Pyraminx WO cases

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  1. 0 centers
  2.   S,  S,  S:    flip over and do last layer (run around in your room celebrating your skip!)
  4. 1 center:
  5.   S,CCW,  S:    R' L' R' L R (down up down down up)
  6.   S,  S, CW:    L R L R' L' (down up down down up)
  8. 2 centers
  9.   S, CW,CCW:    R' L R L' R' L' R' (down down up up down up down)
  10.   S,CCW, CW:    R L R L R' L' R (up down up down down up up)
  11.   S, CW, CW:    L R' L R L'R (down down down up up up)
  12.   S,CCW,CCW:    R' L R' L' R L'(down down down up up up)
  14. 3 centers
  15.  CW, CW, CW:    R' L R' Dw' R' U' R' (down down down, down face turn lolz, down u'-turn down)
  16. CCW,CCW,CCW:    L R' L Dw L U L (down down down, down face turn lolz, down u-turn down)
  17.  CW, CW,CCW:    B U' L' U' R (just solve the centers... and use the "empty slot")
  18. CCW, CW,CCW:    B' U R U L' (same as above)
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