MagiReco Another Story 7.3

Jun 16th, 2018
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  1. The Place We Must Protect
  3. 7.3.1
  4. [in a train station]
  5. Madoka: "..."
  6. (Sayaka-chan and Homura-chan are late... It's past the time we were supposed to meet.)
  7. (Normally they don't run late...)
  8. (...Did something happen!?)
  9. (Let's call them...)
  10. [she calls]
  11. Madoka: "..."
  12. "No good. Neither of them picked up."
  13. (What do I do?)
  14. (If I search for their magic, will I find where they are?)
  15. (Alright, let's try it!)
  16. [she searches]
  17. Madoka: "..."
  18. "!?"
  19. "T-there's a witch?"
  20. (But witches should have disappeared from Mitakihara...)
  21. (Not just yesterday but one today?)
  22. (This is strange... What's going on?)
  23. "No... I shouldn't be wasting time wondering."
  24. "I've gotta fight the witch."
  25. "Homura-chan and Sayaka-chan might be in there as well."
  26. "Let's go..."
  27. "We're the only ones here to protect Mitakihara from witches, after all!"
  28. [in the witch labyrinth]
  29. Madoka: "The two of them are..."
  30. [she searches]
  31. Madoka: "..."
  32. "Not here."
  33. familiar: "ANTYDPNTEOHNTEHnt!"
  34. Madoka: "This is... a familiar of a witch from Kamihama!"
  35. (Something's definitely weird. What's going on?)
  36. (I can't contact them, so maybe they're off fighting somewhere.)
  37. "Okay, let's go, me!"
  38. "Let's quickly beat it and go looking for them!"
  39. "Haa!!"
  41. 7.3.2
  42. [in the rabbit witch's labyrinth, we hear Homura attack with a bomb]
  43. Homura: "eeeEI!!"
  44. rabbit witch: "ONTEYHNTOEDU!?"
  45. Homura: "pant... pant... It's... strong!"
  46. (And strange.)
  47. (Not just that Kamihama witches are here in Mitakihara one after another...)
  48. (But that it appeared all of a sudden without any sign...)
  49. (Maybe the same was true of the witch that Kaname-san encountered yesterday...)
  50. "Ah!"
  51. rabbit witch: "NTYDOENTUHNTO!!!!"
  52. [in the sandbox witch's labyrinth, we see Sayaka]
  53. sandbox witch: "JAGIGIGITH#%NTD>N!!"
  54. Sayaka: "Uwaah!!"
  55. "Ouch! Dammit, this is strong."
  56. (It's good that I have strong healing powers, but at the same time it's making me use magic faster...)
  57. (My soul gem is already this cloudy...)
  58. "..."
  59. "Wait, it's okay, it's okay!"
  60. "I have the grief seed that Homura shared with me!"
  61. "I've gotta beat this witch quick, for the sake of Mitakihara."
  62. "Madoka and Homura might have been attacked too, so I've gotta meet up with them!"
  63. "I'll put my fighting spirit into this one!"
  64. "Yaah!!"
  65. [in the sheep witch's labyrinth, Madoka is attacking the witch]
  66. Madoka: "And with this... HaaAAA!"
  67. witch: "...!?!?!?!?"
  68. [the labyrinth dissolves, and Madoka is on a street corner]
  69. Madoka: "pant... pant..."
  70. "It didn't... drop a grief seed..."
  71. [Homura is on the sidewalk]
  72. Homura: "pant... pant... I got kicked out of the barrier..."
  73. (I can't ignore the witch, but more importantly, now...)
  74. "I need to hurry..."
  75. "Hurry and meet up with Kaname-san and Miki-san..."
  76. [she senses something]
  77. Homura: "..."
  78. [Madoka senses something]
  79. Madoka: "..."
  80. "!? A witch's presence!"
  81. (This time, it might be the one Sayaka-chan or Homura-chan is fighting in.)
  82. "Wait up! I'll be there soon!"
  83. [Sayaka is still fighting]
  84. Sayaka: "I've gotta... I've gotta beat it soon!"
  85. "It dodged!?"
  86. sandbox witch: "ZUSHAAATNOEHYNTDUNT!!!!"
  87. Sayaka: "Oh no..."
  88. [fade to gray]
  89. Sayaka: *I can't avoid it!!*
  90. [Madoka shows up]
  91. Madoka: "I won't let you! Yaah!!"
  92. sandbox witch: "ZARIZARI..NTD%!>..!?"
  93. Sayaka: "Madoka!"
  94. [Homura attacks]
  95. Homura: "Ei!"
  96. witch: "SHAGINTDNTH!?!?"
  97. Homura: "I-I'm here too!"
  98. Sayaka: "Homura too!"
  99. "Thank goodness you came..."
  100. Madoka: "Sorry for being late. Let's do this all together!"
  101. Sayaka: "Yeah!"
  102. "Losing doesn't suit my nature!"
  104. 7.3.3
  105. [the labyrinth dissolves]
  106. Madoka: "sigh... It's definitely easier to fight all together."
  107. "And more than anything, it's reassuring!"
  108. Sayaka: "Yeah!"
  109. "..."
  110. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan?"
  111. Homura: "I-I found it! There was a grief seed!"
  112. Sayaka: "Oh, lucky!"
  113. Madoka: (I feel like Sayaka-chan was acting strangely just now...)
  114. (Was it my imagination?)
  115. Sayaka: "What's wrong? You're spacing out, Madoka."
  116. Madoka: "Ah, it's nothing!"
  117. (Sayaka-chan's just as usual.)
  118. [screen wipe]
  119. Sayaka: "So it appeared all of a sudden without any sign of its magic, huh..."
  120. "Now that you say so, I think the witch I encountered was the same too."
  121. Homura: "I knew it..."
  122. "What about you, Kaname-san?"
  123. Madoka: "Hm, I don't know?"
  124. "I was looking for signs of magic from you two."
  125. "I just happened to find the witch barrier nearby..."
  126. Homura: "What about yesterday?"
  127. Madoka: "Yesterday?"
  128. "Ah, now that you remind me, yesterday it might have appeared all of a sudden!"
  129. Sayaka: "So, what does this mean?"
  130. Madoka: "I don't know."
  131. "I don't know, but it's definitely not normal."
  132. "Back before the witches disappeared from Mitakihara..."
  133. "They never appeared anywhere near this frequently."
  134. Homura: "Also, I'm curious about how they were all the same kind of witches we saw in Kamihama."
  135. Sayaka: "That's right... Do you think they came from Kamihama, or something?"
  136. "No, probably not..."
  137. Homura: "..."
  138. Madoka: "Hmmm... Do you think we'll figure something out if we go to Kamihama?"
  139. Homura: "We might, but..."
  140. "Only magical girls are able to defeat witches..."
  141. "If we were to leave Mitakihara now, then everyone here would..."
  142. Madoka: "Ah! Yeah... that's right."
  143. Sayaka: "In the end, for now we'll be cleaning up all the witches that appear in Mitakihara?"
  144. Madoka: "Yeah, since Mami-san isn't here..."
  145. "The only magical girls who can protect Mitakihara are us."
  146. Homura: "Yeah! We have to defend the city!"
  148. 7.3.4
  149. [facing off against the balloon witch]
  150. Sayaka: "Come on, over here!"
  151. balloon witch: "DINTH>NTPH!!"
  152. Sayaka: "Too bad! You missed!"
  153. balloon witch: "YNTHNEOTDYNTH?YNTD!"
  154. Sayaka: "An opening! Homura!"
  155. Homura: "Yes, I'm going! Ei!"
  156. balloon witch: EOYTM<NTYH?h?OEY!?"
  157. Homura: "Kaname-san, finish it off!"
  158. Madoka: "Leave it to me!"
  159. "Yaaah!"
  160. balloon witch: "ETONDYNTEOHYPNT!?!?"
  161. [in an alleyway]
  162. Sayaka: "sigh... That's tiring, as expected."
  163. Madoka: "Yeah, our magic use is high, so our grief seed stock..."
  164. Homura: "Yeah..."
  165. Sayaka: "..."
  166. [Madoka senses something]
  167. Madoka: "!?"
  168. "A witch again..."
  169. Sayaka: "Let's go."
  170. "We're the only ones who can defend the city."
  171. Homura: "That's right..."
  172. [we see the pendulum witch]
  173. pendulum witch: "BO BOON GIGIIIII"
  174. Sayaka: "Uwaah!"
  175. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan!"
  176. Sayaka: I-I'm fine!"
  177. Homura: "But, this witch... It's stronger than any witch we've fought before!"
  178. Madoka: "It's coming again!"
  179. Sayaka: "I won't let it!"
  180. pendulum witch: "BO BO BOON GIIIII"
  181. Sayaka: "Ugh... kuh...!"
  182. Homura: "Miki-san!"
  183. Madoka: "You're always taking hits for me... so..."
  184. Sayaka: "Don't worry! I have pride in my healing magic!"
  185. Madoka: "But..."
  186. Sayaka: "More importantly, we've gotta beat it quick! There might be more witches appearing."
  187. Madoka: "But, Sayaka-chan!"
  188. [Sayaka attacks]
  189. Sayaka: "Haah!"
  190. pendulum witch: "BO BOON BO"
  191. Madoka: "Your soul gem!"
  192. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  193. "Ah."
  194. "..."
  195. pendulum witch: "GII GIIII GIIII"
  196. Sayaka: "Uwaah!!"
  197. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan!"
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