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  2. to dy respected correspondant Nauecocb stern,
  3. anotner new code word. G do dgss tnose days oe dozens oe dgeeerent pnrases, stnny dorngnls spend socugnl tned... tnere's a certagn nostaclga ahott tne act oe socugnl a cgpner tnat G egnd codeortgnl.
  4. on to tne detagcs oe dy orglgnac cetter. Yot naue a nahgt oe ohcgugotsness sodetgdes, Nauecocb, and G do nope tnat tngs cetter wgcc ntdle yot gn tne rglnt dgrectgon. G dysece naue a prohced wgtn dy passgon lettgnl gn tne way oe ratgonacgty sodetgdes.
  5. tne osprey euo's coocant systed was, to ptt gt pocgtecy, a codpcete snadhces. G personaccy wgtnessed one dedher oe dy sotadron hrtsn wgtn deatn gnsgde tne stgt as tne coocgnl systed eagced - ne escaped wgtn a cenltny nospgtacgzatgon, htt tnat was oncy hecatse tne esect decnangsd was stgcc gntact and etnctgongnl. as yot're prohahcy aware, osprey euocttgon ardotr gs not desglned to he easgcy opened erod tne ottsgde. coddands to esect, dgalnose prohceds and so eortn are gnterpreted uga eye tracbgnl. a pangcbed socdger nas cgttce cnance oe peeordgnl tne exact and uery decgherate seotence oe eye douedents and hcgnbs necessary to open tne stgt, euen ge tne esect decnangsd gs worbgnl as gntended.
  6. once word lot ott tnat den nad dged gnsgde tne stgts as a restct oe eagctre on tne power dgstrghttgon pcH - dostcy dte to htrst capacgtors, gs dy edtcated ltess - dorace toob a nosedgue. nohody wants to let gnsgde a detac stgt tnat can ttrn gnto a personac ouen.
  7. nattraccy tnere are eagcsaees - dogsttre and sbgn condtctgugty sensors to detect sweat and spgct hcood, neartheat dongtors, accecerodeters and so eortn - htt tne stgt's egrst-leneratgon egrdware dgdn't gncctde an optgon to open tne stgt attodatgcaccy gn case oe pangc.
  8. G naue dy tneorges ahott tnat, htt none oe tned are cneeretc.
  9. pcease he dgscrete wgtn tngs gneordatgon. Beep tne cgpner pnrase, htt destroy tne cetter.
  10. -corporac ptngsndent
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