GreentextSavant - About Flash Sentry

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. >Flash just knew he could never have SciTwi after she had left for Timber.
  2. >He had always stared at the two, staring at the ground every time they would say something to the other one.
  3. >And it wasn't like the Twilight from Equestria would come back, nor would Sunset take him.
  4. >Flash was alone from now on, without a girl to love him anymore.
  5. >Sunset had told him to get over it, but that was contradicted when she started to make it known that she wanted to be with Twilight herself.
  6. >Some months passed, and Flash finally decided that he might want to just move on and go find another girl.
  7. >Derpy did seem to like him a lot. And Flash really wasn't opposed to settling for her either.
  8. >But everything changed When Flash met with Sunset at lunch one day. He saw her texting things to Twilight as she sat next to him, and they were sending eachother hearts.
  9. >Flash assumed it was only friendly stuff at first, but then Sunset texted SciTwi something along the lines of "You and me tonight. We're gonna get freaky."
  10. >"Wh-what's that?" Flash awkwardly points it out.
  11. >To Flash's surprise, Sunset doesn't even seem to mind him looking over her shoulder and at the screen of her phone.
  12. >"Haven't you heard? I'm back together with Twilight." Sunset smiles suspiciously.
  13. >Flash squints at her. "What do you mean? What happened to Timber?" He's a little curious to hear.
  14. >"Let's just say... Twilight doesn't like him anymore."
  15. >The way Sunset said that makes Flash imagine that she did something.
  16. >"What do you mean by that?" Flash tries to figure it out for himself. "Do you mean like... she's bi now or something?"
  17. >"Nope. Exclusively girls."
  18. >"But like..." Flash scratches the back of his head. "How does that work, though?"
  19. >Sunset just sits there twirling her hair. "Magic."
  20. >Flash slowly realizes that Sunset actually chose to break apart Twilight and Timber's relationship so she could have Twilight instead of doing anything to help Flash with his loneliness.
  21. >Right as Flash is thinking this, Sunset puts her hand on his shoulder and sees all of these thoughts, soon surprised that Flash isn't visibly crying.
  22. >There is a long awkward pause before Sunset notices Rarity sit down and begin to eat her sandwich.
  23. >"Hey, uh, maybe I can make something work for you." Sunset looks over to Rarity but speaks too quietly for the girl to hear her.
  24. >Sunset creeps up to Rarity's window hours after school is over. Crouches down with her backpack by her side.
  25. >She peers in and takes a look at the girl inside her room.
  26. >Rarity stands in front of a long mirror as she tries on various dresses. She hums a tune to herself while oblivious to her friend in the window.
  27. >Sunset opens her backpack she brought with her and pulls out her book of spells.
  28. >The page with the affection spells has been bookmarked... with a piece of paper with Twilight's cutie mark on it.
  29. >After letting out a sigh, Sunset keeps on smiling as she thinks about Twilight. But soon shakes her head and resumes the mission.
  30. >She begins to chant the words on the page, just quietly enough for Rarity to not be able to hear.
  31. >Rarity doesn't take note of the faint glow that enters her room, only exhausting her full attention towards her reflection as she slips out of one dress and tries on another.
  32. >There's a brief moment of warmth that Rarity's skin picks up, and the girl looks around the room wondering what on earth kind of draft this would be.
  33. >But it fades before she can register it any further.
  34. >Sunset has already left the premises.
  35. >...
  36. >By the time Friday hits, everyone in school is ready to pack their things and take on the weekend once again.
  37. >They rush through their classes and find themselves driving home after what felt like a hundred days until the bell rang.
  38. >Flash Sentry and his posse head back in the same car, blasting music as they plan the party they're about to throw at Flash's house.
  39. >They are all buckled in when Sunset waves over to the group and approaches them.
  40. >"Oh hey, Sunset." Flash greets her. "You wanna come with?"
  41. >"No... but..." The girl smiles in the direction of the school. "I just got wind that Rarity changed her mind and really wants to go to your party."
  42. >Flash almost immediately picks up on what Sunset meant. "Oh, huh." He starts to scan the school grounds for her. "Any idea where she went?"
  43. >"She went home to freshen up first." Sunset tells Flash. "Going to drive over herself."
  44. >"Oh, cool." Flash replies with a nod. "Anyway, are you still coming? Just curious, since almost everyone's going to be there and all. You can come with Twilight."
  45. >"Wouldn't mind going." Sunset responds. "What time?"
  46. >"Like late afternoon or something, I dunno."
  47. >"Alright."
  48. >The car with Flash's buds crammed into the seats slowly pulls away, and Sunset waves them goodbye with a sense of accomplishment.
  49. >She soon gets a glimpse of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash briefly looking around wondering where Rarity went.
  50. >Sunset heads home and texts Twilight about the party.
  51. >...
  52. >Around 6pm, Rarity's car pulls up in front of Flash's driveway.
  53. >The girl could not have stepped out of the car more quickly, and waves to the people she knows as she enters the house.
  54. >The porch light makes her tight black dress sparkle with the texture of the fabrics. Rarity’s high heels lightly hammer against the wooden porch steps as she approaches the front entrance.
  55. >As she goes through the front door, she can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside for seemingly no reason. It's really hard for Rarity to put her finger on this.
  56. >But she dismisses it and begins talking to her friends.
  57. >"Rarity?" Rainbow Dash picks her friend out of a crowd.
  58. >"Oh! Rainbow! I've been meaning to tell you that I was leaving early." Rarity responds. "You did get my message, right?"
  59. >"I was outside most of the day, and my phone ran out of battery, so I probably missed it."
  60. >"Oh, well I did leave early to get myself ready in advance. I just didn't want to leave you and Fluttershy in the dark about all that."
  61. >At this moment, Sunset and Twilight pull up right behind Rarity's car on the street.
  62. >"So... Fluttershy still stayed home, right?" Asks Rarity.
  63. >"I think so, yeah. Applejack was busy too."
  64. >Before Rarity can answer, Flash's voice cuts off her train of thought. "Oh hey! Rarity!"
  65. >Rainbow Dash watches Flash get Rarity's attention more quickly than usual, knowing how much she likes to play hard to get with him.
  66. >"I thought I heard you were coming." Flash stuffs his hands into his pockets with a grin.
  67. >Rarity laughs. "Well, I really would miss a weekend even such as this one when so many people decided to come. It's really pleasant to finish off my Friday evenings this way."
  68. >Rainbow Dash's jaw almost drops as she notices Rarity begin to blush.
  69. >"So, uh... how did your day go?" Rarity can't imagine why she wants to talk to him so badly right now.
  70. >The very moment Sunset and Twilight walk in hand-in-hand, they instantly notice Flash and Rarity talking to eachother.
  71. >Sunset tries not to smile, but fails and has to look away from everyone else's line of sight.
  72. >"Well we sort of just chilled out here and watched TV before setting up all the party stuff, you know? Kind of a lazy afternoon for the most part."
  73. >Flash starts to go on and on to keep Rarity's attention.
  74. >But after a short while, it becomes apparent that he doesn't have to try anywhere near as hard as before to keep Rarity interested in what he's talking about.
  75. >That recurring smile on her face says it all, and it's something Flash likes to hear.
  76. >"Uh... I'm gonna go get myself a drink." Rainbow Dash finally caves into her boredom, but keeps a curious eye on the two lovebirds from the kitchen.
  77. >It's easy to tell by the way Rarity is standing that she's being... affected by Flash somehow.
  78. >Sunset and Twilight sit together on the couch in the living room.
  79. >"So... why is Rarity acting so funny towards that Flash guy?" Twilight keeps peering into the kitchen. "Seems a little sudden considering how little she cared before."
  80. >"Maybe she just has less of the other things on her mind right now." Sunset responds before taking her voice below her breath. "And a little more Flash on her mind."
  81. >"Do you think she likes him?" Asks Twilight.
  82. >"It's possible." Sunset internally starts to get nervous remembering how she managed to get a relationship with Twilight.
  83. >"Well it sure seems like it." Twilight looks over to the two again, this time more observant. "She keeps following him around."
  84. >Rainbow Dash exits the kitchen as she sees Flash and Rarity now together in a secluded corner away from the clusters of other classmates.
  85. >She can't believe her eyes. Why does Rarity suddenly want to hang out with Flash so much?
  86. >"But you see, if you want to be a quarterback on the football team, it takes about as much brains as much as it does brawn." Flash stares into his half empty cup. "At least that's what I tell the guys who want to try out next year."
  87. >"Do they ever take your advice? I think they really should listen to you." Rarity half-compliments.
  88. >"Some listened, some kinda do their own thing. But still, it's really just high school football I'm telling them about. It's really all behind me nowadays. I've been moving more towards working on my entry to college. It's just more important on my end."
  89. >"I love how you prioritize things." Rarity then takes another sip from her cup, still keeping her eyes glued to Flash Sentry. "I never really appreciated how level-headed guys like you are."
  90. >Rainbow Dash finds Sunset and Twilight on the couch together and sits with them.
  91. >"Is she... flirting with him? Is she actually flirting with him?!"
  92. >Sunset only nods as Twilight answers. "We've been watching them for forty minutes now, and she's still going."
  93. >"What's gotten into her?" Rainbow Dash chuckles. "This is so weird!"
  94. >"Well I say we just leave them be for now." Suggests Sunset with a quiet sigh.
  95. >"Eh... yeah." Dash agrees. "Being curious really sucks, though."
  96. >"Tell that to Rarity. She seems more curious about something than anyone else here."
  97. >Flash notices the others starts to stare as he continues to converse with Rarity. But Rarity seems to want to do more than converse.
  98. >She's already leaning against him. With certain intentions in her mind.
  99. >Her eyes dart back and forth between Flash and the stairs to the second floor.
  100. >And she feels herself get more excited to go up those stairs... and not alone.
  101. >Flash caught Rarity eyeing the stairs.
  102. >"Say..." He brings up. "There's something I wanna show you."
  103. >"Oh really?" Rarity locks her fingers in front of herself.
  104. >All three of Rainbow Dash, Sunset and Twilight heard this be said, and their undivided attention is on Rarity and Flash.
  105. >But it can't be for long... they're out of sight in less than thirty seconds. Heading into the dark hallway of the second floor.
  106. >"My old room's this way." Flash points out with Rarity following closely behind.
  107. >The door swings open, and Flash waltzes in with Rarity following him closely.
  108. >He paces around for a minute or two, talking to Rarity more about the things he had done earlier in life, usually going in chronological order.
  109. >As Flash talks, Rarity starts to question in her head why she’s suddenly taken away by Flash.
  110. >She had never felt this way for him before; everything about him is just so interesting. And for seemingly no reason at that.
  111. >This guy must have gone under her radar for a long time until now. She can’t stop thinking about how cute he is.
  112. >”Say… I think that show’s on right now.” Flash brings up, taking his time with glee.
  113. >”Oh, uh, what?” Rarity hadn’t realized that she had started to daydream about Flash.
  114. >Flash holds a remote control in his hand and points it towards the television in his room.
  115. >”It starts around now.”
  116. >Rarity feels a comfy feeling as she hears the TV turn on. It’s probably the idea of lying on the bed next to Flash with the TV running… or something.
  117. >It’s hard to put her finger on what it is making her bush so heavily, Rarity just wants to get on that bed already.
  118. >Flash turns the channel to where his show is starting, and Rarity sits next to him on the bed before falling to her side as the episode begins.
  119. >And the episode goes on as Sunset, meanwhile downstairs, begins to show concern. But not so much in a bad way.
  120. >”Is everything alright?” Twilight asks from beside the girl on the couch.
  121. >Sunset turns to her. “Oh, yeah, yes. It’s all fine. It’s just a little stuffy in here, that’s all.”
  122. >”Heh, I thought I was the only one who noticed. I just wish they’s open the window to let some fresh air in.”
  123. >”Well, uh, I think I’m going to step outside for a bit for some fresh air.” Sunset had already made up this excuse to go outside. “You wanna come with for a bit or…”
  124. >”Eh, my legs are still tired from walking around all day.”
  125. >Sunset shrugs. “Fair enough. I’ll see you in a few.” She picks up her book bag. “My gloves are… somewhere in here.”
  126. >She gets up and leaves the room as the music continues to play and the other guys and girls continue to casually converse.
  127. >Mostly about how they’re wondering about the whereabouts of Flash and Rarity.
  128. >The chatter is silenced to Sunset as she closes the sliding glass door and walks out onto the patio. The main thing she hears now is the chirping of crickets surrounding Flash’s house.
  129. >She looks up to the lit window on the second floor, accurately remembering where Flash’s room is here.
  130. >The TV appears to be on.
  131. >Sunset stares up at the window and pulls the same book from before out, ready to ensure that Flash locks things in with Rarity on this night.
  132. >With the pages between her fingers every couple of seconds, Sunset seeks out and finds the set of spells she had used before, focusing it on the two people up there in the only lit room on the second floor of the house.
  133. >The girl can’t help but crack a half-smile as she reads the spells, first silently to herself, but then elevates her voice into a low humming command.
  134. >Up in the room, Rarity is already snuggling up to Flash after a commercial break comes on.
  135. >She sighs and keeps her eyes glued to the screen at first, but that feeling keeps coming back.
  136. >It’s almost a… hot feeling. Somewhat temperature-wise. And it’s starting to distract Rarity from the show she’s watching with Flash.
  137. >On the patio, Sunset continues the chant and enhances the effect of the spell.
  138. >She can only imagine how it must be affecting Rarity at this point.
  139. >Back in the room.
  140. >”You alright?” Flash turn to Rarity after hearing her breathing become heavier.
  141. >Rarity’s head begins to slightly spin, and she can sense herself becoming more… impulsive.
  142. >”Oh, I’m feeling great, darling.” She pants. “Just feeling a little hot in here, is all.”
  143. >”Yeah, the air conditioning doesn’t work as well as it used to. I’ve called someone about that two days ago, and they were supposed to send a guy over to fix it yesterday, but no one came.”
  144. >”Hm, well how rude of them. Though, I really don’t mind.”
  145. >”You sure?” Flash leans a bit closer to Rarity.
  146. >”It’s no trouble, really.” Rarity flicks her hand and chuckles to herself. “I don’t mind warm environments.”
  147. >Rarity cannot decide whether or not she did this on purpose; she lets the bottom of her tight black dress ride up her thigh as she slides down the bed.
  148. >A strangely exciting feeling of comfort washes over Rarity as she notices Flash looking over to her more often. She can barely contain it inside her, almost letting a smile escape onto her face.
  149. >And it happens anyway.
  150. >Before Flash has a chance to ask her what she’s smiling about, Rarity snuggles up to Flash a little bit more… enthusiastically.
  151. >They put their arms around eachother in nothing more than a short moment.
  152. >”Well you seem quite happy.”
  153. >Rarity nods, suddenly feeling herself heat up a lot more now that she’s right up against Flash. She can see him out of the corner of her eyes, looking her up and down like a hungry dog to a steak.
  154. >She knows that he’s going to feel prompted to make a move, what with the culture of the young people that she and him have been surrounded by for so many years.
  155. >Lol, culture of the young people, wut?
  156. >Rarity begins to hear herself giggle.
  157. >But it’s mostly due to her feeling Flash’s eager hand sliding up and down her back. Making her body heat up to an extraordinary amount.
  158. >After another few seconds, Rarity’s labored breathing becomes shaky.
  159. >The girl’s mind starts to focus on… escaping.
  160. >Escaping from this dress.
  161. >The TV show is continuing on, but neither Flash nor Rarity are paying much attention to it.
  162. >Flash hugs the girl a little bit tighter, squeezing a couple of giggles out of her. His hand probes the back of her dress until it finds her zipper.
  163. >Rarity closes her eyes for a moment. “I wish we hung out like this a lot earlier, Flash.”
  164. >Sunset can soon feel Rarity’s arousal radiating out the window from the room and down towards her on the patio.
  165. >With a smile, she can only imagine how Flash must be reacting right now; she can feel something from his essence in the mix as well.
  166. >Back up in the room, Flash tugs at the back zipper on Rarity’s dress and “accidentally” tugs it down.
  167. >Rarity exhales and stares up at the ceiling as she feels the top of the dress become looser. “You know, I’m not sure if I remember seeing this episode before.” She sighs.
  168. >”Huh. You haven’t?”
  169. >”No…” Rarity bites her lip as she continues to lead Flash on, thirsting over his hands being on her.
  170. >Flash doesn’t say anything else; he only lets the zipper on the back of Rarity’s dress become more undone. They both take a few deep breaths as they grow red in the face.
  171. >It’s already obvious what’s going on, and Rarity starts to become worried in her own head about how fast she’s pushing this.
  172. >As though she’s lost control of herself, and the way she’s acting with Flash right now is only going to make this go further at a faster rate.
  173. >The dress starts to fall away, and Rarity does nothing to stop it. Flash watches her cleavage becoming revealed, and he soon starts to pull the dress more until Rarity’s nipples slip out form the dress.
  174. >”Flash, darling, are you making my dress fall down?” Rarity’s smile was unpreventable, but she speaks too silently for Flash to hear.
  175. >Because she doesn’t want to give him a reason to stop.
  176. >And so he continues. Grazing his thumb around Rarity’s right areola while she only leans into him more.
  177. >Rarity’s heart flutters as she feels Flash’s excited breathing against her bare shoulder.
  178. >They both start to quietly giggle to eachother on and off, all the while Rarity is escaping the dress she’s wearing with Flash’s assistance.
  179. >”Darling, can you help me pull my dress back up?” Rarity reaches for the bottom of the article of clothing and deliberately pulls it up ever further than it already was.
  180. >”Oh, alright.”
  181. >Flash’s hand softly clamps over Rarity’s, and the girl struggles to hold back an ecstatic squeal when their hands meet.
  182. >The dress is soon scrunched up even more than before, and Flash watches Rarity’s black panties come into view.
  183. >”There we go.” Rarity grins widely as the rim of her dress is now pushed up against under her arms, now some sort of a tube top that’s splitting even more in the back by the zipper.
  184. >”Whoa…” Flash comments. “Those are some… pretty frilly underwear there, Rarity.”
  185. >Rarity giggles and lets Flash take a closer look. “Oops, didn’t mean to let that happen.” She slides downwards a little bit to make the dress slide up even more, keeping the smile on her face. “…Or that…”
  186. >Flash’s hand returns to Rarity’s back, and the guy drags the zipper down almost to the furthest point it can go. “That was probably an accident too.”
  187. >”My, oh, my… we’re just clumsy tonight, aren’t we?” Rarity prompts Flash to hold his hand still as she lifts herself up and lets the hand finish off the zipper and completely disconnect the back of the dress.
  188. >Her eyes are glues to Flash’s lap now, where she sees a bulge growing and begging to be let out.
  189. >Looks like Flash has some escaping to do as well.
  190. >The front of Rarity’s body is effortlessly unveiled as the dress simply falls away from it like a little blanket. Flash generously pulls the thing away completely in one light tug and tosses it to the foot of the bed.
  192. >His eyes run up and down Rarity’s pale, silky body. His hands running along her skin on her abdomen, admiring its smoothness with a few loving caresses.
  193. >”Flash, do you need some help with that?” Rarity points to Flash’s hardening bulge in his pants.
  194. >He nods, and that’s all it takes to give Rarity the green light to hungrily reach for the front of Flash’s pants and undo his fly.
  195. >Rarity’s fingers wildly take everything apart and pull them out of the way until Flash’s member comes bursting out, pointing directly at her.
  196. >Flash grabs onto one of Rarity’s breasts as she grabs onto his shaft.
  197. >Their body heat levels skyrocket as each hand begins to rub and stroke. Pleasing the other greatly.
  198. >Back out on the patio, Sunset feels her own body temperature begin to involuntarily rise by proxy.
  199. >She doesn’t realize it at first, but that changes when she feels a moist spot in her pants.
  200. >It’s starting to spill out into her mind as well, and she begins to think about all of the wind nights she had with Twilight.
  201. >The thoughts just pour into her mind through vivid memories that Sunset definitely doesn’t mind having.
  202. >She can start to feel Flash and Rarity kissing eachother on the lips after another minute or two. She knows they are doing it, and she knows they are touching eachother a LOT in there. It was only a matter of time before the spell made things get heated in there.
  203. >They’re both most likely naked at this point.
  204. >Ah, yes, Sunset can picture it already, despite how much it’s getting to her. Flash is mounting Rarity right now, and Rarity is spreading her legs as wide as humanly possible, her panties aside and hanging on her left leg.
  205. >SciTwi standing in the doorway before walking in and locking the door behind her…
  206. >Wait, what?
  207. >Back up in the bedroom, Flash and Rarity find themselves in the company of someone else who had been affected.
  208. >SciTwi barely notices her legs trembling as she approached the nude couple, almost drooling as she sees Flash’s massive cock ready to enter Rarity’s soaked pussy.
  209. >The girl eyes the two as she feels herself heat up, thinking about them and Sunset at the same time.
  210. >Sticking her hand up her skirt. Trying her absolute best to quench the overwhelming feeling, but she can’t do it alone. It’s not enough.
  211. >Rarity and Flash gesture for her to join them, but SciTwi had already impatiently started to climb onto the bed.
  212. >Sunset’s eyes dart around the deck as she tries to think of a way to reverse this. The spell itself can’t be reversed without a minute or so of silently chanting, and even then, Twilight, Rarity and Flash will all find themselves in an extremely awkward situation.
  213. >Not only this, but the spell begins to continue on its own due to the combined libidos of the three lovers in the bedroom.
  214. >It’s pretty much fueling itself now, and There’s really no going back after Rarity and Flash get their hands on Twilight.
  215. >Twilight giggles lustfully as the other two pin her to the bed and practically take her clothes apart together.
  216. >Within Twilight’s mind, not a single thought of Sunset occurs, and she soon finds her panties being yanked past her ankles and her lips mashing with Rarity’s.
  217. >Rarity happily moans into Twilight’s mouth, and Sunset can feel every ounce of it happen from Rarity’s perspective.
  218. >She can’t help but remember all of the times she did so with Twilight after putting the spell on her and no one else.
  219. >Every time she tries to step back inside, she stumbles and crosses her legs from involuntary arousal; the spell is almost immobilizing her as the fun time continues on the second floor.
  220. >Flash grabs Rarity by the legs and yanks her back away from Twilight for a brief moment. Rarity’s face glides down Twilight’s body, giving the other girl a few kisses here and there before she reaches below her bellybutton. That’s when the tongue comes out.
  221. >With his arms clasping onto Rarity’s legs by her knees, Flash thrusts himself into the pale girl. Getting her to squeal into Twilight.
  222. >He shuts his eyes tightly and starts to energetically plow the girl before him as Twilight throws her head back onto the pillow and moans loud enough for the people downstairs to hear.
  223. >Sunset returns to the wooden chair on the patio, trembling with excitement. Her pants now have a visible wet spot on them.
  224. >Flips through the pages in partial desperation in search for a way to escape this spell that has now backfired on her. But her eyes keep darting away from the pages and her hands keep darting over to the front of her pants.
  225. >A quiet yelp escapes Sunset after she feels her fingers undo the front button and slip underneath everything. Her fingertips pick up the moisture after reaching far enough.
  226. >It’s at this moment, when Sunset realizes that she lost Twilight. And that there’s nothing she can do to put Twilight back under her control.
  227. >Rarity runs her tongue up Twilight’s abdomen with each forward thrust from Flash until she reaches the other girl’s chest, and begins to suck on her nipples as her hands take the job of what her tongue was doing a moment earlier.
  228. >Twilight strains with joy, and she grows red hat in the face as she feels her skin vibrate from Rarity’s heightened moaning.
  229. >It grows louder as Flash humps Rarity faster, feeling her become more slippery with juices on the inside.
  230. >Sunset picks up on all of this, unable to get the feeling out of her head even when she slams the book closed over and over again with her… free hand.
  231. >Flash feels himself go past the point of no return and shoots his eyes open with his face pointed towards the ceiling. He grunts loudly enough to startle everyone downstairs this time.
  232. >Rarity can’t hold her feet still, literally tearing up as her walls sense the influx of Flash’s load rush in, the tingles overcoming her entire body as she responds with a climax of her own.
  233. >Her hot breath tickling Twilight’s collarbone.
  234. >Flash nearby falls back after his sack is emptied into Rarity, but he catches himself on one of the bedposts.
  235. >Rarity’s climax outlasts Flash’s just long enough to help her spark Twilight’s climax next. The purple girl groans briefly before she’s held down by Rarity from on top of her, and soon by Flash’s bodyweight pancaked on top.
  236. >Twilight is pressed into the comforter and mattress as her nethers gush with spurts of cum all over the sheets.
  237. >Sunset shudders and crashes down to the wooden deck, all the while trying to hold all of the squirting juices in her palm as they quickly accumulate.
  238. >She silently whimpers in mostly excitement as it trickles onto her inner thigh, staying on her knees for a couple of minutes with her eyes shut.
  239. >After Twilight is done moaning, the three can soon hear the curious whispers of literally EVERYONE ELSE at the party grouped behind the door with their ears against the surface.
  240. >…
  241. >The rest of the party was a pretty awkward night. Especially when Sunset and Twilight met back in the living room again, trying to pretend to themselves what what just happened didn’t happen.
  242. >But the damp spot on Sunset’s pants and Twilight’s messy hair remain.
  243. >Flash stays in the bedroom with Rarity, sleeping in the bed with her after turning the light off.
  244. ~
  245. >A few days of low key interaction go by, but it soon comes to the point where the spell prompts Twilight to leave Sunset for a three way relationship with Flash and Rarity.
  246. >Sunset probably saw this coming at some point, but she didn’t know it would happen so soon.
  247. >…
  248. >”Oh hey, Sunset.” Flash walks up to the girl in the hallway after classes one day. “Hey, uh, listen. I got some news.”
  249. >”So, uh…” Rainbow Dash’s eyes don’t stop drifting down.
  250. >”The condor had me by the shirt and I had to slip out to get away.” Gloriosa explains.
  251. >”Oh. Okay, that makes sense.”
  252. >Rainbow Dash looks around in the distance for any of her friends.
  253. >”Anyway, we gotta hurry.” Urges Gloriosa. “It’s going to be a long walk back to camp, and the longer we spend out here, the longer we risk being out here when it starts to get dark.”
  254. >Dash nods.
  255. >”Not only that, be that condor is still out there. Come on, let’s go!”
  256. >With that, Gloriosa takes off with Rainbow Dash following her.
  257. >It’s hard to believe that no one thought to stay by the camp in case Gloriosa found her way back. But then again, it did look like that bird took her pretty far up the mountain.
  258. >They only go a little bit down the river until they finally spot Applejack and Fluttershy searching through a cluster of trees on the other side of the river.
  259. >”Hey!” Gloriosa calls out while she waves.
  260. >The two turn around and discover that Gloriosa is alive. Applejack immediately starts heading back as Fluttershy looks around the forest for anyone else.
  261. >”Is everyone else nearby?” Asks Gloriosa.
  262. >”We didn’t know what to do so we all went off in the same direction.” Applejack replies. “That hawk thingy took you to the top of that cliff over there so we all decided to try and go up there to follow in the same direction.”
  263. >”So that means they’re near here, right?”
  264. >”Should be. Hold on.” Applejack takes a deep breath and jumps into the river.
  265. >She’s pushed downstream a little ways before grabbing onto a branch on the other side. Applejack emerges from the water as Fluttershy looks for the narrow part of the river she had used to cross by stepping on stones.
  266. GreentextSavant !!YL6hEWhx+gn Fri 06 Jan 2017 14:36:30 No.29207948 ViewReport
  267. Quoted By: >>29210108
  268. >>29207928
  269. >”Oh really?” Sunset responds.
  270. >”I, uh, kinda wanted to know if you wanted to be our fourth member in the relationship.”
  271. >Flash nervously scratches the back of his head as he waits for Sunset’s response.
  272. >”Well…” Sunset replies. “I appreciate the offer, but I found someone.”
  273. >This is where you enter, emerging from behind Sunset.
  274. >”…Anon?” Flash looks shocked to see you.
  275. “Yup.” You’re proud to answer.
  276. >”We just hooked up today.” Sunset tells Flash.
  277. >”Wha… what did you to to get him to say yes to you?” Flash starts to look slightly perturbed.
  278. >”Oh, I didn’t have to do anything at all. He asked me. And I said yes.”
  279. >Flash sighs and accepts the turn of events, sticking to the fact that he has both Twilight and Rarity with him anyway. So it’s not like he’s stuck with the single life.
  280. >You walk away with Sunset, ready to drive home and spend a private night together.
  282. ADIEU
  283. ADIEU
  284. ADIEU
  285. ADIEU
  287. The End.
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