Brooklyn Technical High School WiFi Recon

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  1. school wifi:
  2. ssid: DOETWAC00M001vl50g
  3. key: 430d781003
  4. note: the 5 can be any number between 2 and 9, all the networks are joined.
  6. proxy info:
  7. address: proxy
  8. port: 8002
  10. disable deep freeze (any account):
  11. run this ( and choose open new process. when it asks for the password just press ok.
  13. system access (within admin account):
  14. run root.exe ( as "root.exe -i -s cmd.exe"
  15. alternatively, (XP only) run "at xx:xx /interactive cmd.exe", where xx:xx is the pc time in military format plus one minute.
  17. bths forms ( directory.
  18. this ( failure form requires no login. have fun.
  20. a ton ( of uploaded files that have been indexed.
  21. at least one ( even contains a student's osis (anne-laure white, OSIS #270417645),
  22. along with a bunch of student's emails (,,,,,,,,,,
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