Mind. Blown.

Aug 7th, 2012
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  1. 5:13 AM - Rarity_: Check this out.
  2. 5:15 AM - Rarity_: Dash posted the DeanWin fiasco to SRD for me, since you're not allowed to post drama you're involved in. anyway, a lot of people in SRD thought it was a riot that Dean said I broke the bro code, which leads to one Dramahound to RES take me as "Broke The Bro Code" and because of that thread and the pony pictures posted in it, he became a brony.
  3. 5:15 AM - MasterSubLink: wow xD
  4. 5:21 AM - Rarity_: http://www.reddit.com/r/MyLGBTPony/comments/xs5rv/recently_realized_i_was_gay_xpost_if_i_knew_this read through these comments
  5. 5:22 AM - MasterSubLink: It's funny how things turn out in the end
  6. 5:22 AM - Rarity_: I know, it's crazy
  7. 5:23 AM - MasterSubLink: I remember how Dean accused Dash of being your boyfriend
  8. 5:23 AM - Rarity_: ..................holy fuck you're right.
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