Swapping in Company Chapter 3

Apr 13th, 2018
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  1. Swapping in Company Chapter 3
  2. App.base TL not accurate
  3. Mc: [Choi Jun-ho 27 Marketing team representative]
  4. FMC: [Park Mi Young 24 Head of marketing team]
  5. Support Director Kim Han Jun 32 Human Resources Team (Mr.Kim) Song Min Hye 32 Deputy Director of Human Resources Team (Ms.Song)
  6. Oh Dong Jun (Nerd)
  8. Chapter start office Mc remembering his GF being fuck by Director Kim and he pick his phone to text her.They meet Fmc ask him Why you call me here all of a sudden? Oppa? Mc is not speaking so the GF Fmc tell him Why you calling me here and your not even speaking? Then he speak Mc ask her Was it good? The GF kinda startled there and MC tell her again Fuck You was it good Mc is fired up. Fmc tell him Why are you doing this Oppa. Angry Mc tell her I do not know fuck you asking When you re with Mr.Kim It was very good. quick flashback of fmc and Mr.Kim fuck scene Mc tell her Your more aggressive while fucking Mr.Kim you look so horny In front of me With a different man was it good tell me are you a whore?
  10. Fmc exploded saying You stop it What?Whore?Horny? Its so crazy I don't want to remember it and who is the one who wants to swap partner I told you not to but who was it who said lets do it once? You fucker! please let me do it once for promotion Mc stutter and say that that Then Fmc remembering his BF sex scene saying And did you also did that with Ms.Song? Why are you bothering me. Mc say about that but Gf ignore him and turned around saying Its really big and Mc call her name "Mi Young"
  12. [Moments Later] Inside the office Mc feels uneasy for what happen thinking  Mi Young still looks upset. Sigh actually the one who really is going crazy about swapping is me not Mi Young It's true that I also did it with Ms.Song I'm so angry at myself. Some co worker call Mc name Choi Jung Ho Mc say Huh we? Nerd tells him  You got one day Today all day cost It looks strange. Mc tell him ah no.never mind Just a little sore head.
  14. [Office ends] Fmc going back home someone calling her name Mi Young wait a moment please Fmc turned around its the Mc saying wait a moment GF tell him Why you need something with a whore? Mc tell her That that's Oh today At our house Like you want to eat rice? Fmc tell him Did you say you will meet you're friend. Mc say Oh about that I just canceled it today with you I want to spend time together. Scene goes to dining table at their house they talk and they had sex. Mc thinks Me and Mi Young are we really. We had a drink yesterday and made a settlement. Still in front of my eyes Having sex with another man is unforgettable Then it was halfway. Someone called MC saying Jun Ho! Jun Ho! representative It was crazy. You and your GF Park Mi Young is on the list.
  16. TBC
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