The end of the Earth

Apr 27th, 2021
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  1. Tears like streaks of liquid fire ran down Kiara's cheeks. This was it, the final day. Earth's final day. Humanity had left it's first home in ships of crude spacial distortion drives and spread throughout the stars, but Earth was still beloved by many in song and story and of course in Myth.
  3. As the embers crumbled, swallowed up by the red giant that Sol had become, Kiara felt herself overcome with memories. Ina's first words after being cleansed of the unspeakable evil that had claimed her was of course a pun, Gura had accidentally memed SharkCoin into being and had died fabulously wealthy, Ame's stories of all the times she had to time travel to keep the other members, "Looking at you, Ollie!!", from yabbing the entire company out of existence, the wild party Marine had thrown after finally buying her pirate ship, drinking so much with Coco that the next morning's stream had been full of jokes about firepuke and that one crazy night with Miko that had been like GTA in real life.
  5. Kiara felt a pair of hands on her shoulders and a gruff voice softly in her ear. "I miss them too, Kusotori." And for a time that was both forever and far too short Phoenix and Reaper watched the world that they loved so well crumble into nothingness.
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