[INCEST] Jungle Fever (short)

May 11th, 2017
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  1. Just wrote a few short posts of some Anon's idea:
  2. >Be Anon and you got a bullshit email saying you have a long lost relative who lives in Nigeria or some shit.
  3. >You delete it and go back playing vidya.
  4. >Two weeks later you hear a knock on the door early in the morning.
  5. >You open the door and see this.
  7. (also, replaced shitty non-rhyming lines with rhyming phrases)
  8. ------------------
  10. "Z-Zecora? Maybe put a shirt on."
  11. >Papa Who-The-Fuck-Is-This would be disappointed in you for ever telling a woman to put her shirt on, had the woman in question not been your cousin.
  12. >Zecora turns her body and looks at you curiously, breasts swaying with the motions of her chest.
  13. >They're fat without being saggy, and those nipples are just begging for someone's lips to wrap around them.
  14. >Yours.
  15. >It's not just her chest that's bare; she lost her... you wanna say "loin-cloth", but that would imply that it adequately covered up her loins.
  16. >Even when she wore the damn thing, you could tell that she had an ass that wouldn't quit.
  17. >Her ass looked at the loincloth and said "No."
  18. >It was a "crack-cloth" more than anything else.
  19. >A "maybe-half-of-her-pussy-cloth", even.
  20. >But yeah, as soon as you were alone, the crotch-cover came off too.
  21. >To your delight, she shaves; not that you have a thing against pubes, but now you have an unobstructed view of the juiciest pussy lips you have EVER seen in your life.
  22. >And she has absolutely no problem with showing them off to you.
  23. >"Cousin Anonymous, even at home? Why would I do that when we are alone?"
  24. >You can feel cold sweat drip down the back of your neck.
  25. "Yes, b-but..."
  26. >It brings a tear to your eye that you're about to cover up that perfect body.
  27. "I mean, it's just that nudity is kinda.... not really a thing to do in this country..."
  28. >This has to be it; the one good deed that guarantees you a spot in heaven.
  29. >You're sacrificing so much right now.
  30. >To your surprise, Zecora just walks over to you and pats you on the cheek.
  31. >"Cousin of mine, surely you jest! I don't live in your country, so why cover my chest?"
  32. >Your boner is doing its best to convince you that she's won this argument and that you should let her keep going around naked.
  33. >You swallow; your mouth feels dry.
  34. "I-I know."
  35. >Zecora tilts her head, looking innocently curious at your reaction.
  36. >"If that is not what you feel is wrong, then why do you want me to play along?"
  37. >Her brows furrow and she starts to look a little irritated.
  38. >"Do you have problems with what you see? Can you hardly stand to look at me?"
  39. >She grabs her tits with both hands and presses them together.
  40. >Before you can react, she grabs your hands and plants them on her breasts.
  41. >You can feel her nips pressing into your palms.
  42. >"I can prove I they're healthy breasts. Cousin, squeeze them! Give them a test!"
  43. >No amount of Christian thoughts can save you now.
  45. "Wait, what? You want us to sleep in the same bed?"
  46. >Girl, if you do that, you're going to wake up looking like a giant twinkie exploded all over you.
  47. >Zecora puts down her blanket and pillow, and then arranges them on your bed.
  48. >"Yes, of course, we'll share a bed. It's so cold, I'll wake up dead."
  49. >Sometimes you're really thankful that Zecora considers 30*C (86*F) to be "chilly".
  50. >You're brought back to reality when Zecora hands you the pyjamas you had bought for her to sleep in.
  51. >"I hope my clothing won't start a feud, but my people tend to sleep in the nude."
  53. "Y-Yeah, it's fine."
  54. >You and Zecora crawl into bed, and you do your best to ignore your raging erection.
  55. >You do well for about 20 seconds; that's the point where Zecora more or less crawls on top of you and tries to get as much skin contact as possible.
  56. >Your cousin shivers and wraps her arms around your neck, trying to drain you of your body heat.
  57. >"I should have learned; I did not know. Your country is cold, even without snow."
  58. >After a moment, she pulls her arms back and grabs your hands, which she then places onto her ass.
  59. >"Don't be shy; I'm very soft. Hold me so I don't roll off."
  60. >You just whimper and nod your head, barely noticing it when Zecora wraps her arms back around your neck.
  61. >"Hold me close and grab my rump," she mutters into your neck, "I hope you don't mind - it's a little plump."
  62. >It takes an exceptional amount of willpower to resist dry-humping your cousin right now.
  64. "Zecora?!"
  65. >You hasten to cover yourself up and nearly slip on the slick bathtub floor.
  66. >Zecora slides the shower curtain shut behind her and, humming cheerfully, reaches over your shoulder to grab the bar of soap.
  67. >"It's good to see you got some sleep. Your bed is comfy; my slumber was deep."
  68. >You watch, hands failing to contain your boner, as your chocolate cousin Zori slides her hands all over her soapy, slippery breasts.
  69. >"Cousin, could you wash my hair? I'll do the same - it's only fair."
  70. >Zecora turns around and presents her wet hair (and more importantly: her amazing ass) to you.
  71. >You reach to the rack for your bottle of shampoo, ignoring the twinge in your dick when you spurt a bunch of creamy white liquid all over your hands.
  72. >You try to reach her hair while maintaining a solid foot of space between you and her (which is actually less than 6 inches of space with your erection is taken into consideration), but you're having difficulty reaching the top of her head.
  73. >You're no manlet; Cousin Zori is like a million feet tall.
  74. >"Anonymous, come close and don't be shy. I do not bite, and I am starting to dry."
  75. >Fuck.
  76. >If you do that, you'll poke her with yo-
  77. >Zecora sighs in irritation, and then walks backwards until she's pressing her back right up against your chest.
  78. >Your cock is stuck in between her glorious cheeks.
  79. >"There we go - please wash off my grime. We can attend to your penis another time."
  80. >You feel yourself spurt a bit of pre-cum.
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