Heat (Cadence)

Aug 29th, 2016
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  2. >"--And since the ruby quarter is the least populated I believe that we should begin building the piping system--"
  3. >I listened intentively to Quarry Lace, as did everypony else in attendance
  4. >Though young, the mare was a very good speaker
  5. >Not good enough to make city planning sound exciting, though I doubted that there was anypony on this earth that could do that, but enough to keep our attention
  6. >But something was off with the earth pony as she tapped a ruler against the map of my city that was pinned to the wall
  7. >I could see a stiffness in her body
  8. >She gripped her ruler a little too tight and she couldn't seem to stand still for more than a second
  9. >My gaze traveled up and down the mare, drinking in every tensed muscle
  10. >I could see that her tail hung a little lower than normal, which meant that she was forcibly keeping it down
  11. >I looked away from her for a moment to peer around the room
  12. >There must have been half a hundred mares in the room
  13. >Politicians, clan leaders, merchants; they were the most powerful ponies in the Crystal Empire, ponies who had seen and gone through things that I couldn't imagine and had come out the other end whole when others would have surely broke
  14. >They were the lifeblood of the people; its backbone, each one of them as strong as anypony that I have ever met
  15. >And just like Quarry Lace, every single one of them were fidgeting in their seats like a bunch of fillies that were waiting for the bell to ring on the last day of school
  16. >While the windows to our meeting room were wide open, that did nothing to help the smell in the room
  17. >It was a musky smell, a smell so thick and potent that one was liable to drown in it if they weren't careful
  18. >It was the smell of heat, and from the concentration of it I knew that every single one of them had it bad
  19. >I couldn't help but smile gently, leaning back into my chair
  20. "Quarry Lace?" I called from my throne
  22. >The mare perked up, stopping mid sentence to look up at me
  23. >"Your highness?" she said politely, doing her very best to stay as still as she could, though I could still detect some small movements in her back legs
  24. >Still smiling, I pulled myself from my chair and made way toward the mare
  25. >I could feel fifty sets of eyes on me but I paid them no mind
  26. >I was a princess of Equestria, and an Empress of the Crystal Empire
  27. >Stares did nothing to me
  28. >Quarry Lace bowed as I closed in on her, very nearly touching her muzzle to the floor
  29. >"Your highness, if I have displeased you--"
  30. >Before she could finish I loudly cleared my throat
  31. >The mare jumped slightly at the noise, tearing her gaze from the floor to look up at me
  32. >Still I said nothing, simply beckoning her to rise with a hoof
  33. >The mare did so, albeit with a little more than a little caution
  34. >She had just about drew herself up to her full height when I enacted my devilish plan
  35. >My hoof struck out with unparalleled precision, and before Quarry Lace could react I pressed it to her nose
  36. >The mare's eyes crossed, and it took all that I had not to laugh
  37. "My little pony, I am very familiar with your skills in this matter, and I have every confidence that you will be able to complete it with every requirement met and then some," I said, letting my hoof fall back to the floor
  38. >The mare took a half-step away from me, her muzzle scrunched and her grey coat reddening from my praise
  39. >The assembled mares chuckled good naturedly, and I along with them
  40. "If anypony here does not have confidence in Quarry Lace's abilities we can all stay in this stuffy room for the rest of the day and listen to her explain her methods and experience and plans, but if you all have the same confidence that I have in her I believe that we can cut this meeting a little short."
  42. >Usually, my statement would have been met with a fair amount of resistance, but the mare before us have been the keystone in not only repairing Canterlot after the Changeling invasion, but had done it so far under budget that my aunt had been able to use the leftover funds to build another wing in that school of hers
  43. >The assembled mares looked at each other, and with hardly a murmur amongst them they nodded
  44. >My smile widened
  45. "If any of you do have concerns I am positive that Quarry here would be happy to speak with you personally, but if not then I would conclude this meeting."
  46. >Fifty mares climbed halfway out of their seats in eagerness before they sat themselves down, desperation in their eyes
  47. >My eyes immediately widened in realization
  48. >While the teacher had said that the lesson was over, she still had not yet dismissed the class
  49. >This time I had to bite my lip to keep myself from laughing
  50. "Go to your husbands and lovers, ladies. I'm sure that they need you as much as you need them."
  51. >Fifty chairs screeched as fifty of the Empire's most powerful mares scrambled to their hooves and raced out of the room as quickly as their legs could carry them, their tails flagging and papers flying
  52. >Even Quarry, who had been trying her hardest to seem collected, grabbed her charts and graphs and papers, stuffed them into her saddlebags haphazardly, and dashed through the door in a span of five seconds
  53. >A gentle laugh escaped me as I looked around the now empty, messy room
  54. >My horn glowed, and with a series of spells I collected every fallen paper and pushed in every chair
  55. >Grabbing my own documents, I slowly made my way to the door, making sure to close it behind me after I had passed through it
  56. >It was a beautiful day out
  57. >The sun was shining, the clouds were few and far between, and the sky looked as blue as a sapphire
  58. >Sighing, I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths
  60. >I could feel my own heat burning throughout my body
  61. >It sung in my veins, sharpening my senses
  62. >There was an ache beneath my tail; a good ache, a healthy ache
  63. >It was an ache that we mares have felt since the dawn of time and would feel until the sun died
  64. >An ache to be filled, to be bred until we had a new life growing in us
  65. >Taking another deep breath, spreading my wings and giving them a few flaps as I did so, I began to make my way to my chambers
  66. >The hallways were silent, as they always were this time of year, but if one listened carefully they would have heard much
  67. >The whine of lonely maids that sought release
  68. >The wet slapping of a stallion as he tried to relieve himself with a toy
  69. >The grunts and gasps of a mare and stallion as they made love
  70. >As I walked through the halls, my head held high, I could hear it all
  71. >Pleasure, hungry, want, relief, joy, fear; these were the emotions, the drivers of the heat
  72. >They were what made this time of the year both a joy and burden for so many
  73. >I stopped in the middle of the hall for a moment, taking another deep breath, savoring the smell of sweat and sex and love and need in the air
  74. >Underneath my hooves I could feel the crystal heart singing as it absorbed the love that the heat provided
  75. >I closed my eyes, picturing my husband
  76. >No doubt the poor dear was absolutely miserable
  77. >His instincts, his very biology itself, was telling him to breed, to mate, to rut, but his wife was busy with her papers and her bureaucracy
  78. >No doubt he was pacing our bedroom at this very moment, his cock hard and throbbing and bouncing against his belly with each step he took
  79. >A bolt of want raced up my spine at the thought of his stallionhood, black and hard and as thick and long as any mare could ever want
  80. >Eyes snapping open, I began to trot through the halls
  81. >My ears perked up as more lust-filled grunts and moans and whimpers filled my ears
  82. >They seemed louder to me now, hungrier and needier as well
  84. >I couldn't help but smile pleasantly at the symphony
  85. >The Crystal Castle was going to be the host of a hundred different pregnancies over these next few day, and I couldn't help but feel a bit of pride because of it
  86. >I turned the corner
  87. >A pair of guards were in the middle of the hall, their heads held high and their spears pointed to the ceiling
  88. >In between their legs I could see their cocks throbbing, their tips leaking cum onto the ground below
  89. >Just like everypony else they felt that need, that ache, that want
  90. >And what right did I have to tell them to refrain from indulging themselves?
  91. "There's a group of mares in the next hallway that would be happy to entertain you gentlecolts if you so desired," I called, rushing toward them
  92. >They looked at each other just as I passed them
  93. >"Your majest--"
  94. >One of the colts yelped as I slapped his backside with my tail upon my passing
  95. "There is nothing to guard today, my little pony," I called over my shoulder. "Go. Go and enjoy yourselves. GO and find somepony. Go and love."
  96. >I had nearly made it around the corner when my guards had dashed off toward the hall that I had described, nearly impaling themselves as they did so
  97. >Another pearl of laughter escaped my lips, light and airy and happy
  98. >I thought of my husband again, then I thought of my beautiful little daughter
  99. >Flurry would want to be a big sister; to have someone to play with and protect and teach learn from
  100. >I had never had anypony like that when I was young
  101. >My home was empty growing up; lonely and cold
  103. >That would not be the same for my daughter
  104. >There would be the laughter of children in these halls; a lot of it
  105. >Coming upon the door to my chambers, I threw open the door with a little more force than was necessary
  106. >Almost at once I saw Shining; my Shining
  107. >A shiver ran through me as the smell of a horny stallion hit me like a train
  108. >My back legs buckled, and I very nearly crumbled to the floor as the heat in between my legs became an inferno
  109. >I needed him
  110. >More than anything else in this world I needed him
  111. >His touch, his taste, the feeling of his fur against mine, the feeling of his lips as he kissed me, the sound of hips slamming against mine as he made love to me, the feeling of warmth and pleasure as he filled me with his seed
  112. >An eager whine escaped my lips, gaining Shining's attention
  113. >My love's head snapped up, his eyes wild and his face drenched with sweat
  114. >"Cadence?" he murmured, as if he was half asleep
  115. >I could see his cock twitching below his belly, staining our carpet with his cum
  116. >My mouth watered at the sight and my back legs clenched
  117. >The two of us stared at each other for a few moments, both of us panting
  118. >I could see the hungry in his eyes, the primal, unspoken need
  119. >The very same need that I also felt
  120. >I wanted to feel his weight on top of me
  121. >I wanted to feel another child growing inside of my belly
  122. >I wanted to once again face all of the hardships that came pregnancy and birth
  123. >I wanted to hear my just-born child's cried as the doctor handed them to me
  124. >I wanted to be a mother
  125. >I rushed forward just as Shining did, and we crashed together, touching and kissing and caressing
  126. >Beneath us, the Crystal Heart sang even louder
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