Some Chubby Pony Lovin

May 21st, 2013
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  1. Some Chubby Belly Lovin
  3. *This is a shameless fetish story, leave now if you don't want that*
  5. *Contains: Chubby Pony Lovin, Fatplay, Plot*
  9. Now, let us take another look at this lovely example of chubby pony:
  11. She looks so soft
  13. She looks so warm
  15. She seems so nice laying on that bed, looking over her shoulder with her plot being shown off to you.
  17. She seems to be so happy that you are here
  19. She even wore some socks, letting them ride high so her thighs bunch up and get squeezed by them
  21. She would invite you over, and let you see just how heavy her flanks were
  23. You would place both of your hands on one, and feel it wobble
  25. She would giggle, and then lay on her side, trapping one of your hands under a warm blanket of flesh
  27. With her belly presented she would stick one of her sock covered legs in your face
  29. "Take it off."
  31. Slowly begin unraveling the high riding sock as her fat slowly blossoms out of the finely stretches fabrics
  33. The wrinkles of the chub begin slowly unraveling and unfolding to add even more of a healthy body to the generous mass of her hips
  35. Kiss it, rub it, and let your hands run down her plot's side, slowly exploring her large entrapping canyon as the warmth of two cheeks bathes over your hand.
  37. She teases you with a flex of it, pressing her cheeks upon your hand
  39. The tightness of her grip is interrupted when you hear a weak string of fabric popping loose
  41. It seems a sock has torn slightly from the tension of holding back all that compressed flab that was messaging your hand.
  43. She notices your stare upon the tensely pulled fabric around the mound of flab that pokes through the hole torn in the sock.
  45. She brings her legs together, her plot swelling immensely for a moment as the fat it allowed to collect and billow out wider, and then she flexes once more as the hole in the cloth rips wider and is joined by hundreds of other smaller tears that join together as her soft hips seemingly grow bigger in front of you, the sock eventually ripped apart to allow her bountiful cheek to spill forth with its twin, both of them warm and inviting to your loving care.
  47. Their freedom has left them softened and less toned, yet they retain their bountiful shape.
  49. Your strokes are led by a thick layer of them folding over your fingers as she giggles from the sensation of the free flowing fat jiggling.
  51. Even the expanse of her crack has plumped up, her crease warmer and deeper than it had been a moment before, and the pudge easily molds between your greedy fingers.
  53. As you continue to show your love for her body she invites you farther upon the bed, your hands barely leaving her as you follow the fall of her hips into the rise of her belly
  55. It is truly engorged with years of tender care
  57. Warm and loving as she brings it closer to you, allowing your hands to explore it.
  59. The flab is deeper here than it was on her expanded flanks, your fingers sink into her flesh as she softly and rhythmically breathes the mound larger before you.
  61. Your careful caressing ignites a noise within, as the belly before you gurgles and groans, the churning of her insides jiggling the mass before you with so many tiny almost unnoticeable ripples.
  63. She could do with some food, her mass could be swollen and laden heavy with treats that would make her grow even more layers of softness, you offer without hesitation.
  65. She takes your hand and presses it into her disturbed stomach, letting you continue your message.
  67. “Later, for now I want you to enjoy me.”
  69. So you continue to rub her belly even as one of your hands becomes trapped under it, held hostage by such a large lovely warm pillow that pressed malleable flesh into your palm, while the other hand feels the flab that has grown into soft pillowy mounds on the small of her back
  71. The sock torn legs lock around yours, and she pulls you close.
  73. Her body is pressed up right against you, it is a comforting fire in the cold night
  75. Your hands run down her back as you look at her puffy cheeks and alluring eyes, feeling the added flab of her belly pressed against you is grand, as your hands retrace themselves over the rise of her food grown hips
  77. She begins teasing at your shirt with her hooves, as her legs attempt to push away your pants
  79. "I want to feel your warmth too"
  81. She snuggles up closer to you as you both lay in privacy, the folds of her belly squished against your bare body in a warm embrace
  83. She wraps her legs around yours, and you feel her cheeks mold around your hip, carefully clamping down upon it as you feel your crotch pressed up against the softness of her inner thigh
  85. She can feel you rising through the padded fat of her thighs, and she knows what you want
  87. She pulls herself away, if only for a moment, to slowly shift her body lower.
  89. Until her heavy belly is hanging close to your lower half, the heat of it radiating over your body, as her navel sits exposed and ready.
  91. It is so warm and so wide as you allow yourself inside, your member is immediately enclosed in the soft enrapping flesh of her stomach's folds
  93. You push and her stomach gives, allowing you to go deep into her, feeling warm flab crawl all the way down your shaft to the hilt.
  95. You pull and the flab does not retreat as it continues to hold onto you, letting the sleekness of her body rub off on your senses as you climb ever higher in your want for her
  97. A hard throb and you leak into her, the feeling of the added sleekness only allows more of her flab to wash over you, digging deeper as more of it piles on top of you
  99. You can hear the moistened tunnel of her belly slipping and slapping against your member, as more and more of her stomach's surface is coated in your juices.
  101. Higher and higher you climb as her body lets you push deeper as her belly simply gives and gives to you.
  103. When you finally reach your climax she takes it all, letting you empty yourself into her without a word,
  105. You rest and she is there, letting you feel her warmth as you both enjoy each other.
  107. Undisturbed and alone with the one you love.
  109. The end
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