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  1. These are the official rules of the #minecraft IRC channel on the EsperNet IRC Network.
  2. By joining our channel, you agree to our channel rules and are given the privilege of being in our channel, being here is a privilege and not a right for we will not act as a democracy if you do not follow/abide by these rules, and you will be removed from the channel.
  3. Please remember that all Channel Operators here are not all going to be considered Minecraft/Mojang staff and do not represent the entire community.
  5. 1. You can talk about anything except the following things:
  6. - Custom Servers/Server Modifications (Take them to their respective channels, examples: #wom #fcraft)
  7. - Minecraft Hacks
  8. - Any illegal or offensive content
  9. - Comparison of Minecraft to Autism
  11. 2. Speak English. This is an international channel, therefore we ask that you speak in English for some of us might not understand what you are talking about.
  13. 3. Please attempt to speak with proper grammar. We understand that English is not everybody's main language, but at least try to make yourself sound understandable. Being lazy doesn't mean you shouldn't spell correctly. Make us understand you and we will make you understand us.
  15. 4. Do not skim over the rules, test them to see how far they go, or taunt the ops. This will not be tolerated and you will be kicked or banned. This also includes stating that a specific rule is not in the rules.
  17. 5. Do not spam, troll, insult others or attempt to flood the channel. Also, refrain from pointless, long and endless debates, as they often result in flame wars. Do not assault and conspire against other communities in the channel either. They have their respective channels and they can be queried.
  19. 6. Do not impersonate other people in the channel and do not nickspam (constantly change names), pick a nickname and keep it. This includes impersonating staff members. Impersonating Notch especially will earn you a temporary ban on the spot.
  21. 7. If you have a problem with someone, consider querying them instead of turning it into a public drama. If you have a problem with an operator, query them as well, especially if you were kicked or banned. If the operator is unavailable, try the next operator available.
  23. 8. Do not overly swear. The usual swear word is fine once in a while, but if you start going overboard, action will be taken.
  25. 9. Agree to disagree. If an argument erupts in the channel and there is no end to it, the OPs will interfere.
  27. 10. No talking bots are allowed, neither are easily abusable or malicious scripts. Any exception to this rule will be viewed upon the judgement of the Ops. Please keep proof of exceptions or else it may be revoked.
  29. 11. Do not auto-join, this is frowned upon and you will likely receive a temporary banned for it. It being a default setting on your client is not a good excuse.
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