Complain's Apology to Rizon Staff

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  1. Ok. I just wanted to give an apology for my irresponsible actions from three nights before. Its not gonna be anything like "i did nothing wrong" and definately not any complaining from the ban. And its not anymore spam either. So I only ask for listening ears. I legit thought that the chat would be for spamming, raging, etc ("for all your rekting needs"). I thought the worst that could happen was a kick from the channel. I didn't know it was actually owned by Rizon Staff and now that I do know that I'm sorry for flooding #Rekt with such useless spam (although even if the chat wasnt owned by the Rizon Staff I would still feel equally sorry and guilty). I should have considered the pple who were in that channel and the pple who spent their time creating the channel as well. I dont blame anyone for banning me nor am i mad because I understand what I did wrong. If anything I am upset with how I was acting that day. I'm sorry for the spam and I'm not expecting forgiveness or anything but I dont like holding grudges or anyone holding a grudge against me. It weighs me down. I definately dont want to leave the impression that I'm a stupid spammer thats too immature to get a life. I just wanted to thank whoever did ban me (it taught me a valuable lesson) and apologize for everything.
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