The Meme Review

May 24th, 2021
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  1. Hot.
  2. Today is way too hot. Sweat is covering my entire body, it's hard to focus. I could turn on the AC if it weren't for the noise it made. It's so hot it's hard to collect my thoughts.
  3. "Can I get pregnant too?" suddenly I'm brought back to reality by my senpai's words.
  4. "Um- with...well..with who..with?" can't find any words to respond with
  5. "You" senpai responds. Just what is this woman saying?
  6. "huuh...I mean hmmmmmmm" what the fuck is going on, this isn't what I signed up for...
  7. Senpai whispers: "Come ooon Calli, 70 000 people are watching~".
  8. "Yeah, um since you're my senpai I feel I can't really say no" sweat rolls down my forehead.
  9. This is nothing like I imagined, just why i-
  10. "Next meme" my thoughts get cut off again.
  11. "Calli-chan, why are you so nervous, you keep forgetting to say it with me.."
  12. "Uh, yeah sorry, next meme" this is painful
  13. "Anyway, let's look at the next one" senpai says before pulling out a new image on screen. Oh God it's the same fucking joke again...
  14. Senpai laughs or maybe just pretends to.
  15. "Calli-chan, look at this part here.." senpai calls out to me before spending 5 minutes explaining the joke.
  17. ....
  19. The last meme, thank God.
  20. "Let's fuck Yagoo"
  21. what the-
  22. ....
  24. The end of the stream, senpai and I already said our goodbyes to the people watching the stream and are now talking in a call:
  25. "You were a bit awkward at first, but you got it near the end, hope we can collab together in the future" senpai says.
  26. "Y-yeah, I had fun too, hope we can do more of it, ha ha". well if senpai had fun maybe it wasn't so bad...
  27. right before the call ends I hear a sound of a door opening and a female voice calling out to senpai: "Holy shit was that bad, haven't felt this kind of second hand embarrassment in awhile"
  28. "Yeah, I know what the fuck was that?"
  29. Call ends.
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