MG roulette (Kikimora)

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  1. Roy woke up his alarm with a pleasant yawn. It was a bright Saturday morning, no work for him today, it had actually been some time since he had nothing planned, so he decided to take the morning in, he could always go out in the afternoon.
  3. He was just sat up in bed, about to get out of it thinking about what to do for breakfast when his bedroom door opened.
  5. Roy froze as a woman came through the door holding a tray with various fruit. She seemed to be dressed like an old fashioned maid. The only thing that was weird was her hair. There seemed to be some feather accessories in her hair that were a more on the gray side that seemed to blend in quite well. The same sort of feathered accessories were around her wrists so she had some sort of theme going on.
  7. When she noticed him staring at her she smiled. “Ah, you're awake!” She greeted as she bowed to him the best she could while holding the tray. “Good morning, Master.”
  9. That threw him off, “Master? I don't remember hiring a maid.” He asked.
  11. The maid tilted her head in confusion for a second before realizing something. “You did use that... E-mail, I think it was called?”
  13. `The E-mail?` he thought. What was she talking about...oh right, that `game` thing that got sent his way, he remembered it was about the monster women and clicked on the button, but got distracted with a phone call and didn't see the result. “I think I did. I suppose you're the monster then?” He hadn't heard of them just showing up in the house of the guy who used the E-mail but at least she didn't look threatening. Now that he thought about it she didn't look all that monstrous either.
  15. The maid placed her tray at the end of the bed before bowing in front of him. “I am Isabel, it will be a pleasure to serve you, master Roy.”
  17. Roy didn't know what to say. “Uh... you're welcome, I guess.” He took a look at the sliced fruit in the tray. “What's with the fruit?”
  19. Isabel blushed. “I... could not use those machines downstairs to cook you a meal, so I acquired fresh fruit for you to have a staple breakfast. Is it appropriate, master?” She asked.
  21. The fruit in question was things like apples, melons, and plums, all things he enjoyed. He leaned forward to bring the tray closer and took a bite out of a plum, relishing in the sweetness. “This will be fine, thank you.” He said enjoying his odd breakfast. “You know, you didn't have to do this.”
  23. “A maid must always see her master has eaten his meals,” Isabel said with a smile. “And a maid must use what is available to make perform her duty. If I may ask, can you show me how the cooking machines work? I would be able to make you your meals that way.” she asked with a look of eagerness in her eye.
  25. “If that's what you want...” he was a little confused about her being so willing to cook for him, let alone being called master, but he put it aside when he saw her smile brighten. So he shrugged and went back to eating. “So, what is it you like to do?” He asked as he ate a piece of melon.
  27. “Do?... well I like keeping places in top condition... making sure the laundry is clean, going shopping of groceries...” She counted off.
  29. Chores? Did she like doing chores? He had never met someone who liked housework as a hobby instead of just a daily thing. “Uh... those sound more like what a maid just does instead of something for fun.” He said.
  31. The maid was still smiling. “Ah, but master, making sure the house is tidy leaves master with fewer problems, fewer problems makes master happy, and that makes me happy.” She said.
  33. `Can't argue with that.` Roy thought as he finished the last of his fruit breakfast. Before he could lift it out of bed. Isabel walked over and picked up the tray.
  35. “I will clean this while you get cleaned up, master.” She said, half bowing again as she left the room, It was then that he noticed the tail that was a weird combination of fur and feathers coming from her backside. It was then that he realized the other feather parts on her wrist and hair were not accessories at all, but rather parts of her own body. Even so, he had forgotten to ask her what she was.
  37. Roy was deep in thought as he had his morning shower, this wasn't what he thought getting when he used the E-mail. A monstrous woman sure, but not a full blown servant. He probably would think about it later.
  39. Getting back to his room, he was surprised to see that his clothes were set out for him on his bed. He got dressed quickly and went downstairs to meet Isabel who was standing in the living room, but stopped as he had to take a look around. Roy was no slob, but his home had a could be called `lived in`. The odd empty can here, various papers there, it was a little unclean, but now?
  41. Now his house was clean, more than clean even. It was as if he had just moved in! “Woah... did you clean all of this?” he asked the Isabel.
  43. “Of course master, the house must be kept to a fine standard.” She said with pride. “Same with the tools necessary for cleaning.”
  45. “Tools?” He asked.
  47. “I brought my own broom with me, I hope you don't mind,” she said guesting to the wall. There was a black wooden broom leaning on the side, with her name written on it near the top. “The broom is a maid's third pride and joy, and dirt is the enemy of the house, have no worries master, with me this place will be rid of filth.” She said sternly with a hand on her heart.
  49. “You really are into this whole serving thing.” He said as he wasn't sure what to make of her words. “With all this, I thought you would of dressed me or something.”
  51. Instead of laughing along with him like he thought she would, the monster maid looked him up and down with a gleam in her eyes that he couldn't read until she licked her lips. Before he could say anything her eyes locked with his. “If master allows it, I would be pleased to”
  53. Roy chuckled nervously. “Really?” He asked.
  55. “Of course, within reason, a master's desire and orders are always met,” Isabel said.
  57. “You seem to have a lot of  those sayings.” He said.
  59. Isabel put her and into one of the large pockets of her apron as and pulled out what looked like an old blue book. “This book helped me in my training, I still stand by it today.” She said as she handed her Roy the book.
  61. The book was had an old black and white photo of an aged but beautiful maid with glasses and a serene smile on her face. She had the same inhuman features as Isabel and was holding a broom that had some sort of pattern on it, but it was hard to tell. Embossed in gold was the title of the book. “Madam Josephine's guide to being a superb Kikimora.”  He read aloud. `So that's what she is` he thought.
  63. Isabel nodded.  “It's a great guide to follow, the last pages are left blank so I can pass notes on to the generation. It's become a sort of tradition for our family to gain two of these books, one from our mothers and one for our children.”
  65. Roy returned the book to her liking the thought of having a family tradition. He didn't have any himself but he could appreciate the idea. “Must be a long family to have that kind of tradition.”
  67. “We have been serving our masters since her lordship took over, but master, if I may, can we discuss this later? I would like to know how to use the machines in the kitchen.”
  69. It was quite clear that she liked talking with him about her family and he found himself wanting to know more, but he guessed those maid duties of hers took priority in her mind. It was understandable. Well seeing as she was staying here he found no harm in showing her how things worked.
  71. “Ok, first let me show you the oven.” He said walking into the kitchen, His new maid following behind him.
  73. ~x~ (three weeks later)
  75. Roy could say he was getting the hang of having in a live-in maid, even if said maid was a dog bird monster from a different dimension/world with natural servitude compulsions. Thinking about that too much made his head hurt.
  77. Isabel was a fast learner and settle down quite nicely, she was a fast learner and had gotten how to work things like oven and washing machine in no time. She also notably gained a dislike for the microwave, calling it `unsatisfying`.
  79. Soon, even if he hadn't said anything, she appeared to have gained a read of his intentions. If he was feeling beef for dinner, then she would cook a beef stew, if he needed an important paper for his work, it would be in her hands before he even asked for it.
  81. It was like energy bounced off the two of them, the more he relied on her the happier she got, the happier she got the more care she seemed to put into her servicing, and the more she did that the comfortable he felt with her.
  83. There were odd things he had picked up on. Like the fact she seemed to pause and take a long sigh whenever he came back from work and she took his jacket, or the fact that she had taken to sleeping at his bedside in a sitting position, It had actually been one of the things she would not be talked out of hand Roy didn't have it in him to order her to stop doing that.
  85. There was also there were times where his motivation was at his peaked and whenever he told her to do some thing she shivered a little with a smile before doing it with gusto, he was still trying to figure that one out.
  87. He felt like he had grown closer to Isabel, with her cleaning, cooking, and advice, she was becoming an important factor in his life and was considering asking her on a date or something, he originally thought against it until he thought about other people that had gone through the game. Some of the stories had the guy involved become intimate with their monsters quite fast, some even in the first day of meeting them.
  89. There was also the urges he was having lately, the desire to embrace and kiss her, the urge to do more than just greet her when he got home, he wanted to see just how that body looked under that uniform...
  91. “Master?” Isabel calling him brought his mind out of his thoughts. He looked at the TV and couldn't remember the show he was meant to be watching. “Are you okay?”
  93. “hmm? Oh, ah... yeah, I'm fine.” Roy said dismissively. Isabel moved in front of him and looked him in the eye with a frown.
  95. “Are you sure master? You have been tense for the last few days.” She said.
  97. “I'm fine, honestly. I've just been thinking about... things.” He said. He had forgotten how she could read his mood. Maybe all this thinking had made him a little tense. He needed to unwind. “Isabel, could you make me some tea?”
  99. Isabel nodded. And was about to move to the kitchen when the house phone rang, so she simply went and pick that up instead. “Jones residence.” She greeted. Roy himself had got up turned around waiting for her to give the phone to him telling him who it is. That was until she spoke again. “Me? I am Isabel, I assume you want master Roy?... I am his maid, why wouldn't I call him master?”
  101. Having a maid while weird for somebody like him was not new in this day and age (though the term house keeper would be more appropriate), so people tended to accept it and move on. So Roy became concerned when the almost always cheerful face of his Kikimora frowned. “What do you mean by, `I should find a better job` miss?”
  103. Silence reigned as Isabel listened to the person on the phone, the maid looking more annoyed by the minute as she spoke up again “I would not know about that miss, but being maids has been the dream and job of all Kikimora.” She said sternly. “But that is none of your concern, now would you like to talk to Master Roy? He is right in front of me” She said impatiently. “...Very well, I shall tell him. Goodbye.” she places down the phone before letting out a huff. Her tail was flicking from side to side in agitation.
  105. “Who was that?” Roy asked. He didn't like that whoever it was upset his maid.
  107. Isabel took a deep breath. “Your sister Zoe, master.” She said.  “She said she would come to the house within the hour, saying that what she wanted to say would be better-said face to face.”
  109. What? His sister was coming here? Since when does she care about what he's doing? “Ok then, I'll talk to her, Can you make two cups of tea and join me on the couch?”
  111. “Oh that's okay master, I'm not very thirsty-”
  113. “Isabel,” Roy said sternly. “Make some tea for me and yourself, you need to relax.” He said.
  115. Isabel bowed. “Yes, master,” she said went off to make the drinks.
  117. It didn't take look for there to be a knock on the door and Isabel got up to get it. She returned with his sister, in tow, neither of them looking happy. Zoe stayed standing while Isabel decided to stand to the side of Roy's chair.
  119. “So Zoe, why did you come here?” Roy asked.
  121. “Hiring a maid? Really Roy?” She asks angrily. “I know you don't have the money to pay her.”
  123. “Isabel does not work for money. All her service is out of the good in her heart. Also, I didn't hire her, she choose to serve me.” there was a hum of agreement beside him. “Besides, since when did you care about what goes on with me?”
  125. “Since you decided to give a woman a demeaning job.” Zoe said. “making her wear a tail is makes you worse.
  127. “I told you on the phone,” Isabel spoke up. “To be a maid that serves her master is what all women of my people desire, what I want is none of your concern. And another thing...” she said as he turned around and wagged her tail. “I am a Kikimora, I am not `wearing a tail` as you put it.”
  129. “And that's okay with you, is it? Not having any aspirations beyond serving somebody?” Zoe asked.
  131. “What the hell? Why are you doing this?” Roy said. “You can just barge in here and say what you want!”
  133. “I can when I have problems in my family,” Zoe said before looking back at Isabel.
  135. “You can call it our nature. or you could call it a tradition, It doesn't matter. My wish is to help my master become a great man and support him.” Isabel said with a sigh
  137. “What's great about being a maid? Tell me! I worked damn hard to get where I am in the world, how can you be content with just working away at some insignificant job under a man like some glorified slave?” Zoe said angrily. “Or are you just lazy?”
  139. Isabel stiffened. “...what?” almost came down as a whisper.”
  141. “You have no drive to do anything, no will to go out there and make something of yourself, and with your maid work running in the family, you've got quite the comfy excuse. I won't let my idiot brother associate with someone like-”
  143. Zoe's was cut off my Isabel slamming her hand down on the table. Roy looked up to her and was shocked to see the hateful snarl on her face.
  145. “A human should not speak of things she knows nothing about.” The maid growled. “I have stated, time and time again that my actions are none of your concern, but it seems you are too stubborn to think otherwise, and now you insult not only me but my family's way of life? How dare you!”
  147. Isabel stepped forward continuing “There is more to being a Kikimora than just `slaving away`, to us, our masters are everything, our loyalty is absolute! devotion to serving is absolute! our love is absolute! We provide our masters with the finest of care so he may carve his own path as a man worthy of the about of love and care we give them! All we desire is to stay at their side as servants and wives! That is what it means to be a Kikimora!” She was on a furious roll as she approached his Zoe.
  149. “You have no idea how I feel when I cook my master meals, to see him grateful for me being there after a hard days work, to see his smile whenever I do things for him. How every day I am thankful for the day got sent here, and met my beloved master! As both a monster and a maid, it fills me with joy!”
  151. “And yet here you are, knowing next to nothing about me, telling me that isn't worth anything?” Isabel was right close up to her face. Her words became softer but all the more cold “My drive is to improve my master's life to best of my ability and my will is to serve my master, I make sure his hands are dirty so I can clean them, that is worth more to me than anything. Try to take that away from me, and you will see just how far my desire to serve goes.”
  153. Zoe stumbled to get away from Isabel and edged herself towards the door. “I-I think I should go.” she stuttered out before leaving in a hurry.
  155. They head the main door shut, but neither of them spoke, Roy was still on in shock from Isabel's anger and Isabel looked to be coming off an emotional high. After taking deep breaths and calming herself down, Isabel turned to Roy. “I'm sorry for losing my composure it was just-”
  157. “Don't worry about it, she has a tendency to make assumptions, plus I know how much your traditions and family is important to you.” Roy cut her off with a smile. Don't worry too much, I'm sure you and her will be able to settle things eventually.”
  159. “Okay master” she nodded
  161. “Still, there is some thing I want to know. I'm sure I heard you refer to me as `My beloved master`?” He asked as he got up. “That was quite the speech you gave, you know that? Though it does make things a lot easier.”
  163. “What do you mean by that mastuuumph!” Roy cut Isabel off with a kiss, I kiss that didn't take long before she gave back with interest. When they stopped, the maid was giggling with joy.
  165. “I had been thinking about how to ask you for a deeper relation ship for days, I just wasn't sure how to go about it.” He said chuckling
  167. The Kikimora, however had a certain look in her eyes, the same look she had given him when she was acting odd, but this time she took no care in hiding it. It was only now that his mind told him what was going on.
  169. Lust.
  171. “You are my master,” Isabel said, her tone wasn't anywhere near the reserved maid he knew. It was more sensual if anything. “I am here to take care of your needs, a that does mean all of them. She said as she took off her maid cap and placed it on the table. “All you have to do was ask and I will give you what you need, it doesn't matter how or where, as your maid, it is my duty to please you master, and a duty I'll gladly partake in.”
  173. Roy was stood still in away as the maid undressed in front of his eyes.
  175. She continued as she took off her apron. “we both have been skirting around this for some time, haven't we master? We look at each other with such indecency, yet we don't do anything further, I wouldn't of minded if you did master, would you like to know why?”
  177. She had taken off her dress completely at this point, wearing only lacy black lingerie. She was starting to get flustered. As she started to grope herself. Roy couldn't say anything, so all he did was a nod.
  179. “A good master knows what he wants. He doesn't hesitate to make use of what is his. And now that were at this point, I won't let you hesitate again.”  she said as she approached him, put her arms tenderly around his neck and whispered in his ear “I've waited for this moment and we know what we both want, so give me the order, tell your maid your desire right now so she can give her master what he deserves.”
  181. He didn't have to be told twice, he looked her straight in the eye, and said. “Isabel, service your master.”
  183. Isabel licked her lips. “With pleasure master,” she said as she went in for another kiss. And started to undo his shirt.
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