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  1. <opta-widget sport="football" widget="fixtures" template="normal" live="true" competition="5" season="2018" match="" team="" team_filter="" date_from="" date_to="" days_ahead="" days_before="" venue="" show_venue="true" group="" matchday="" round="" match_status="all" grouping="matchday" show_grouping="true" limit="" navigation="tabs_more" default_nav="1" start_on_current="true" switch_current="0" sub_grouping="date|matchday" show_subgrouping="true" order_by="date_ascending" show_crests="true" date_format="LLLL " month_date_format="MMMM YYYY" competition_naming="full" team_naming="full" team_link="" match_link="" pre_match="true" show_live="true" show_logo="false" title="Calendario Champions League" show_title="true" breakpoints="400">
  2.     <opta-widget sport="football" widget="matchstats" template="team_graphs" live="true" competition="" season="" match="" navigation="tabs_more" default_nav="1" show_match_header="false" show_score="true" show_crests="false" show_competition_name="true" show_date="false" date_format="dddd D MMMM YYYY" competition_naming="full" team_naming="full" team_link="" show_logo="true" title="" show_title="true" breakpoints="400">
  3.     </opta-widget>
  4. </opta-widget>
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