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  1. SynNyteWolf:has joined the chat
  2. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please give me my account back
  3. SynNyteWolf: i need money rl
  4. SynNyteWolfSynNyteWolf Whisper: my mom sick
  5. xXbeautifulwulfXx: what do u need for m to get my account back?
  6. SynNyteWolf: I don't have money to take her to the hospital
  7. SynNyteWolf: real money
  8. xXbeautifulwulfXx: like what?
  9. xXbeautifulwulfXx: why would you do this?
  10. xXbeautifulwulfXx: why not just ask for help
  11. SynNyteWolf: my mom sick rl
  12. SynNyteWolf: i need money
  13. xXbeautifulwulfXx: ok
  14. SynNyteWolf: i dont know you
  15. xXbeautifulwulfXx: I understand that
  16. xXbeautifulwulfXx: but this is the way to do it
  17. SynNyteWolf: :(
  18. SynNyteWolf: sorry
  19. xXbeautifulwulfXx: that account ur on is my whole life
  20. xXbeautifulwulfXx: i have worked so hard for it
  21. SynNyteWolf: ik now
  22. xXbeautifulwulfXx  cries
  23. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please give it back
  24. SynNyteWolf: you friend make me angry
  25. xXbeautifulwulfXx: they are mad cause you took my account
  26. SynNyteWolf: give me money first
  27. xXbeautifulwulfXx: they know how much this account means to me
  28. xXbeautifulwulfXx: how much?
  29. xXbeautifulwulfXx: how much do you want?
  30. SynNyteWolf: $150
  31. SynNyteWolf: :(
  32. xXbeautifulwulfXx: you could of came to me and asked me instead of taking my account
  33. SynNyteWolf: $150
  34. xXbeautifulwulfXx: im a single mother of 4
  35. SynNyteWolf: dont want give money?
  36. xXbeautifulwulfXx: im trying to figure out how
  37. xXbeautifulwulfXx: or to even come up with it
  38. xXbeautifulwulfXx: Ima single mom of 4 who is barely making it
  39. xXbeautifulwulfXx: you honestly hurt me so bad with this
  40. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please give me my account back come to me in pc and lets figure this out
  41. SynNyteWolf: give me first
  42. xXbeautifulwulfXx: my friend is giving you the money
  43. xXbeautifulwulfXx: Rifdi
  44. xXbeautifulwulfXx: hes my son on imvu
  45. xXbeautifulwulfXx: can I ahve it back now?
  46. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please!!!
  47. SynNyteWolf: send my money first
  48. xXbeautifulwulfXx: he gave u the info
  49. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please talk with my son
  50. xXbeautifulwulfXx: hes willing to give you the money
  51. xXbeautifulwulfXx: i just want my account!
  52. SynNyteWolf: invite here
  53. xXbeautifulwulfXx: done
  54. Rifdi has joined the chat
  55. xXbeautifulwulfXx: im bawling rn
  56. SynNyteWolf: i need money
  57. SynNyteWolf: for my mmom
  58. Rifdi: I gave you the bank info take it an leave
  59. Rifdi: I gave you a Bank account
  60. Rifdi: take it
  61. SynNyteWolf: no pls
  62. SynNyteWolf: send paypal :(
  63. Rifdi  laughs
  64. Rifdi: Sorry Federal Accounts dont go threw Paypal
  65. Rifdi: I tell you what
  66. SynNyteWolf: send money on paypal
  67. Rifdi: Nobody is sending you money on Paypal
  68. SynNyteWolf: i dont have bank
  69. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please give me back my account....I beg you
  70. Rifdi: Your a hacker
  71. SynNyteWolf: :(
  72. xXbeautifulwulfXx: its my whole life
  73. Rifdi: Track the account number
  74. SynNyteWolf: I'm still 17
  75. Rifdi: wow kid
  76. Rifdi: you are willing to throw your entire life away for nothing?
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