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  1. First and foremost, I want to thank Benedicto for being responsible and stepping down honorably, this is something I greatly respect and I hope you will around again at a later date to return to activity.
  3.  For those who have known me over some point in my life, you have probably noticed my absence over the past two or so decades.
  5. I have returned several times for a short period, which is always, ironically paired with an election for Herald. And every single time I return, I see the same bickering, childish mudslinging and the line in the sand drawn by various sects who are blatantly doing anything it takes to prevent one of the other sects from getting elected.
  7. So rather than wait for the issue to go away, I am going to do something about it. With no disrespect to Haven, I throw my name in for the Herald seat.
  9. For those who don't know me, I have held the Herald seat before and resigned due to lack of time in realms over the foreseeable future, a secretary in my guild, and the Culture Minister during the origin of the Point system made by Daskalos, which was designed to share the responsibility between the Research and Culture Ministry, but at the time we had really bad luck with Research Ministers disappearing. Thus I ended up performing both roles for an extended duration.
  11. I was present for first appearance of the Leylines and the wars over them directly following, and often ended up leading units to capture them, for various reasons. Not all were successful, but I am not afraid to admit that.
  13. So my goals should I become Herald:
  14. -End the bickering, insults and hostile behavior of the city. I don't care if you don't like each other, but you will respect one another.
  15. -Unite the city as it should be, this is the Beacon of Light, not the scattered embers that would rather be leagues away then united together. A beacon, of any origin, does not form one object, it is created by a collective, a series of burning logs, a mixture of oil and cloth, a pot of coals. While the entirety of the beacon is not one object, they bind together to create the great light that shines for leagues away.
  16. -Increase activity.
  17. - Promote the goals of everyone in the city. While we might not agree on the methods, everyone should ideally want the same thing or we are not a city. When someone requested a event to spread the knowledge of the divine, I created a festival for the city over a year time frame for each Order to represent themselves.
  18. For those who have not noticed, I love this city, I love a vast amount of the people in it. But I am not going to beat around the bush, and I am not going to lie and say this is not one of my goals. But as a whole, Enorian, in response to the bickering, fighting, mudslinging and toxic attitude you seem to be determined to portray.
  20. Plans:
  21. -First, I will get everyone involved. For those combatants who train constantly, sharpening their reflexes to perfection. An idea I have wanted to get moving is a large scale multistage tournament to be help every few years. Each city works out their top fighter, for Enorian, I feel an honorable tournament to elect that fighter would be most fitting. Then the top combatant from each city meets in Delos for the finals.
  22. -Second, for the Orders I would like to orchestrate a essence contest every month for a single order that will rotate through all orders involved twice a year.  This will also allow hunters to have something to help encourage their favorite pass time.
  23. - As for the guilds, I cannot honestly push for anything in this regard without speaking to the various guilds of our city.
  24. -And lastly for the crafters, I desire for festivals, parties, activity to become commonplace in our fine city, thus you will have plenty of time to show your art to us.
  27. Cut the crap or get out.
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