You don’t have a problem.
  124. >Alcohol makes you think clearer and gives you inspiration.
  125. >If were you weren’t supposed to enjoy it why did Celestia make it taste so good?
  126. >So many long nights a stiff drink was your only companion.
  127. >The only thing that really cared about you.
  128. >No matter what you did, or who hated you it was always there.
  129. >Your only friend.
  130. >Until you met Anon.
  131. >”Rarity, you have a problem with drinking. You’ve become a different pony.”
  132. >You toss aside the bottle of scotch.
  133. “There, are you happy now!? I don’t have a problem with drinking.”
  134. >You trot ahead of the others so Twilight can’t respond.
  135. >Though as you move forward you can’t help but think that she is at least trying to help you.
  136. >If she wasn’t she wouldn’t be here trying to find Anon somewhere in the Everfree Forest.
  137. >One of the guard ponies starts talking, Raritan you think he’s called.
  138. >”What’s the harm in letting her have a drink? I mean, her friend is Anon could be dying or wo-“
  139. >He makes a grunt like somepony hit him.
  140. >You turn back to see the other guard, Disc Ward pulling a hoof back.
  141. >”Rar, what did I tell you?”
  142. >”But it’s the truth.”
  143. >He notices you watching and offers the slightest chuckle.
  144. >”You’ll have to forgive him. He doesn’t know when to be quiet.”
  145. 5/10
  146. >
  147. >
  148. >You are Anon.
  149. >Your eyes hurt when you open them up.
  150. >It’s so bright!
  151. >…
  152. >Wait, you’re alive?
  153. >You see a green bug pony standing over you.
  154. “Fuck!”
  155. >It was trying to eat you!
  156. >You back away.
  157. >To your right you see a stick, the perfect size for a club and you grab it.
  158. >Your arm shoots in pain as you try to lift the weapon.
  159. >You have to grab it with your other hand just to limit the pain.
  160. >”Calm down, Anon, it’s me,” the bug pony says.
  161. >You blink several times to refocus your vision.
  162. >You’d remember that voice anywhere.
  163. >Crystal.
  164. >You look at her large green eyes.
  165. >Your gaze continues and you see her long dark hair.
  166. >Even her pheromoned scent is the same.
  167. >She’s so different, and yet so much like you remember.
  168. >Crystal makes a nervous smile to reassure you.
  169. >Her teeth are jagged and menacing.
  170. >Your boner comes to life.
  171. >No, not now.
  172. >You love Rarity, not Crystal… right?
  173. >But that doesn’t stop your boner.
  174. >He usually doesn’t listen to you.
  175. >You use your good arm to cover yourself, but you’re sure it was too little too late.
  176. >Whether she saw or not she is courteous enough to ignore the offender.
  177. “Is it really you, Crystal? What happened?”
  178. >She looks away, suddenly bashful or ashamed, you aren’t sure which.
  179. >”I’m sorry, Anon. I didn’t want you to find out like this…”
  180. >Find out?
  181. “You’re not making any sense…”
  182. >She takes a deep breath before continuing.
  183. >”I had t- I… I was never human. I’m a changeling, Anon.”
  184. >A changeling?
  185. >You’ve heard stories about them.
  186. >You try to back away, but she moves closer to match your movements.
  187. “Why did you lie to me?”
  188. >She looks away as if it will help her come up with a good lie.
  189. >”It’s complicated…”
  190. >What else could she be lying about?
  191. >Is everyone in Kelethin also a changeling?
  192. >This time it’s her turn to move away when you try to touch her hoof.
  193. >Her eyes dart back to yours then away again.
  194. >Fuck, why are girls so complicated?
  195. “Start from the beginning. What is your name? Your real name.
  196. >”I was going to tell you when you were ready,” is all she offers.
  197. 6/10
  198. >You take a deep breath.
  199. “We’re past that now. You saved my life… Just tell me.”
  200. >Somehow she manages the courage to look at you.
  201. >”Chrysalis. Queen Chrysalis.”
  202. >You lay back down and look up.
  203. >The stars above are blocked by the canopy.
  204. >A few twinkling lights manage to get through.
  205. “See? That wasn’t so hard.”
  206. >She sits beside you.
  207. >You pat the ground, inviting her to lay beside you.
  208. >Again she hesitates.
  209. “We laid next to each other only a little bit ago…”
  210. >You want to add, “When I thought you were a human,” but you keep that to yourself.
  211. >Her pheromone perfume assaults your senses, but you’ve come to enjoy it.
  212. >”Alright.”
  213. >She lays beside you, careful not to touch you.
  214. >An hour ago she was so willful and aggressive.
  215. >You imagine this is one of the few times she’s ever let someone she her vulnerable.
  216. >A hand moves on its own to touch her hoof.
  217. >This time she doesn’t pull away.
  218. >You both pretend to watch the stars for a while.
  219. >Every now and then you catch her stealing glances at you.
  220. >You decide to break the silence, but she had the same idea.
  221. >”What do you know about Changelings, Anon?”
  222. >Not much.
  223. “I don’t know. You steal magic… eat ponies…”
  224. >The last part makes her stifle a laugh.
  225. >”No, we don’t eat ponies. Who told you that?”
  226. >You shrug.
  227. “I just made it up.”
  228. >”Well, the first part is almost right. We steal love, and turn it into magic.”
  229. >You turn to face her.
  230. “Steal love?”
  231. >She smiles at this.
  232. >”I know. It must sound so strange. Do you have anything like that in your world?”
  233. >You shake your head.
  234. “No… not really…”
  235. >”That’s too bad. When I felt the love you have for your friend, I was overwhelmed.”
  236. >A hoof touches your chest.
  237. >”I couldn’t believe that I’d ever meet someone with that much love.”
  238. “So, you were going to use me?”
  239. >She presses her lips together.
  240. >”Do you really want the answer?”
  241. >Her eyes beg you to say no.
  242. 7/10
  243. >You squeeze her hoof slightly to reassure her.
  244. >You need to know the truth.
  245. “Yeah.”
  246. >Crysta- Chrysalis clears her throat.
  247. >”At first that’s all I wanted, but then I got to know you.”
  248. >She waits a moment before continuing.
  249. >“And when you said you were some kind of magical construct, I thought that would be my way to keep you.”
  250. “Keep me? Like a slave?”
  251. >Like Rarity?
  252. >She shakes her head in protest.
  253. >”No. Don’t you see, Anon? We can feed off of each other.”
  254. >Just like Rarity.
  255. >You let go of her hoof and try to get up.
  256. >”No, please, just listen.”
  257. >You stand up slowly.
  258. >You’re so weak that the slightest breeze could blow you down.
  259. >You wobble twice, before Cryst- Chrysalis stops you from falling.
  260. >Fuck, you’re too weak.
  261. >”You have so much love inside you.”
  262. >You try to push her away.
  263. >”If that wasn’t there I would never have been able to save you.”
  264. >You look back at her.
  265. >All her sense of supremacy is gone.
  266. >She’s just a girl begging for you not to leave.
  267. >But she did bring you back to life.
  268. >”We were both cast out by ponies. This is our chance to start fresh. Helping each other.”
  269. >You look at the broken changeling.
  270. >She spent all of her magic trying to save you, and you won’t even listen to her?
  271. >You’d be dead if it weren’t for her.
  272. >The ponies never listened to what you had to say.
  273. >They banished you to some far corner of the world.
  274. >You won’t make the same mistake.
  275. 8/10
  276. >
  277. >
  278. >You could really go for a drink.
  279. >Maybe you really do have a problem.
  280. >Alcohol is all you can think about.
  281. >Even with Anon missing it’s the only thing you really want.
  282. >Maybe they are right?
  283. >Maybe he’s the one who brings out the worst in you.
  284. >You were never like this before.
  285. >You’d have a drink or two for inspiration, but it never controlled your life.
  286. >A loud explosion sounds in the distance.
  287. >You can hear trees falling and the ground beneath you shakes.
  288. >”What was that?” Twilight asks.
  289. >But you already know the answer.
  290. “Anon.”
  291. >You race ahead of your friends to find him.
  292. >Behind you their hooves click frantically to keep up the pace.
  293. >Twilight flies above the others.
  294. >”There!” she says as she points to a cloud of purple and green smoke.
  295. “We have to save him!”
  296. >Never in your life have you ever run this fast.
  297. >The cool air burns your lungs as you take in deep gulps.
  298. >You can feel every muscle moving at their absolute limit.
  299. >Finally you smell the smoke and see broken trees cast aside.
  300. >What happened here?
  301. >And then, in the distance, you have your answer.
  302. >Queen Chrysalis!
  303. “Let go of him!” You say between gasps.
  304. >The bug queen gives you a dismissive look before seeing your friends.
  305. >Anon looks up with genuine fear in his eyes.
  306. “What did you do to him?” You say through clenched teeth.
  307. >Twilight lands to your left, ready for a fight.
  308. >Raritan and the other guard try to look imposing, but they are failing miserably.
  309. >Fluttershy is nowhere to be seen, she must have run off.
  310. >The bug pony wobbles up slowly to face you.
  311. >She must be drunk on Anon’s energy.
  312. >You’ll kill her for this.
  313. >”Do you four really think you have what it takes to defeat me?” Chrysalis taunts.
  314. >”We’ve done it before,” Twilight reminds her.
  315. >Chrysalis flicks her long hair aside.
  316. >”You had all the elements that time. This time its just two inept guards, a princess, and a dr-“
  317. >”Her name is Rarity.” Anon corrects her.
  318. “ANON!”
  319. >
  320. >
  321. >You are Anon, and the both girls you love are here, ready to fight for you.
  322. “Don’t hurt her. She just saved my life.”
  323. >”What?” Rarity asks indignantly.
  324. “You heard me. Leave her alone.”
  325. >Rarity takes a step forward.
  326. >”Don’t ever talk to me with that tone.”
  327. >You shy away from her voice, but when you look at Crysalis you regain your courage.
  328. >This is what you’ve needed.
  329. >A moment to show that you aren’t just some toy for Rarity.
  330. >You have to live your own life.
  331. >”Now get over here before I teach you a lesson,” she adds.
  332. >Just look at her.
  333. >She’s a mess.
  334. >Rarity grimaces at you through her disheveled hair.
  335. >How could you have ever loved such a drunk and abusive pony?
  336. “No.”
  337. >”What did you say?”
  338. >You clear your throat.
  339. “I’m not going with you, Rarity.”
  340. >She scoffs in response.
  341. >Twilight moves ahead of her before she can say anything stupid.
  342. >”Fluttershy didn’t rape you, Anon. It was a changeling!”
  343. >A changeling?
  344. >You turn slowly to Chrysalis.
  345. >She shakes her head.
  346. >”I didn’t order that. I only had a changeling break you out of prison.”
  347. “Then who did?”
  348. >All she can offer is a shrug.
  349. >”I don’t know, Anon. You have to believe me. It could have been a rogue changling, or, or…”
  350. “Or what?”
  351. >”I didn’t have any changeling do that to you. I would never do that.”
  352. >Her eyes plead with you to believe her.
  353. >In this moment, she looks like the most vulnerable pony in the world.
  354. >She… she couldn’t have done this to you.
  355. “I believe you…”
  356. >She breathes a sigh of relief.
  357. >”She did it!” Twilight yells.
  358. “No,” you say, with such finality that Twilight takes a step backward.
  359. >You take a deep breath.
  360. “Ponies used me and threw me away the moment it was convenient to them. I’ll never go back with you.”
  361. >”But,” Rarity starts.
  362. “I’ve made my decision.”
  363. >You turn to walk away, and Chrysalis follows your lead.
  364. >”What am I supposed to do now?” Rarity yells.
  365. “Find someone else to push around. Maybe that guard pony will do.”
  366. >You point at the guard pony with Rarity’s face on his butt.
  367. >He makes a goofy smile.
  368. >”Raritan?!?” Rarity scoffs.
  369. “It doesn’t matter to me,” you say as you look at your queen.
  370. >She smiles back.
  371. “I’ve finally found the only pony who cares about me.”
  372. fin
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