LEGO Trains 2003-2011

Mar 12th, 2013
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  1. Year,Set ID,Name,Theme,Sub-theme,Rail included
  2. 2011,3677,Red Cargo Train,City,Trains,Yes
  3. 2011,10219,Maersk Train,Trains,9V,No
  4. 2010,7597,Western Train Chase,Toy Story,N/A,No
  5. 2010,7938,Passenger Train,City,Trains,Yes
  6. 2010,7939,Cargo Train,City,Trains,Yes
  7. 2009,10194,Emerald Night,Trains,9V,Yes
  8. 2007,10183,Hobby Train,Trains,9V,No
  9. 2006,7897,Passenger Train,City,Trains,Yes
  10. 2006,7898,Cargo Train Deluxe,City,Trains,Yes
  11. 2006,10173,Holiday Train,Trains,9V,No
  12. 2005,10170,TTX Intermodal Double-Stack Car,Trains,9V,No
  13. 2004,10133,Burlington Northern Santa Fe Locomotive,Trains,9V,No
  14. 2004,65537,Classic Freight Train,Trains,Product Collection,Yes
  15. 2003,4511,High Speed Train,World City,Trains,Yes
  16. 2003,4512,Cargo Train,World City,Trains,Yes
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