Anon World Order part 4 [Lewd] (Dazzlings)

Nov 22nd, 2014
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  1. > Adagio waits restlessly as you finish washing the last dish
  2. > "You can swim, right?"
  3. > You dry off your hands
  4. "Yes?"
  5. > "Good. I have planned an... outing of sorts. It will be nice to go outside, don't you think?"
  6. "Sure, some fresh air will be good."
  7. > She seems put off by your indifferent attitude
  8. > Nevertheless, she leans in close, gripping the collar of your shirt in her fist
  9. > Her voice is low and honeyed, sweetly hinting at violence of an intensely personal sort
  10. > "Don't even think about escaping. There's nowhere you can go that we can't find you."
  11. "Why would I distance myself from this?"
  12. > You punctuate your response with a kiss on her lips, your hand cupping her jaw
  13. > For a moment, she presses back, her mouth beginning to open
  14. > Then her eyes widen and she pulls away
  15. > "Y-you kissed me!"
  16. "How observant."
  17. > Ah, she's angry now
  18. > "Why did you kiss me?"
  19. > If you had to put into words,
  20. "Because I wanted to."
  21. > Adagio brings a hand to her lips, staring at you with wary eyes
  22. > "This is too easy, you're planning something."
  23. > You shrug
  24. "Not really. Shall we go?"
  25. > She grabs your wrist, not softly, but not firmly either
  26. > As she leads you from the room, she says,
  27. > "I'll be watching you."
  28. "That's one of your endearing traits."
  29. > She gives you a frustrated, conflicted look, then pulls you along faster
  30. > You emerge into the parking lot of a small motorcade
  31. > One of the many black SUV's has its doors open, and you see Aria and Sonata waiting impatiently
  32. > At Adagio's urging, you clamber into the middle back seat, pleasantly sandwiched between her and Aria
  33. > Aggravated Eggplant pokes you
  34. > "What took you so long?"
  35. > You glance sidelong at Orangy
  36. "Adagio was just explaining some things to me."
  37. > Aria takes one look at her leader, and lets it drop
  38. > The motorcade starts up, and relative silence reigns
  39. > Until Sonata starts pretending to shoot people with her fingers, going "Pew pew!" each time
  41. > The destination turns out to be a clothing outlet
  42. > Sonata merrily drags you to the mens' swimwear section
  43. > There she holds up two speedos
  44. > "What do you think, leopard print thong or pure white man panties?"
  45. "Boxers, definitely."
  46. > Aria creeps up behind you, whispering in your ear
  47. > "Oh we can't have that. It would be a shame to cover up that scrumptious rump of yours."
  48. > You look to Adagio, the last bastion of decency
  49. > In retrospect, that may have been a bad choice
  50. > "Oh, the leopard is very you, Anon. So shameless and predatory."
  51. > Yeah, definitely a mistake
  52. > Bluey presses it into your hands
  53. > "Try it on! For me?"
  54. > You look down at the scrap of cloth in your hands, and sigh
  55. "Alright, just give me a moment."
  56. > You close the changing room door, and begin to disrobe
  57. > When you set your boxers aside, Aria calls out,
  58. > "I know you're used to masturbating into things like this, but restrain your urges."
  59. > You feel odd, being naked and hearing her say such things
  60. > As you reluctantly put on your speedo, you notice that Anon Jr is up for the fitting
  61. > Stupid boner
  62. > You check yourself out in the mirror
  63. > The speedo is tight
  64. > Probably too tight
  65. > You open the door
  66. "What do you think, ladies?"
  67. > They eloquently say nothing
  68. > You turn slightly, giving them a profile view
  69. > Sonata gives you a thumbs up
  70. > "It's very you!"
  71. > Aria clenches her hands in the fabric of her pants
  72. > "Distracting."
  73. > Adagio runs off, and returns with a pair of black swimming shorts
  74. > She holds them out towards you, averting her eyes
  75. > "I may have spoken in haste."
  76. > Sonata whines a little as you return to the changing room
  77. > Aria just mumbles something about honey
  78. > When you emerge, Bluey just shakes her head
  79. > "It's just not the same, Anon."
  80. > Aria tugs a little at the waistband
  81. > "Could be a little tighter, I think."
  82. > Adagio pulls you away
  83. > "I think we are quite done here."
  84. > You glance back at the changing room as you leave
  85. > Eh, you can get more clothes back home
  87. > Miss Dazzle seems to relax as the four of you enter the building
  88. > You don't say much, just meekly follow them to a large atrium in the complex
  89. > The afternoon sun shines down on an Olympic size swimming pool, littered with inflatable items of all sizes
  90. > You set your hands on your hips
  91. "I'll just wait here while everyone changes?"
  92. > Sonata promptly shimmies out of her clothes
  93. > "Nope, I'm already in my swimsuit!"
  94. > She shakes her bikini clad bottom for emphasis
  95. > The other two just roll their eyes
  96. > Aria walks away, saying,
  97. > "Just don't drown him before we get back."
  98. > Bluey watches them go with intent eyes
  99. > Then she slowly twirls in place
  100. > "So~, what do you think?"
  101. "It's very blue."
  102. > It was, perhaps closer to indigo
  103. > She pouts
  104. "And very you."
  105. > Sonata seems a bit happier about that, and leans forward
  106. > Your eyes are drawn to her cleavage, only lightly bound by the shaped band around her chest
  107. > "In what way~?"
  108. "It's very expressive."
  109. > "Hmmm..."
  110. "and arousing."
  111. > She straightens up suddenly, delightedly watching your eyes go up and down
  112. > "Good answer~."
  113. > Sonata takes long, languid steps towards you, her fulsome hips swaying
  114. > "Are"
  115. > "You"
  116. > "Ready"
  117. > "To"
  118. > She grips the waistband of your shorts with both hands, a devilish grin on her face
  119. > "SWIM?"
  120. > Bluey heaves you onto her shoulder, staggers backwards, then deliberately drops you into the water
  121. > Your surface after a brief struggle to reorient yourself
  122. > Bluey is on her back, holding her stomach as peals of laughter ring out
  123. > That laughter turns to shrieks as you splash her with the pool water
  124. > She retreats behind a pool chair
  125. > "So you think the water is your ally?"
  126. > Sonata dashes out from behind the chair and vaults over your head, tucking her arms and legs into a cannonball
  127. > You bring your arms up in front of your face just in time, though you still get splashed pretty thoroughly
  128. > The siren rises from the deep with a predatory grin, and her bikini top floating several inches above where it should be
  129. "Ah, Sonata, your, ah, swimsuit..."
  130. > She looks down, shrugs, then right back at you
  131. > "All the more advantage for me!"
  132. > Bluey arms are a blur as she sends great sheets of water your way
  133. > It's all you can do to back away and send your amateurish splashes her way
  134. > You deeply regret your choices, wishing you could see clearly again
  135. > Then you hear someone clear their throat
  136. > Sonata stops immediately, and you a moment after
  137. > She has done nothing to fix the state of her swimwear, so you don't turn around
  138. > The voice behind you says,
  139. > "A water fight, Sonata? And you didn't invite us?"
  140. > Bluey finally fixes her top, and so you turn around
  141. > Legs
  142. > You look up
  143. > You are granted a vision of yellow underboob, bound by a purple string bikini
  144. > Sonata chuckles nervously
  145. > "It just sorta happened."
  146. > Aria slips into the water nearby, in a black thong and what you are pretty sure is a wide leather belt across her breasts
  147. > "You know, we finally have even numbers. How about Sonata and I against you two?"
  148. > Adagio slides in beside you
  149. > "We accept."
  150. > What follows is a whole lot of growling, splashing, and "accidental" wardrobe malfunctions on all sides
  151. > You climb out of the pool, breathing heavily
  152. > The pool chair is comfortable, and the sun is warm on your skin
  153. > The girls find their own resting places
  154. > Adagio chooses a nearby pool chair, turning it to face you
  155. > As she settles back and brings her arms behind her head, you appreciate the effort
  156. > Sonata drapes herself along a large inflatable dolphin, her ponytail clinging decadently down her back
  157. > Aria lays out a towel on your other side, and lays face down on it
  158. > She unbuckles her top and lays her head on her crossed arms
  159. > Honestly, you don't know where to put your eyes, so you settle on cycling through the options
  160. > At length, Bluey turns her head and sees you
  161. > "Oh, I just had an idea! Why don't we go camping tomorrow?"
  162. > Adagio glances aside wryly
  163. > "We can have Anon set up the tent."
  164. "Haha, very funny."
  165. > Sonata raises herself up a bit
  166. > "No, I'm serious! I mean, nice boner Anon, but I want to go camping for realsies!"
  167. > Aria doesn't even look up
  168. > "Go pretend to be homeless on your own time."
  169. > Orangy sighs
  170. > "It's not a bad idea, Aria. If we want to do it tomorrow, we should start planning today. Anon, you work with Sonata on the food, I'll handle the tents, and-"
  171. > Deep Purple interrupts
  172. > "I'm in charge of setting things on fire."
  173. > Adagio frowns
  174. > "Very well."
  175. > Bluey grins
  176. > "Oh, I see. Adagio handles the tents~."
  177. > You wink at Colonel Mustard
  178. "Want to get started right now?"
  179. > She pinches the bridge of her nose
  180. > "Idiots, I'm surrounded by oversexed idiots."
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