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  1. Here I will list what I [b]do not like[/b] in pioneer:
  2. 1. ''Profile pictures'' inside stations. The facial combinations are just wrong. It looks bad and I personally would have it removed
  3. 2. Spaceship & building design. (I've seen that some good building models that have been posted by some guy on the forums. Now thats what I call good!)
  4. 3. The lightning engine. The whole game looks kinda plastic.
  5. 4. Textures on gas giants. They look kinda failish.
  6. 5. Atmosphere effects. (Now that I mention it, there's a good atmosphere method by eric bruneton. space engine uses it and looks epic.)
  7. 6. Lame-ish 3d engine effects (3D engine trails)
  8. 7. Please, after alpha, remove the RIP grave after you die.
  9. [I know that many of these are subject to change, but I'm just pointing out what I don't like currently] :)
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