Dialog Changes

Jun 27th, 2016
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  1. ### List of Dialogue Changes ###
  3. ## Common ##
  5. - Age Changes
  6. Itsuki 18 -> 17
  7. Tsubasa 18 -> 17
  8. Touma 18 -> 17
  9. Ellie 17 -> 16
  10. Yashiro 19 -> 18
  12. - Item Names/Descriptions
  13. Nan-no Special -> Young Rabbits Special
  14. Nan-no -> Young Rabbits
  15. Tiki@Street -> Tiki@Gravure
  17. - Advertisements
  18. A lot of the advertisements on Posters or on TV contain text mentioning the
  19. gravure magazine Young Rabbits featuring Ellie, Tsubasa and Maiko.
  21. ## Movie ##
  23. - In the intro movie, a newspaper article was changed to correct Tsubasa's age
  24. from 13 to 12.
  26. ## Events ##
  28. -----------
  29. | Chapter 2 |
  30. -----------
  32. - Itsuki reads a magazine about gravure models (2 lines redone)
  33. - Tsubasa's next work is for a gravure magazine (7 lines redone)
  34. The lines include Tsubasa being to shy to tell Itsuki what her new job is and
  35. Maiko explaining that it's a swimsuit shoot.
  36. - Follow up conversation (2 player choice altered, almost entirely rewritten)
  37. Tsubasa says a swimsuit is too embarrasing and Itsuki has two dialogue options
  38. "Then, how about I tag along?"
  39. "You'd look great in any swimsuit."
  40. Tsubasa refuses Itsuki's offer to tag along, but Maiko lies to her and tells
  41. her that Kiria will be participating too, which makes Tsubasa fantasize about
  42. standing on a stage together with Kiria and gets her lost in thought.
  43. - Tsubasa leaves, Maiko reveals her lies and Touma wants to drag Itsuki to the
  44. photo shooting (player choices were cut, total rewrite)
  45. Tsubasa leaves and Maiko reveals that she lied and Kiria's shooting was just
  46. for her new song and in a Jacket not in a bikini. Touma enters the room and
  47. asks what's going on, when he hears about the gravure shooting he wants to go
  48. and watch. He wants to drag Itsuki along, who has two dialogue option
  49. "Have a safe trip."
  50. "Won't we just be a nuisance?"
  51. In both cases Touma accuses Itsuki of not being a true man and Itsuki accuses
  52. Touma of not going there to cheer on Tsubasa but because he only wants to see
  53. models in swimsuits. Maiko then talks about her past as a gravure model and
  54. about how the same photographer she worked with is now doing the shooting.
  55. Itsuki and Touma remember the article about missing gravure models.
  56. - Talk with Mr. Hatanaka in the office 1 (10 lines redone)
  57. Touma mentions that he was not able to get in to watch the gravure shoot, but
  58. says that it was cancelled and that he saw Tsubasa among the other girls.
  59. - Talk with Tsubasa after the shoot (player choices were cut, slight rewrite)
  60. Tsubasa says how she made the photographer mad and it was all her fault that
  61. the shooting was cancelled, and how she caused trouble to the other models as
  62. well because of that. Itsuki has two dialogue options
  63. "So that's how it went..."
  64. "Everyone makes mistakes"
  65. Both lead to Tsubasa saying she will give it her all next time, then Itsuki
  66. tells her to be careful around the photographer and that mirages might be
  67. involved
  68. - Itsuki refers to gravure models in the idolasphere (1 line redone)
  69. - First confrontation with the photographer in the idolasphere, he talks about
  70. gravure modeling (4 lines redone)
  71. - After Yashiro's performance, he tells Tsubasa to work harder on captivating
  72. the audience (3 line redone)
  73. - Talk with Mr. Hatanaka in the office 2 (5 lines redone)
  74. He says how Maiko's photobook enthralled the man of Japan even though it
  75. wasn't a nude photobook and that Maiko and Horinozawa have been a great duo
  76. and created "My Complex" together.
  77. - The cast finds "My Complex" (player choices were cut, total rewrite)
  78. Touma is drooling over the artbook and getting a nosebleed. Tsubasa has a look
  79. at the photo book as well. Itsuki has two dialogue options
  80. "Are you getting any inspiration?"
  81. "I'm sure you can do it, Tsubasa."
  82. In the meantime, Touma has become totally absorbed in the magazine and when
  83. they try to get him away from it he says that he couldn't help it and no guy
  84. could resist this, saying that Maiko looks like she's lowering her guard in
  85. the pictures. Tsubasa says no wonder Horinozawa got angry at her because she
  86. was just so embarrassed and wanted to get over with the shoot fast, just
  87. following instructions. She finds new resolve to not run away from the camera
  88. anymore. She then asks Itsuki to help come up with the poses. Itsuki tells her
  89. to do it sexier and more soulful.
  90. - Tsubasa still thinks it's embarrasing but she has to do it (1 line redone)
  91. - Encounter with Horinozawa, before the boss battle (11 lines redone)
  92. Horinozawa comments on the swimsuit and how it fits Tsubasa perfectly with
  93. her newfound attitude. Touma is a bit of a perv and can't unfix his gaze.
  94. - After the boss battle, mentions of gravure modeling (2 lines redone)
  95. - During the modeling session with Ellie, Maiko and Tsubasa (1 player choice
  96. altered, along with the lines involving it)
  97. Tsubasa asks Itsuki how the shooting was, he has one dialogue option
  98. "Could have used a little more skin."
  99. When saying this Tsubasa says they couldn't use her pictures for the magazine
  100. if she did that and that it would be a serious problem if she showed more skin
  101. Itsuki says Maiko and Horinozawa seem to be pleased so it must've been okay.
  102. - Itsuki is introduced to Ellie and mentions the gravure shoot (1 line redone)
  104. -----------
  105. | Chapter 3 |
  106. -----------
  108. - Barry borrows Mamori's "phone charger" in the scene at the beginning of the
  109. chapter with Mamori, Barry, Itsuki and Maiko, this was changed back to borrowing
  110. her "handkerchief". (5 lines redone)
  111. - The gravure magazine is referenced (5 lines redone)
  112. Ellie tells Tsubasa that the magazine they were in is sold out completely and
  113. says it's no wonder because she posed there herself in a bikini.
  115. -----------
  116. | Chapter 4 |
  117. -----------
  119. - Tsubasa gets a new job as "Sneeze Detective Maho" (1 player choice altered,
  120. 2 lines redone)
  121. Itsuki has the dialogue option
  122. "Maybe that gravure modeling helped"
  124. -----------
  125. | Chapter 5 |
  126. -----------
  128. - Muse Fes started and Itsuki goes to check on Tsubasa (1 player choice
  129. altered, 10 lines redone)
  130. Itsuki has the dialogue option
  131. "You're not in a swimsuit?"
  132. Tsubasa responds by asking Itsuki if he asks because he liked it but he says
  133. he just figured she'd have to wear it again. Tsubasa says she's on break right
  134. now so she can relax and walk around normally.
  136. -----------
  137. | Chapter 6 |
  138. -----------
  140. - Maiko announces her retirement and continuation of her gravure modeling career
  141. (3 lines redone)
  143. --------------
  144. | Side Stories |
  145. --------------
  147. - The topic announcement for Barry side stories had a typo, it read "A new side
  148. story in now available", this was fixed.
  149. - On Tsubasa's first side story she practices for her meet-and-greet event by handing
  150. out "freebies", that was changed back to handing out "tissues". (5 lines redone)
  151. - Some of the side stories had dialogue changes, like Tsubasa mentioning her age
  152. in some occasions. Luckily the original files also included the correct
  153. translations so nothing had to be changed here. It might have been leftovers
  154. from before they started to change things.
  155. - Ayaha second side story were she is worried about a writer had a grammatical error,
  156. it read "hasn't been able to making any progress", the word "make" was used instead
  157. of "making".
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