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TheLuckless Aug 7th, 2015 (edited) 23 Never
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  1. Battletag: Luckless#2376
  2. Main Region: EU (though I -can- play on NA)
  4. If you're gonna add me, please let me know via PM on the forum or on discord first.
  6. I play mostly Hearthstone but I also have Overwatch and have played WoW.
  8. WoW: tried it on multiple occasions, didn't really get into it.
  9. Diablo: never tried it.
  10. Starcraft: never tried it.
  11. Hearthstone: i'm rather decent at this, best rank I've got to in ladder is Legend rank 6900 near the end of March 2017.
  12. HotS: tried it, not really too interested in MOBA's though. I don't really enjoy it much.
  13. Overwatch: I only play this when my good friends are also playing, and even then I sometimes don't because my setup for mouse/keyboard is bad so I enjoy using a controller even though it handicaps me, and I feel like my friends might enjoy it better without someone who's handicapped.
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