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  1. Large moving camp, wagon marks, prescence
  3. This first card tells of history, knowledge of ancient book to understand your greatest enemies.
  4. This treasure is hidden behind the sun, in the house of a saint
  6. Flips next card, brings out 2 of stars, this card tells of a powerful force for good and protection and holy and grateful. I know where it is.
  7. This one is with she who knows all.
  9. Power and strength, weapon of vengance, pillar of pure sunlight strike down foes. Unfortunatley for you it is in dead village, drowned village
  10. Perhaps greatest evil in the world,
  12. This one on it has the artifact, there is a man who will help you, look for him, entertaning with monkey.
  14. Enemy is a creature of darkness who is beyond mortalitly, card will lead you to him, I see a place, a vault of tempation women great beauty
  15. Tower untop treasure.
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