Some Kind of Relationship - 34 (Shitty Gist)

Sep 28th, 2019
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Some Kind of Relationship ~ Thanks to Markues &

Some Kind of Relationship - 34

MC sees GF & Boss together, he begins to thinks at all the good moment he spent with her..He understands that it's really over and what happened last time was a big lie from her..
He lets the car go away without saying anything.. He throws away the screens protection that he just bought, he's walking home..

MC is depressed, not shaved.. Bro comes in and asks him since when he didn't go out and to comes with him because all the family his here.

MC is eating with his family, they don't pay much attention to him and focus on his niece (3 y.o Korea - 2 y.o for "us", she's cute and can already eat alone..). MC thinks that his brother was an idol since childhood, he was pretty, smart and skilled, instead of MC who was dumb and fat.. he says that their parents always supported his big bro. Big bro introduces his Gf to their parents, Young MC take a peek at his bro fucking the girl.. He says that his Big Bro always had what he wanted.

He says that because of that, MC has been forced to study architecture and art for inheriting his Dad company. He says that despite their differences he and his old bro share one thing together, they like watching movie. the movie is about a drama / romance (bad ending in this one) Mc is surprised because Old bro is crying so MC asks him why, Bro tells him that he'll understand if one day he loves someone. Mc thinks that at this time he found his brother really sensitive.. His bro tells him that if he loves someone he needs to fight for it and to no fear to confess his love. Mc thinks that he can only understand his bro now.. he says that he has never been so jealous of his brother (Old bro dated the girl for 10 ten years before wedding and kid).

MC leaves the living room, his bro asks him where he's going, MC tells him that he has no appetite, when leaving MC thinks that today he feels has bad as when he was still a fat child.

MC's having a chat with his friend, BF tries to comfort him a bit without success. Bf tells him there is a lot of girls in the world and asks him since when he doesn't fuck.

Mc is silent so BF asks him if he wants to go to the motel with him, he tells him that he just finished the film / casting of a beautiful girl. Mc's surprised and asks him what the thing about casting someone. BF tells him that they live in a beautiful country with a lot of beauty and asks him what does he think they do. MC doesn't know if he needs to accept his offer or not, BF tells him that it's his lucky day because there is a new girl coming tonight and he can give it to him.

At the end it's MC's Best Friend girlfriend.

To be continued..
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