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  1. FengxianBirdie  The sound of the girl's stifled pained wailing would only turn him on even more, her agonising pleading and crying sounding like music to his ears. He would stir the girl's insides as his cock caused havoc in her tight little cunt. His nails dug into her perky breast as he knead on it like it was a plush toy. The hand he used to punch her now gripped her by the chin as he began to stuff his large fingers into her mouth. His digits forcefully sliding into her bloody mouth along the roof of her tongue. The warm blood coated his fingers and he felt shivers run down his spine, he was close to his limit. She would choke on his fingers and her blood as he ravaged her using her body like a disposable thing to milk his cock. Taking her nipple piercing into his finger's he'd pull on it roughly and with that there he was. His muscles would tense up and he rammed his whole length into her weighting down heavily onto the girl. He came, and as he came he pulled on her nipple piercing so hard it he tore it away from her breast, shredding the fleshy nipple along her breast. Hot boiling cum filled her womb as he released himself at that time. He groaned in pleasure, his warm semen flowing inside her, filling her full of his fertile essence. His movements went to the halt as he took a moment to make sure every drop was left inside her even if it did begin to overflow past her plump flesh.
  2. Saria  Her nails seemed to bend back the hard she clawed at the ground, like it was doing much to help with the current situation. Her breasts were more than a handful for most people, and her open and screaming mouth took his fingers with a loud, surprised gag. Blood dripped down to his knuckles, mixed with her saliva, gags still coming from her mouth while his fingers explored it like a dentist. Her head shook desperately when he grabbed her nipple piercings between his fingers, her muffled cries just growing louder despite his fingers shoved down her mouth. A glass shattering scream shook her body when he pulled the piercing off so easily, blood pouring onto his hands. Her lips quivered roughly around his fingers, the final rough thrust causing her to gag once more on his fingers. She buried her face into the ground, panting and shaking while he held himself inside of her as if to make sure nothing could leak out. Hands moving to get herself off of the ground, she coughed up a bit of the blood and spit that was gargling in her throat with the angle, slapping his arm away so his fingers would get out of her mouth.
  3. FengxianBirdie: (Any limits?)
  4. Saria: ((...are you planning on murdering me or something?))
  5. FengxianBirdie: (Just asnwer the damn question.)
  6. Saria: ((bestiality, pedophillia, incest, being murdered, having limbs chopped off, excessive body mutiliation. Hair cutting. Scat. Piss play is fine, though, and encouraged. uh.. Tickling?))
  7. FengxianBirdie  He pulled out of her his white semen would pour out of her cunt as he left her. As it trickled down her thighs he'd stand up in full height, straightening his back. He watched the girl lay on the cold ground like a beaten dog with a disinterested look. Her blood dripped from his fingers, silently tapping against the pavement. He loomed over her like a lingering memory before he spoke up in a monotone voice ''Thanks for the fun bitch.'' With those words escaping his lips he'd drag his foot along the ground and with a swift strike he'd kick her to the side. His bony muscular leg crushing against her ribs, the weight and whizzing shattering her body once more for a good measure. A sound of liquid trickling resounded in the street a rancid smell of acidy odour began to rise as the man began to take a leak onto the girl laying on the ground. He pissed on her, holding his member with his bloody hand. Yellow piss was staining her pale body as it poured over her bruised and bloody features. With a deep sigh the stream of piss onto the girl would die out as the urine reeking urine was covering her used up body.
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  9. brimarr: Evening.
  10. Saria: (welcome, Sir~)
  11. Saria: ((currently finishing up this post, Feng.))
  12. Saria  Even attempting to get up, when he pulled out of her her body had just given up and she fell back on to the ground. She had just barely enough left in her to curl up in a fetal position, cum running down her thigh and onto the cold pavement. Her body was covered in blood, then matted in dirty and whatever else the floor had to offer, still bleeding quite fluidly from the fresh scratches.. Not to even mention her nipple, which bled like a stuck pig. Acknowledging his voice, she took a quick glance up at him. And with that glance, a swift kick flew into her side, causing her to gasp and scream out in pain once more. "You got what you wanted, fuck out of here, asshole." Her words were slurred, spitting the fluids from her mouth. Hands moved to grip at her side, sucking her teeth in pain. His kick had hit what they both heard snap earlier, and she was trying her best to hide the pain. Beaten and bruised up already, her eyes went back to glaring at him. And with that she noticed his cock was aimed at her, and a stream off piss ran down on her beaten body. Her hands moved to cover her face, she began to retch, rolling so that her back face him. The piss burned into her open wounds, making them sting and hurt so much worse. She honestly didn't think that was possible at this point.
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