Anon - The colors of the moths

May 14th, 2014
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  1. 1. A Golden Date
  2. 2. A Sepia Colored Console
  3. 3. A Blue Evening
  4. 4. A Meisa Colored Accident
  5. 5. A Peaceful Color
  8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. A Golden Date
  11. >You are Anonymous and you are currently feeling very nervous
  12. >You're on a date
  13. >You guess it’s a date, you hope it’s a date
  14. “Why are you so stiff today Anon?”
  15. >You jolt in surprise as Golden Corral speaks to you
  16. >”No reason, no reason at all”
  17. >You’re accompanying Golden Corral, who does not know of your feelings for her
  18. >And today you're going to tell her
  19. >The two of you arrive at your destination, the local fashion shop that just opened up
  20. >As the two of you walk in you notice that Meisa and Sepia are inside as well, and Meisa is fussing about around Sepia while picking outfits for her
  21. >The two of them notice you and Golden Corral and Goldie rushes to join them with you slowly walking in tow
  22. >You're not good with women, and especially with groups of them
  23. >As you join the group they have already exchanged their hellos and they are going on and on about clothes
  24. “...and I thought she'd need at least one absolutely stunning cocktail dress for herself, she said she’d rather not since she does not think she'd look that good in it, can you believe it?”
  25. >Sepia blushes and looks at the floor while feeling a bit embarrassed at Meisas words
  26. “You won't look good in one, hah, once Meisa chooses a dress for you you’ll be the hottest thing in town Sepia”
  27. >The three of them keep on talking about choosing a dress for Sepia and you look around the shop while feeling a bit left out
  28. >But it brings a smile to your face to see them interacting so friendly for some reason, but then you focus back to them as you hear them mention you
  29. “So what brings you and Anonymous here?”
  30. >As you close in into the group of three Goldie rises into flight and pats you on the back
  32. “Anon here offered to give a male point of view on some stuff I’ve had in mind, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy the view~”
  33. >You blush at Goldies suggestive remark as the three of them share a laugh
  34. “So Anonymous, want to give your opinion on these fancy dresses I have chosen for Sepia? We could use your male point of view”
  35. >You look at Meisa and Sepia who are both looking at you, and Sepia offers you a small smile
  36. >You can’t say no to that
  37. >”Yeah, sure, let’s get to it”
  38. >You sit down near the dressing rooms with Goldie as Meisa pulls Sepia into the dressing room with her with a bunch of evening dresses in her hooves
  39. >And then the curtains close and the two of you sit and wait
  40. >”So...”
  41. >Golden Corral turns to you and waits for you to continue
  42. >But you find yourself unable to
  43. >Your mind draws blanks and Golden Corral raises an eyebrow at you
  44. “You feeling ok? You’ve been awfully quiet today”
  45. >You resist the urge to do a sarcastic remark on how you did not realize you had romantic feelings for her before but you don’t actually have the courage to do it
  46. >”Yeah, I’m fine, just feeling a bit out of it I guess”
  47. >That is an understatement
  48. >You’re an absolute mess on the inside, here you are, spending time with a mare you befriended some time ago and then you realized you had feelings for her
  49. >You tried to ignore them but it did not work out so well so you decided that today you’d find out once and for all if she could even be interested in the idea of going out with you
  50. >But before your musings could proceed further the curtains come to open and Meisa gives out a ta-daa
  51. >You and Goldie turn to look
  52. >Sepia stands there, looking a bit embarrassed while sporting a black evening dress
  53. “What do you think?”
  55. >You stay silent as you take in the sight
  56. >The black dress is closely hugging her curves, and while being a petite mare you have to say this is the first time you have seen Sepia looking this gorgeous
  57. >It’s the textbook example of a perfect match
  58. >Goldie giggles a bit next to you
  59. “Well, he sure seems to love it”
  60. >You close your mouth that you had no idea was hanging open
  61. “You really think I look pretty in it?”
  62. >”Y-yeah, you look absolutely stunning”
  63. >Sepia offers you a smile and you can’t help but to feel a bit happy at that
  64. “Well, just wait once you’ll see option number two”
  65. >Meisa once again pulls Sepia behind the curtains and you wait with Golden Corral
  66. “So, Sepias an attractive mare”
  67. >You look up at Goldie
  68. >”Yeah, I guess she’s cute”
  69. >Golden Corral looks at you with a slight smirk
  70. “She’s the mare you've got feelings for?”
  71. >”N-no the one I like i-“
  72. >You stop talking and cover your mouth comically as Golden Corrals smirk grows larger
  73. “So you do have the hots for somepony then?”
  74. >You clamp up and stare at your shoes as your face reddens
  75. >Golden Corral comes up to you
  76. “So, who’s the lucky mare?”
  77. >You can pick up a hint of friendly teasing in her voice
  78. >You swallow and reply nervously
  79. >”I-I’ll tell you after this...”
  80. >You are luckily saved by the curtains once again as Meisa presents Sepia with another dress on her
  81. >This one’s black as well, but it’s different than the one before
  82. >It looks... a bit more daring
  83. >It makes Sepia look a bit more raunchier and wilder than she is
  84. >If you'd have to categorize them you’d say the first one was gorgeous and this one is sexy
  85. “Well?”
  86. >Meisa looks at you expectedly, like does Golden Corral as well
  88. >Sepia also seems to be looking forward to your opinion
  89. >”It looks really good, a bit more daring than the one before, but still really nice. Makes her look even a bit wild”
  90. >You feel your own cheeks blush a bit as Sepia averts her gaze and blushes herself
  91. >Meisa and Goldie both seem to be satisfied with your answer as they nod along, until Meisa asks the deciding question
  92. “So, which one do you like more?”
  93. >”I think the first one is more better”
  94. >Meisa seems triumphant and Goldie seems a bit defeated
  95. >Sepia lifts her gaze and turns to Meisa
  96. “I think I’ll take the first one”
  97. >Sepia goes back into the dressing room and removes the dress as Meisa brings the second one back to the shelf with Goldie
  98. >You just stay seated, unsure what else to do
  99. >Meisa and Golden Corral seem to be now debating on how Sepia needs or does not need sexier clothing into her wardrobe
  100. >Soon Sepia emerges from the dressing room and as she notices that Meisa and Golden Corral are busy she makes her way to you
  101. “Sorry about Meisa making you stick around Anon”
  102. >You give Sepia a smile
  103. >”No worries, it’s not a bother and it keeps me distracted”
  104. >Sepia tilts her head
  105. “Distracts you from what?”
  106. >”That I need to tell Goldie I love he-“
  107. >You gasp and quickly cover your mouth and turn to look at Sepia in shock
  108. >Did that just honestly escape your mouth?
  109. >Sepias surprised face suggests you that yes, it did
  110. “You like Go-“
  111. >You quickly cover Sepias mouth with your hand at lightning speed
  112. >You glance at Meisa and Goldie and notice that the two of them have not noticed nor heard anything
  113. >”Sepia, please don't tell anybody, please!”
  114. >Sepia looks at you with surprise on her face and then gives you a few quick nods
  115. >Then her eyes shift to look down and you remember that you’re covering her mouth
  116. >You quickly pull your hand back and start to rub the back of your neck while feeling like a doofus
  117. “Don’t worry, I won’t say a word”
  119. >You look at Sepia with surprise and she’s offering you a smile
  120. >”T-thanks, and sorry about the hand thing...”
  121. >Sepia shakes her head
  122. “No need to apologize. I’ll root for you, I’m sure it will go well”
  123. >You now look at Sepia with some mild surprise of your own
  124. >”Y-you really think so?”
  125. “Yeah, you’re a great guy Anon”
  126. >You almost feel tearful at the kind words Sepia is giving you
  127. >But then Goldie and Meisa make their way to the two of you
  128. “Hey Anon, me and Meisa were talking and mind if we go out and join them for some tea and nectar before resuming the clothes shopping?”
  129. >You really would just like to get things over with so you could get the weight off of your chest, but of course you agree to Goldies idea
  130. >”No, that’s a wonderful idea”
  131. >The three moths go up to pay for Sepias dress as you make your way outside to catch some fresh air
  132. >It was kind of stuffy there in the shop and all that blushing and nervousness has gotten you a bit sweaty
  133. >Soon the three of them come out and the four of you start to walk towards the local café
  134. >As you are walking you pass a mothpony stallion you do not recognize
  135. >He notices Golden Corral and the two of them greet each other
  136. “You guys go on, I’ll be right behind you”
  137. >Goldie stays to talk with the stallion and you can’t help but to take a worried glance behind at her as you walk towards the café with Sepia and Meisa
  138. >Golden Corral joins the party after a while
  139. >You and the two mothponies were already seated as she rushed to your table looking extremely happy
  140. >Before any of you can open your mouths Goldie lets out a squee of delight
  141. “He asked me out!”
  142. >A chill shoots through you
  143. >Goldie seems overjoyed and hugs Meisa suddenly
  144. “Was that him? The stallion you’ve been talking about?”
  145. >Golden Corral nods as Meisa returns the hug
  146. “Oh I’m so happy for you!”
  147. >You... sit there
  148. >Just what is going on?
  150. “Anon, Anon!”
  151. >You are suddenly snapped back to reality by Goldies hooves around you as she hugs you
  152. >As she lets go and goes for Sepia you struggle to get some words out from your throat
  153. >”What’s... exactly going on?”
  154. >Golden Corral turns to you and either you are doing a good job at hiding the shock or she’s too happy to take notice
  155. “I just got asked out by a stallion that I’ve had my eyes set on for a while now. Ohhh he’s so handsome!”
  156. >Your brain feels like it freezes up as you process that
  157. >But then Goldie’s hugging you again
  158. “Oh this is the happiest day of my life!”
  159. >Shakily you move your hand and give her a pat on the back
  160. >You feel like crying
  161. >”W-wow, I’m so happy for you!”
  162. >You feel sick in your stomach
  163. >Sepia takes a look at you and she seems worried
  164. >You struggle to keep your face looking happy
  165. >Golden Corral let’s go of you and finally sits down
  166. >She’s talking about something to Meisa but you can't hear anything
  167. >It feels like your whole world is crumbling
  168. “Anonymous...”
  169. >You snap back to reality and take a glance at Sepia
  170. >She’s looking at you with some sadness on her face
  171. >It’s too much to bear
  172. >Suddenly you jolt up
  173. >All eyes are on you now
  175. >”Oh no, I completely forgot I had a doctors appointment today!”
  176. >Before any of them can say anything you deepen your lie
  177. >”It’s something about the monthly check up on how my body is handling Equestria so I really can’t miss it, I’m really really sorry Goldie”
  178. “Well that sucks, but since it’s something like that you really can’t miss it. I’ll have Meisa and Sepia help me with my clothes so don’t worry Anon”
  179. >You rub the back of your head embarrassedly while doing your best to hold all of the feelings within you inside
  180. >”Sorry about that, it completely slipped my mind. See you!”
  181. “Ano-“
  182. >Before Sepia can finish whatever she was going to say you turn around and start walking
  183. >You feel like you have forgotten how to walk
  184. >You also feel almost like you are coming down with a cold
  185. >You hear Meisas voice as you are leaving
  186. “We need to pick up something sexy for your date tomorrow, you’ll swoon him off his hooves!”
  187. >You pick up the pace as you feel the moistness gather into your eyes as the two of them keep talking and laughing
  188. >Once you are certain they can no longer see you you take off and run towards your house as you feel awful
  192. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  193. A Sepia Colored Console
  195. >2 days
  196. >It’s been 2 days now since your heart got broken
  197. >And you still feel like crap
  198. >Yesterday was the worst though since Goldie came to visit and tell you, her buddy, at how well the date went and how happy she is
  199. >You breathed out a sign of relaxation at that, you had worried Sepia would spill the beans
  200. >You played that old cold trick and told her you were a bit sick today, so she wouldn’t get suspicious
  201. >Lying there on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket while Goldie went on and on was one of the most difficult time you have ever had
  202. >Who knew forcing a smile and acting you were ok was so difficult?
  203. >Thankfully she left soon enough and you could get back to wallowing in despair
  204. >Ugh, your stomach turns again
  205. >You’ve not been feeling that good since that day, and you have yet to even shower
  206. >You sigh as you sit on your sofa, wrapped in a blanket and sweaty sleepwear
  207. >You should eat something, not that you are hungry but just to keep your body sustained
  208. >There is a knock on the door which breaks your musings
  209. >You turn to look at the direction of the door slowly
  210. >You really do not feel like answering it
  211. >Another knock
  212. >Groggily you rise up and start to slouch towards the door
  213. >Maybe it’s something that gets your mind off of things
  214. >Maybe it’s Goldie coming to tell you that she broke up...
  215. >It’s not a nice thought, but you can’t help yourself
  216. >You grasp the handle and open the door
  217. >The sunlight assaults your eyes and makes you squint as you feel a slight pang of migraine
  218. >After your eyes adjust you notice non other than Sepia before you
  219. >”...”
  220. >Sepia looks at you, most likely surprised at how much crap you look, and then she notices he’s staring at you
  222. “...I came to see how you’re doing Anonymous...”
  223. >...
  224. >”Come in...”
  225. >Lazily you move back into your house and sit on the sofa
  226. >As Sepia is making her way to you you already start to think this was a bad idea, you really do not feel like talking to anyone
  227. >She settles down next to you on the couch, not too close but not too far away
  228. “You haven’t been out in a few days... are you allright?”
  229. >You sit there and stare at the floor
  230. >Are you allright? No, not really..
  231. >You feel like crap
  232. >You start to fee la bit better that the one who asked you that was Sepia since she knows the truth, so she’ll most likely be the only pony with whom you can talk about this
  233. >”I’m... just trying to deal with all of this”
  234. “With Goldie?”
  235. >”Yeah...”
  236. >Sepia seems worried now. You can bet she does not have that much experience with this sort of stuff
  237. >You need to at least make her feel at ease
  238. >”Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for her, she seems very happy, it’s just... difficult to be around her now”
  239. >Sepia keeps looking at the floor, unsure what to reply to you
  240. >You rest against the sofa and look at the ceiling now while forcing a smile onto your face
  241. >”Don’t worry, things will return to normal soon enough”
  242. >That’s a big lie but no need to make Sepia worry
  243. >You’re not that familiar with her after all so you need to make sure she does not worry about you needlessly
  244. >Out of all the ponies Golden Corral’s the one with whom you have bonded the most
  245. >As sad as it is for you to admit you are not that good at making new friends so most of the other moths are nothing but acquaints to you
  246. “You’re ok with letting her go?”
  247. >You hope that Sepia was not looking at your face since your smile falters for a few seconds
  248. >”Y-yeah, I’m fine...”
  249. >...
  250. “You’re lying...”
  251. >You sigh
  253. >”I can’t tell her of my feelings now, since I never did let her in on them. Her having a crush and getting it fulfilled was nothing but bad luck on my part. If the guy would be a dick it would be a different matter, but Goldie seems to be overjoyed... I can’t find it in myself to make things difficult for her.”
  254. >Sepia turns to look at you
  255. “So you’re ok with hurting yourself but not her?”
  256. >Damn, when did she get so smart this one
  257. >”W-well, I mean... I’m just trying to figure this whole thing out myself”
  258. >maybe you should put an end to this for now, you really feel like lying around aimlessly for the rest of the day again
  259. >”You don’t need to worry about that Sepia, I’ll deal with it on my own, there’s no need fore you to bother thinking about my welfare”
  260. “But isn’t that what friends do?”
  261. >You turn to look at Sepia with mild shock
  262. >She’s looking at you with concern written on her face
  263. >Friends? She thinks of you as her friend?
  264. >...this, this is news to you
  265. >You never thought you’d be so familiar with any of the other mothponies that they’d consider you as their friend
  266. >You’re left speechless and your shock must now be well written on your face since Sepia offers you a small, sincere smile
  267. >You feel like crying again for some reason
  268. >”I-I see, that’s...”
  269. >Vrap, you really do not want her to see you crying, crying in front of other people, no, ponies, is unsightly and weak
  270. >Your eyes feel wet
  271. >Sepia offers you a kind smile
  272. >Before you even know it you’re crying against her shoulder, or whatever you call that part on a pony
  273. >Sepia is patting your back with her hooves
  274. >You let yourself be consoled without restraint
  275. >After that the two of you had some tea and talked for a bit more
  276. >It made you feel a lot better
  277. >After Sepia left you finally took that shower and shaved
  279. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  280. A Blue Evening
  282. >How did things come to this?
  283. >Golden Corral is crying against your shoulder
  284. >Your hands are not touching her since you are unsure if you should console her by petting her back just like Sepia did to you
  285. >Things did not work out between her and the stallion she had a crush on
  286. >They had been going out for a week and then suddenly this happened
  287. >You were enjoying a quiet evening at home when there was a knock on the door and when you opened it you came across a heart-wrenching sight
  288. >Golden Corral was standing there, looking as miserable as she could look
  289. >The rain outside had made her mane and tail soggy
  290. >She had asked you if she could come in and you took her in right away
  291. >There is no way you could tell her no, even if you have been trying to stop having feelings for her you care for her
  292. >The two of you discussed things and before you knew it she was crying against you
  293. >Seems like she was really starting to like that stallion
  294. >As your hands make contact with her form you can’t help but to feel yourself get a bit nervous
  295. >It’s the pony who you loved and most likely still love
  296. >You pat Goldies back
  297. >It seems to do the trick as she’d been already done with most of the crying
  298. >The two of you stay like this for a while
  299. >Even if Goldie is wet from the rain she feels pleasant against you
  300. >Golden Corral pulls away from you and wipes her eyes
  301. “Sorry about that Anon, I don’t know what came over me”
  302. >Golden Coral gives you a sad smile and flops down next to you on your couch
  303. “Haaaah... I’m starting to wonder if there are any good stallions in this village at all...”
  304. >You stay silent
  306. “I’m really sorry about coming to your house so late. I just couldn’t help but to feel like I needed a good shoulder to cry on, and before I knew it I was at your house”
  307. >”Glad to be of help I guess...”
  308. >You give Golden Corral a weak smile
  309. >Honestly you’re still feeling a bit awkward around her, just like you have for the past week
  310. >You and Sepia have gotten a bit closer as friends and you have not had the chance to spend that much time with Goldie since she’d been head over heels for that stallion
  311. >You’re sure you’ve heard his name a lot of times now but honestly you did not even bother to remember it
  312. >Goldie gives you a big hug
  313. “I’m really lucky to have made such a good friend like you Anonymous. You’re a great friend”
  314. >The word friend is still like the lick of a sharp knife
  315. “By the way, I never did get to hear who the mare was who you had a rush on? Might I know it now? I could do with a change of subject to take my mind off of things...”
  316. >You tense up
  317. >”Y-yeah, about that... I got turned down”
  318. >You rub the back of your head embarrassedly
  319. >You decided to save yourself with a lie
  320. >You’re not prepared to tell her anything yet, and you do not want to make things even more complicated for her
  321. >Golden Corral seems shocked
  322. “You did? Wow, that sucks, who’s the mare who could not appreciate such a good man like you?”
  323. >You keep your game face on
  324. >”I’d rather not tell... it's kinda embarrassing”
  325. >Your game face must not be working once again since Goldie seems to pick up your reluctance to tell and drops the subject
  326. “Well, it’s getting late and I need to go home anyway, don’t let being turned down keep you down too long Anon”
  327. >”You too Goldie, don’t try to play yourself too though when you’re hurting”
  328. >Golden Corral seems surprised at this and then some wetness returns to her eyes
  329. “...W-well, I’ll get going now, see you around Anon”
  330. >You give her a wave as she leaves in a hurry
  332. >She just needs time to heal her heart, this is just day 1 for her after all
  333. >You walk Goldie over to the door and give her one of your umbrellas so she does not get too wet in the rain
  334. >As Golden Coral closes the door you decide to not tell her anything about your feelings so she does not get too overwhelmed
  335. >No... it’s more deeper than that
  336. >You sit down onto the sofa and stare at the ceiling
  337. >Honestly, you are not sure if it was even just a childish crush or actual love you felt for her
  338. >Talking with Sepia about various things made you realize it
  339. >Mot to mention you’ve been getting along pretty well with her lately
  340. >You roll around on your sofa aimlessly
  341. >Why must emotions be this complicated
  342. >Golden Corral is the mare who you like very much, but in the end you are not sure if you want to risk her friendship by telling her you have feelings for her
  343. >Not to mention you’ve done a very good job to push those feelings aside for the past week so they won’t be
  344. >Before you can think any further you hear a knock on the door
  345. >Golden Corral must have forgotten something
  346. >You get up and rush to the door
  347. >But behind it is not Golden Corral, but Sepia
  348. >”Sepia? What brings you here so late in the evening?”
  349. “Sorry for coming to visit since it’s so late and all...”
  350. >She sounds a bit more... melancholic than usual...
  352. “It’s just that I had to come and tell you something, it’s been eating me inside and I just don’t know how to deal with it at all...”
  353. >Sepia seems somewhat...afraid? What could this be about?
  354. >”Want to come in?”
  355. >Sepia shakes her head
  356. “Anon, the thing I wanted to tell you...”
  357. >You stay silent and wait for more as Sepia struggles to speak
  358. “The thing is...”
  359. >You tilt your head a bit in confusion as you start to grow a bit worried
  360. >Did something happen to her? You want to be able to help her at least
  361. “I’ve... I have feelings for you...”
  362. >You stand there in shock as Sepia stares at the ground
  363. “That’s what I wanted to tell you. I know that it’s most likely bothersome since you already like Golden Coral and...”
  364. >Sepia struggles more and more to get words out of her mouth
  365. “I’m not really good at this sort of stuff but it was starting to get so difficult to stay silent about it that I...”
  366. >Sepias eyes seem to water a bit now
  367. “N-nevermind!”
  368. >And with that Sepia takes off
  369. >”Se-“
  370. >She’s already long gone
  371. >You stand at your doorway for a while
  372. >That...
  373. >You close the door and collapse onto your couch
  374. >You are at a complete loss at what to do now
  375. >You throw one of the pillows at a wall
  376. >Why must everything concerning love and liking another be so difficult and complicated!
  378. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  379. A Meisa Colored Accident
  381. >It’s been 2 days since Goldies breakup and Sepias confession
  382. >You’ve have not been seeing them around that much thanks to your work, and quite frankly you are really grateful for it
  383. >Not to mention Sepia’s been avoiding you and Goldies been staying at home most of the time
  384. >You have no idea what to do now
  385. >Thinking about it has been keeping you up at night so as you walk home from work you feel like absolute crap
  386. “Anonymous, hi~”
  387. >You lift your gaze from the ground
  388. >Meisa’s standing right before you
  389. >”Hi Meisa”
  390. “You look horrible Anonymous, been busy at work?”
  391. >”You could say that...”
  392. >Truthfully your job is Childs play compared to dealing with all of your current torrent of emotions
  393. “Or is it about Sepia and Golden Corral?”
  394. >If you would have been drinking something this would have been the part where you would spit it all out in shock
  395. “That shock written on your face seems to hint I’m correct. Sepia told me everything”
  396. >”O-oh...”
  397. >you’re unsure what to say
  398. >Meisa offers you a kind smile
  399. “How about you join me for a while, I’m just about to visit the café and by the looks of it you need somepony to talk to”
  400. >”Sure...”
  401. >You’re not that enthusiastic about this but you don’t want to deny Meisas offer
  402. >The two of you make your way to the local café
  403. >After getting seated and making your orders Meisa speaks up
  404. “So, what are you going to do?”
  406. >You cup your face into your hands and let out a long sigh
  407. >”I don’t know... I mean I don’t want to hurt Sepias feelings, but I’m not sure if I could also answer them since I’m still hung up about Golden Corral. I don’t want to be half-assed about this towards neither of them...”
  408. >You could have sworn that Meisa just gave a small smile like her opinion of you just improved tenfold
  409. “I can see you’ve been struggling with this Anonymous”
  410. >”Yeah no shit”
  411. >Meisa ignores your snarky reply
  412. “In my opinion, the first thing you need to do is deal with Sepia since out of the two, she’s the one who told you she likes you. Even if you have feelings for Goldie you-“
  413. >There is a gasp
  414. >You and Meisa turn to look in it’s direction, and then you suddenly feel very, very screwed
  415. >It’s Golden Corral, looking at you with shock written on her face
  416. >Your mouth opens, but nothing comes out
  417. >Meisa stares at Golden Corral in shock
  418. “Y-you have... feelings for me?”
  419. >You don’t reply to Golden Corral but your face blushes deep red
  420. >Meisa seems to be searching for something to say as well, but just like you she can’t find anything to say
  421. “Since when?”
  422. >You feel...
  423. >You...
  424. >You decide to finally tell her the truth
  425. >”Three weeks ago...”
  426. >Golden Corrals face is still one with shock and it hurts you
  427. >You’re unsure what you expected, for her to give you a kind smile? To embrace you and tell her she likes you too?
  428. “All this time you’ve...”
  429. >You start to feel a bit frustrated
  430. >Why won’t she say something else, try to play it off so everyone would not feel so awkward, or at least outright tell you it can never be
  431. >Why that shocked face...
  433. >You can no longer bear with it and you just take off
  434. >Nopony yells after you as you just escape the situation
  435. >Thoughts enter your head as you run towards your house
  436. >Of course she would be more troubled by it, you’re her friend, a good friend, there’s no way she would want to risk that, and now you went and ruined that
  437. >She’ll most likely start to be around you less and less for now
  438. >You’ll loose a friend you cared deeply for
  439. >If this is how bad it felt you should not have ever fallen for her in the first place and just stayed as her good fr-
  440. >Your train of thought is interrupted as you collide with something
  441. >It let’s out a surprised yelp as you stumble down
  442. >You accidently ran against a mothpony
  443. >”S-sorry about that I was in a hu-“
  444. >As the dust settles you see who you ran against
  445. >It’s Sepia
  446. >She looks at you with shock
  447. “E-excuse me!”
  448. >And she darts off
  449. >You look at the ground
  450. >Yeah, even she feels awkward around you now
  451. >You feel like crying
  452. >This is too cruel, making friends after such a long time and then loosing them like that
  453. “Y-you ok?”
  454. >You turn your head in surprise
  455. >It’s Sepia, she’s coming back towards you, blushing and looking a bit unsure
  456. “You’re not looking that good, so... or then you are just looking a bit different and I’m just misunderstanding...”
  457. >You’re unsure what you feel anymore, but you decide to tell her
  458. >”Goldie found out...”
  459. >Sepia stares at you in shock
  460. “S-so, how did she take it?”
  461. >You let out a weak little laugh
  462. >”Can’t you tell by looking?”
  463. >Sepia frowns and then looks at the ground with sadness on her face
  464. >You get up and start to walk towards your home
  465. >”I’ve, I need to go...”
  466. >You walk to your home as you start to feel as miserable as you were on the day Goldie started to go out with the stallion
  468. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  469. A Peaceful Color
  471. >It’s the evening now
  472. >After you came home you just, lounged around and stuff
  473. >Thinking about everything
  474. >Remembering Goldies reaction...
  475. >You feel like you can not leave your house in a while
  476. >You don’t want to come face to face with any of the two
  477. >Meisa came by earlier and apologized
  478. >You told her that she should not worry since it was not her fault, she could not have known Golden Corral was walking by
  479. >You told her that you’d like to be left alone for now and she understood
  480. >And here you are, in your house, feeling as awful as ever
  481. >Words can’t even begin to describe
  482. >There is a knock at the door
  483. >You don’t even bother to go and answer that
  484. >But seems like you do not even need to, you hear the door opening
  485. “Anon?”
  486. >You freeze up
  487. >It’s Golden Corrals voice
  488. >You quickly look around for a place to hide but then notice that she’s already at the living room entrance
  489. >She seems sad
  490. >You feel doomed and you say nothing
  491. “About earlier...”
  492. >You feel nauseas and nervous
  493. >”L-let’s sit down...”
  494. >Your voice does well to portray your nervousness
  495. >Honestly you are panicking, you fear what she might say
  496. >Your body is breaking out in cold sweat as you sit on the sofa and so does Goldie
  497. >You can’t really read anything from her expression other than sadness
  498. “Anon, I’m going to just come out and say it...”
  499. >You swallow and clench and unclench your sweaty hands in panic and give Golden Corral a nod
  500. “I don’t see you that way...”
  501. >You don’t really feel any more horrible than before but her words seem to make time stand still as you process them
  502. >Goldie keeps talking and you listen as it’s the only thing you can do, you could not say anything to her even if she was expecting for you to say something
  503. “It’s not that you’re not a great guy, heck, I sometimes find myself wishing some stallions were like you, but you’re a human and I’m a pony, and you’re my friend...”
  505. >Goldie turns to look at you and you give her a little nod right away and avert your gaze from hers
  506. >You can’t bear to look her in her striking eyes
  507. “And I don’t want to loose you as my friend...”
  508. >Golden Corral seems to grow sadder now
  509. “Although I totally understand if you don’t want to be friends with me anymore after this...”
  510. >Before you can even think about that you shake your head
  511. >”N-no...”
  512. >Golden Coral looks at you like she’s begging for you to continue
  513. >”I’ve been thinking about... I’ve been thinking about a lot of things... and I do not want to stop being your friend even if you would not like me back... I admit it’ll be awkward and stuff and...”
  514. >You rub the back of your head, unsure what to say next
  515. >Golden Corral seems unsure herself
  516. “I guess we will just have to see how things will go...”
  517. >”Yeah...”
  518. “And I’m sorry”
  519. >You shake your head and give out a big fake smile to Golden Corral
  520. >”N-no, don’t be. I’m glad that we talked and did not just leave things to hang”
  521. >Golden Corral gives you a small smile, but she still seems melancholic
  522. “I think I’ll go home for now”
  523. >” uh, bye for now...”
  524. >Golden Coral gets up and leaves
  525. >You give her a little wave and with that she’s off
  526. >You lie on the couch and let out another long sigh
  527. >You were turned down
  528. >But for some reason, you’re not feeling as awful as before
  529. >Sure it’s not nice that you’re love will not be answered, but still, for some reason, you feel a bit relieved you got to talk to Golden Corral
  530. >All those images of her not wanting to have anything to do with you start to clear out from your mind
  531. >You feel...relieved? It’s a somewhat bittersweet emotion
  532. >There is another knock on the door
  533. >This time you get up and answer it
  534. >Behind your door you find Sepia
  536. “I came to see how you’re doing... you looked awful when you ran into me...”
  537. >She’s not looking at you
  538. >You suddenly feel like giving her a pat on the head for gaining the courage to come and see you
  539. >You could not have done it if you would be in her shoes
  540. >...or hooves
  541. >”I’m...fine... I think...”
  542. >Sepia lifts her gaze from the ground
  543. >You can see concern shining in her eyes
  544. >”Come in”
  545. >You shall talk to her as well
  546. >Sepia walks in behind you and you plop down onto the couch
  547. >Seem like it’s the only place you sit on in your house
  548. >Sepia settles down next to you on the couch
  549. >Before she can say anything you speak up
  550. >”Goldie came by”
  551. >Sepia gulps and her concern grows
  552. >”I got turned down...”
  553. >You give Sepia a smile
  554. >You do not know why, but your heart does not feel that heavy anymore
  555. “I’m sorry to hear that...”
  556. >Sepias antennae and ears droop
  557. >You ruffle Sepias mane and earn a little yelp from her
  558. >”Don’t be, we talked about things. It did not go as I hoped but it went well.”
  559. >You remove your hand and Sepia looks at you a bit questionably
  560. >Your feel good must shine through pretty heavily
  561. >”There’s something I need to tell you too”
  562. >Sepia stays silent and waits for you to continue
  563. >”I can’t respond to your emotions right now. I’m still confused about the whole Goldie thing and I do not want to be half assed about stuff like this. So, I’m sorry but I need time to deal with all of this.”
  564. >Sepia gives you a sad little smile
  565. “I understand... kind of, and I’m sorry about troubling you with telling you about my emotions when you were struggling with this”
  567. >You shake your head
  568. >”Don’t be, it cheered me up. You’re a very pretty mare Sepia and you’re nice to hang out with”
  569. >Sepia blushes now
  570. >”If I would not have fallen for Goldie in the first place I’d be head over feels for you now”
  571. >Sepia blushes even more now
  572. >”But I’ll have to ask you to wait until I get my head sorted out with all of this. I’m really sorry”
  573. >Sepia gives you a sad yet happy little smile and nods her head
  574. “I thought I’d find you in an even more horrible condition than before Anon. I just had to come and make sure you were not feeling awful”
  575. >You do not know what it is that made you do it, but you embrace Sepia in a hug
  576. >She hugs you back and the two of you stay like that for a short while
  577. >It’s not an overly intimate hug, more like a hug between two good friends
  578. >As the two of you break the hug Sepia is looking a bit better as well
  579. “It’s getting kind of late, I think I should go”
  580. >You walk Sepia to the door and the two of you say your farewells and then you return to your couch
  581. >You fall down on it and you feel exhausted
  582. >But... the torrent of emotions is gone
  583. >You’re actually feeling a bit glad
  584. >Things finally had some closure instead of guessing what if’s and letting horrible scenarios run trough your head
  585. >Truthfully you did not resolve that much tonight, both the Sepia thing and the Goldie thing are still only at the beginning, there’s a lot of things to cover and resolve there
  586. >But you can’t shake a weird peaceful feeling in your chest
  587. >For the first time in a while, things feel like they will be ok
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