Xenos Hunters Session 40

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  10.         Balmung stomps around the corner with his shield up and fires a grenade at the last autocannon turret
  11.         antoine The grenade flies true, airbursting next to the barrel and turning it to molten slag that drips onto the floor before beginning to cool.
  12.         antoine Using his master as cover, Joffery leans out while drawing his Hecuter 9/7 Autopistol and sprays the enemy ranks, the weapon buckling like a grox in heat. Elona mere stands stiffly out of cover, relying on her faith to protect her as she fires her boltgun into the enemy ranks.
  13.         antoine They clip a few cultists but most keep going, heedless of the wounds.
  14.         Omniel  steps up and takes aim at the largest concentration of foul traitor marines, sweeping a wave of melta-energy across them.
  15.         antoine The main target is vapourised, only a pair of smoking power armour boots remain while the two other targets lose half a torso and head respectively. Both fall to the deck with smokey trails coming off their exposed insides that bubble while their armour melts and begins to drain down into their now-exposed internal organs.
  16.         antoine The scouts rake the enemy cultists with their shotguns, filling the corridor with smoke and pellets while the true marines take pot shots but for the most part miss the traitor marines.
  17.         antoine The knights rush past, powerswords drawn but only a single one manages to make it past a Word Bearer's defenses and land a telling blow.
  18.         Balmung shouts at the wolf in fersian motioning to the cultists
  19.         antoine The wolf bounds forwards but the cultists lash out with knives and bayonet fixed weapons to keep a wall of steel between themselves and the Fenrisian beast.
  20.         Navarre With a flick of a switch and a bit of a turn, the terminator-apothecary aims at the cultists with his storm bolter. Metal Storm rounds. Those poor bastards.
  21.         antoine The cultists lose their entire front rank to the Metal Storm round that whistle over the head of the Fenrisian Wolf fighting them. The Wolf tears at the limbs of the men whose chests were just blown apart by the blasts.
  22.         antoine The Ravens perform a simultaneous jump pack charge just as the ship shudders from a void shield impact and they are sent sprawling, slamming into bulkheads and each other.
  23.         antoine The cultists break and run for the elevator, the Fenrisian Wolf snapping at their heels as they retreat.
  24.         antoine The word bearers draw power weapons and begin to batter back at the knights who parry all but one slice that cuts into a marine's arm.
  25.         Anselm  barks, ++Joffery, Elona! The cultists!++ before he fires his thrusters to charge a foul Word Bearer.
  26.         Anselm  sinks his power sword deep into the Traitor's helm as he smashes into his opponent.
  27.         antoine Joffery and Elona rush forward, drawing their swords to help Anselm fight the traitor marine.
  28.         Omniel  storms into the fray, driving his shears towards the nearest traitor to assist his battle brothers.
  29.         antoine The ultramarine scouts and marines gun down the cultists as they run, pellets and bolter rounds leave a mish-mash of body parts in a mound around the elevator
  30.         antoine The knights fell a single marine while the tide turns and more of the Word Bearer's begin to falter in their defences under the wrath of the Knights.
  31.         Navarre With all the cultists dead, and the traitor's engaged... Navarre would move to assist the knights. TROMP TROMP TROMP.
  32.         Navarre In fact, he would walk right up to help one of the Knights, and proceed to bisect the word bearer they were fighting. One single swing of a master crafted power sword. Fancy stuff, that!
  33.         antoine Aldbert fumes, "Take your clumsy bullrush somewhere else Apothecary, that was my kill!"
  34.         Navarre ++Oh, I'm sorry. I was under the impression you were an astartes, and not a juve playing a hololithic simulation. Pardon my misunderstanding.++
  35.         Anselm  ++You arrogant ass, you're going to get yourself stabbed, and I am 0x1dnot0x1d going to help you out of this!++
  36.         antoine The Ravens finally charge, taking down two wounded traitor marines with deft chainsword slashes before the word bearer's rally.
  37.         Balmung laughs over the vox
  38.         antoine WAIT
  39.         antoine Aldbert replies, "Hold your tongue old man, you might throw a hip in all that heavy armour."
  40.         Navarre ++That the best you can come up with, whelp? I hope your sword is sharper then your wit, else these traitors might overwhelm you.++
  41.         Anselm  howls, his intervox-line at full-volume, ++THAT'S ENOUGH!++
  42.         Anselm  , enraged, hacks every extremity from his opponent's body as the Word Bearer puts up a feeble defense, finishing the now-armless traitor marine with a decapitation.
  43.         Balmung cleaves his axe through the traitor marine
  44.         Anselm  is visibly heaving by the time the last traitor has fallen, thoroughly enfuriated. Steaming blood and gore rises from his armor and bubbles and hisses along his blade. The Knight-Brother shakes his sword in Navarre and Albert's direction.
  45.         Anselm  ++On the honor of Brother Balmung, I won't have a member of my own Chapter brought so low as to bicker in the battlefield!++
  46.         Anselm  ++And you! Apothecary! By what right do you dare stir up conflict with other Marines? Do you think that age grants you any right to endanger the integrity of this team?++
  47.         Balmung ++Bah! A little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone. In my experience it's made them fight harder to try and our do each other!++
  48.         Navarre ++Who's endangering integrity? I moved to assist him in combat and he acts like an ungrateful underhive dwelling juve.++
  49.         Anselm  huffs. ++This is precisely what I mean! Have you no sense of dignity?++
  50.         Anselm  steps forward, knocking the kinks of out his stress-stiffened neck. ++We need to move on. Oeris is likely to have gotten wind of our approach already.++
  51.         Navarre ++What dignity on the battlefield against the traitors to the Emperor is there!? There is life, and there is death! All glory had been eeked out before this mission started with the Feast of Hate.++
  52.         antoine Aldbert brings up his sword, ++You would steal honor from others, you are less than the lowest honorless gutter scum old wretch.++
  53.         Balmung ignores the two arguing and looks at the Ultramarines ++So tell us everything you know.++
  54.         Navarre ++You participated in the Feast, boy. There is no honor on this battlefield. That was the entire point of the melee before hand!++
  55.         Anselm  looks back over his shoulder at Albert. ++Move up, Knights. We will deal with this later.++
  56.         antoine The Knights group up and move on. The Ultramarines sergeant with the plume topped helmet replies, ++I already have, we are clearing our way through this ship. A squad of veterans are headed to the engine room to disable the ship while we fought our way to the bridge.++
  57.         Balmung ++You will stay with us for the rest of this battle then join the ground forces once Oeris is dealt with++
  58.         antoine The Raven Guard move forward, uninterested in the spat over honor. The Ultramarine replies evenly, ++Of course.++
  59.         Balmung ++How is your third squad doing?++
  60.         antoine ++Their attack has been swift, they have encountered little-to-no real resistance.++
  61.         Navarre would fold his arms, but the nature of terminator armor prevents that. Oh well.
  62.         Balmung ++Omniel, see if you can't bring up any information on the cognitors of where Oeris might be++
  63.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  64.         Anselm  looks off at the lift. ++I assume he's on the bridge, Brother.++
  65.         Navarre ++He could be anywhere.++
  66.         Anselm  ++The bridge is an ideal place to start. For one, if he's there then we've struck well and can leave immediately. If he's elsewhere, we can clear the bridge and thus render the ship dead in space.++
  67.         Balmung ++Let's go then++
  68.         Omniel  boards the lift, waiting for the others.
  69.         Anselm  boards the lift as well. ++There, ah, doesn't appear to be sufficient room for all of us...++
  70.         Navarre ++Are you calling me fat?++
  71.         Anselm  ++Perhaps all Deathwatch-associated forces only? The rest should scour the vessel.++
  72.         Balmung ++Aye++
  73.         Navarre ++That would at least let us all fit.++
  74.         Anselm  ++Brothers, get aboard. You too, Joffery, Elona.++
  75.         |<--    Bellerophon has left (Ping timeout)
  76.         Navarre would at least try to enter himself, taking a spot in the back.
  77.         Balmung stomps on board
  78.         antoine The knights, wolf and serfs all move into the elevator. With the Deathwatch it leaves space for a squad more of marines
  79.         Anselm  ++I think the rest of you should stay together. We should be more than enough to eliminate whatever broods up there. May you all find glory in this battle.++
  80.         antoine The ultramarine sergeant protests ++We should be the ones to capture Oeris.++
  81.         Balmung ++No you will stay here, we'll handle Oeris++
  82.         Anselm  looks to the Ultramarine. ++Tauron Oeris served the Deathwatch for long-past a hundred years. He was more of the Vigil than he was of Ultramar. And I served under him for decades, trusting him. If it is anyone's right to put him down, it is ours.++
  83.         antoine The Sergeant teeters for a moment, hands still gripping bolter tightly before he relents and turns away.
  84.         Anselm  nods. ++You have my thanks, Sergeant, for understanding. There is a grave matter that I would ask for your honorable assistance on, however, when this is done.++
  85.         Anselm  looks to Balmung. ++We seem ready to leave at your command, Brother.++
  86.         Balmung ++Let's go++
  87.         antoine The doors close, leaving you with an image of the departing Raven Guard and Ultramarines. With a Pair of blue colour marines staying behind to hold the elevator entrance.
  88.         Anselm  pressse the lift's activation rune, sending the elevator upwards, and with the end fast-approaching, begins to pray...
  89.         antoine The elevator rises, the wall mounted lights acting like strobes as you flash past them, the stick continues to permeate the atmosphere within the ship, gargles and screams echoing down the shaft.
  90.         antoine stink*
  91.         Navarre ++This stench is leaking through the filters of my helmet.++
  92.         antoine Joffery and Elona stick close together as the hellish ride continues, finally the elevator comes to a stop, a pair of doors opening automatically before you to reveal a corridor of glass, lamp packs reflect off the surfaces and dazzle your eyes so most do well to turn them off or lower them.
  93.         antoine The walls, decking, ceiling and bulkheads all made of glass
  94.         Anselm  ++Peculiar.++
  95.         Balmung grunts
  96.         Anselm  pushes his way out of the lift.
  97.         Balmung stomps forward
  98.         Navarre ++Can it support the armor, Brother?++
  99.         antoine As you walk along the glass crunches breaks beneath your weight but you do not fall through. The reflections merely crack and shift, sending bizarre but familiar shapes reflecting off the many surfaces.
  100.         Navarre would follow the space wolf. The termies need to make up a vanguard.
  101.         Omniel  disembarks with the others, raising his weapon.
  102.         Omniel  ++Brothers, we should make haste. There is something not right with this corridor.++
  103.         Navarre ++I do not like this hallway. It fills me with... with a sene of foreboding.++
  104.         Balmung ++Aye, move quickly++
  105.         antoine The Wolf sniffs the air for a moment, its head looking down the corridor before one of its eyes catches its own reflection for a moment and the stands stock still. Utterly entranced by the image.
  106.         antoine then stands*
  107.         Balmung looks at the wolf and mutters something in fersian
  108.         antoine The wolf breaks the stare before howling at the top of its voice in pain. One yellow eye atrophied in a moment to a pale white ball in a socket.
  109.         Balmung grunts
  110.         Anselm  looks back at the wolf. "Balmung, what is wrong with your familiar?"
  111.         Balmung ++He saw something++
  112.         Anselm  looks at the glass. ++The walls. Balmung, pull your wolf away, these walls are warp-tainted!++
  113.         Balmung grabs the wolf by the nape of his neck and drags him along ++He saw the wulfen++
  114.         Navarre ++The Wulfen? The Legendary 13th company?++
  115.         Anselm  hurries down the corridor. ++Move! Out of here, all of you!++
  116.         Balmung ++These are different, ancient beasts who were half man and half beast who stalked the frozen wastes++
  117.         Navarre ++Mmm. I see. It is hard to seperate sagas when your exposure to them is a badly singing, and completely drunk rune priest.++
  118.         Balmung ++Enough of stories we should get moving++
  119.         Omniel  ++Agreed.++
  120.         Navarre ++Aye.++
  121.         Omniel  continues down the corridor, trying to avoid looking at the walls as much as possible.
  122.         antoine You leave the strange corridor behind, the wolf meekly whimpering as you approach the bulhead that leads to the bridge or at least you think it is the bridge. Chaos lexicons now mark the wall instead of High Gothic
  123.         Anselm  lowers his head.
  124.         Omniel  steps forward. ++Shall I?++
  125.         Balmung ++Do it++
  126.         Navarre ++Be my guesst, brother Tech-marine.++
  127.         Omniel  ++Be at the ready.++
  128.         Omniel  drives the chisel-edge of the shears in, activating the bulkhead-tearing mechanism to wrench the door apart.
  129.         Balmung raises his sheild
  130.         Navarre raises his storm-bolter. Switched to Vengence rounds.
  131.         Anselm  hefts his power swords.
  132.         antoine The bulkhead shears cut through with ease before you are suddenly thrown about, the bulkhead is thrown off its hinges and sucked inwards. You crash against glass and it fractures, sending a hailstorm of glass rushing about before you are sucked into the bridge by the rush of air. The bridge is filled with champions of chaos, each god represented by a marines, their mag boots lock them onto...
  133.         antoine ...the floor as the gravity gives up and the through the bridge windows you see the warp. A rift swallowing all, its multicoloured hues promising death, salvation, money and honor all at once. The bridge armour slams shut to leave you with the four champions and your quarry standing in an enclosed room within the bridge.
  134.         Navarre is not amused.
  135.         antoine Oeris stands within the smaller central room, between you and him are centermeters of reinforced glass and metal and you hear the whine of capacitors charging.
  136.         Anselm  peers beyond the glinting rain of glass. His jaw clenches. The noise in his ears fades until all he can hear is his pulse.
  137.         Anselm  "Oeris..."
  138.         Anselm  "Oeris. Oeris. Oeris..."
  139.         Omniel  snaps the shears closed as he sizes up their foes.
  140.         Balmung stares down the sorcerer
  141.         antoine The Thousand sons sorcerer brandishes an requisite force weapon, it glows as if feeding on the rift energy flowing nearby. Then bloated terminator armoured champion wields a storm bolter and powerfist, the crackle of energy washing through the room. The Khrone worshiper carries a pair of chain axes, whirring with delight at the prospect of blood and the last champion flicks a powers sword...
  142.         antoine ...left and right while he aims a sonic pistol at you. Elona and Joffery stabilise themselves next to your ranks while the knights shout and scream "TRAITORS, ALL WILL DIE!"
  143.         antoine exquisite force weapon*
  144.         antoine The bloated*
  145.         Balmung ++You will leave the crimson king's spawn to me++
  146.         Balmung stands up
  147.         Navarre ++I am not one to call out targets, brother. But you may have it.++ He turns on the magnetic locks on his boots to right himself. ++We seem to have a menagerie of traitors to face. I am only disappointed that there are no Iron Warriors. I always wanted to know if they truly were Iron Within...++
  148.         Anselm  grunts. He leaves the channel open for a moment, pausing, the sound of his ragged breaths coming through the vox. ++Any man... who gets between me and Oeris, I... I will kill him.++
  149.         Navarre ++But I suppose I will be satisfied with the Death Guard.++
  150.         Balmung looks at Anselm ++Kill Angron's welp he'll be a good challenge for you++
  151.         antoine A voice reverberates through the ship's comms, Oeris' voice. "The fools return at last, I must admit you continue to impress. Has Sinbad and Bellerophon fallen? That Haqian was such a lickspittle."
  152.         Balmung ++They still live, they're just busy doing other things++
  153.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Anselm, Balmung, Slaneesh, Nurgle, Omniel, Knights, Serfs, Tzeentch, Navarre.”
  154.         Anselm  takes a deep breath, and immediately rockets forward, past the Chaos champions, his power sword raised to drive through the tube.
  155.         antoine The power sword gains about a centimeter of two of purchase and Anselm heaves the sword deeper and deeper into the metal by sheer strength alone..
  156.         Balmung charges at the thousand son sorcerer and swings his axe at it, but it just bounces off it's shield.
  157.         antoine The Slannesh Champion flicks his powersword in and out at Anselm's back with deft strokes, he almost dances as he makes the attack.
  158.         Anselm  nearly twists his arm the wrong way, working desperately to deflect the freakish Chaos-fiend's attacks.
  159.         antoine The nurglite ponderously turns to throw two wild punches at anselm with the crackling powerfist that oozes green pus through its finger joints.
  160.         Anselm  takes a hit to his side that produces a dent in his armor the size of his enemy's fist. He twists about and responds with a cutting blow that takes the Nurglite's thick, pox-ridden chest armor.
  161.         Omniel  fixes his gaze on the Nurgle marine and storms forward, using the power of his charge to slam the chisel-tipped shears into the shoulderjoint of the traitors armour and beginning to tear. ++I shall attempt to occupy him, Brother Anselm. Carry on.++
  162.         antoine The shears make a mockery of the Nurgle champion's terminator armour, spilling oozing black blood and yellow puss from the devastating wound. Undaunted the marine keeps fighting.
  163.         antoine Three knights charge in, one on each champion except the Nurgilite. The other two start raving, "Traitors in our midst, they seek to betray the Throne, Kill them!". One charges for Navarre, one for Omniel.
  164.         -->|    Bellerophon (MarkyMark@TheFunkyBunch.rap) has joined #XenosHunters
  165.         antoine The Khornate, Slannesh and Tzeentch Champions turn away their blades with ease.
  166.         Anselm  looks back, surprised. ++Gregor! Sigismund! No!++
  167.         Anselm  frantically looks to the others. ++Brothers, something's got hold of them! Stop them!++
  168.         antoine Elona and Joffery charge the slannesh champion, their meek voices shouting out against the darkness of the great enemy.
  169.         antoine Elona gets inside the Champion's defences and lands a quick slice along the inside of his left leg guard, eliciting a moan of pleasure from the chaos follower.
  170.         antoine The Tzeentchian sorcerer summons a baleful bolt of energy that Balmung's armour shrugs off before his force weapon sweeps in but the Space Wolf is too fast for his ancient foe and turns the blade aside with his axe.
  171.         Balmung snarls at the Tzeentchian sorcerer
  172.         Navarre tromps right up to the nurgle bastard and prepares to slash at him mightily with his power sword. Ignoring the whelp.
  173.         antoine The slash sends the champion to his knees before his slowly raises himself up to his full height and prepares to strike back.
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