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  1. >All human genes become recessive with a Hyena mate.
  2. >Not only they can physically dominate human females easily but human genetics were also wired in such way that they always get overwritten by hyena genes
  3. >This results in female humans only able to procreate more hyena males and in consequence forces hyena tribes to depend on the female population of human settlements
  4. >Basically, every 5 years or less, hyena tribes have to raid human villages and "harvest" their females to turn them into sex slave or wife trophies, this is done to ensure the tribe mantains a certain number of births per year, otherwise they go extinct.
  6. >”Little Reds” wear their cloaks to signal to nearby Gnolls that they’re looking and ready to be breed.
  7. >In the converted villages it becomes standard attire for non-pregnant females
  8. >Girls getting home after a long days work, hanging their red cloak on their front door
  9. >Gnolls that have so far been kept at bay know which houses are safe to approach under the cover of darkness
  10. >doors left unlocked, letting their greedy fuzzy partners wake them up to satisfy all their physical needs
  11. >with bellies full and sacks empty, retreating back to the woods, these villagers reinforcing in Gnoll-kinds mind that it's their right to take and breed at their leisure
  13. >Gnoll boys settling in nicely after billeting a remote village
  14. >The human villagers keeping their presence secret from the rest of the kingdom, so that the Gnolls treat them kindly
  15. >Using their hidden base to stage raids on a town that refused their presence, bringing back food and treasures
  16. >Mothers in the village seeing the opportunity these big males present, marrying off their daughters to these nasty beasts
  17. >Encouraging their daughters to consummate their marriage, incentivising Gnolls to give a share of the food and treasure they take to them
  18. >Even going so far as to fluff her daughters new husband before he pops the young girls cherry
  20. ====
  24. Far to the south of the human kingdom Araymia, lies great plains. A great number of beast races inhabit this region, but the most notable are the gnoll. The gnoll control a vast territory made up of warring tribes. Each tribe is led by a warlord, travel through these lands is ill advised without the blessing of the warlord. Unlike most other races, the female gnoll is larger, stronger and more aggressive than the male. All gnoll warlords are female with the exception of one tribe. The Warlord of the Soot tribe was killed in battle leaving behind only a male heir. The late warlord was highly respected throughout the gnoll lands and the soot tribe the most powerful. The prince is renound for his beauty and is currently being courted by the warlords of every tribe. This internal struggle has led the gnolls to turn their attention inward, giving neighboring kingdoms a brief respite from war and raids.
  26. Unbeknownst to the gnoll warlords, the kingdom of Araymia is facing similar struggles. The King was unexpectedly assassinated by a disgruntled noble, leaving the unwed princess in charge of the kingdom. The grieving princess immediately received an offer for marriage from the lizard prince of the neighboring kingdom. The princess was quick to reject this proposal due to prior hostilities between the kingdoms, however, the lizard army launched a surprise invasion over night. Advancing quickly towards the capital. With the capital under siege, the princess fled her land in secret.
  27. The gnoll lands were alive with tension, the warlords were threatening war over the issue of the soot clans prince. Much to his dismay, the normally aggressive and short tempered women were able to come to an agreement on who should get the prince. They would hold a tournament of skill and physical prowess to determine who should wed him. The prince never agreed to this arrangement, but the warriors never bothered to ask his opinion. It was during this tournament that the runaway princess reached her destination. The gnolls were shocked to see the human step out of the horse drawn carriage, their attention ripped away from the javelin throw. The princess boldly approached the soot clan prince and curtsied, introducing herself. She explained how she had heard of his story and told of her own misfortune, then she took a knee and proposed to the gnoll.
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