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  1. (12:32:34 PM) Lysergic_: i did an approach on a "stranger" so to speak in this case
  2. (12:32:40 PM) Lysergic_: and actually used my method of approach
  3. (12:32:44 PM) Lysergic_: and low and behold it still works
  4. (12:33:02 PM) Lysergic_: people talking shit on seddit can still continue to suck my dick and you guys should all STILL try it
  5. (12:33:22 PM) adotb: I did an approach last night and didn't use hypnosis
  6. (12:33:24 PM) adotb: and I got laid
  7. (12:33:26 PM) adotb: yayyy
  8. (12:33:32 PM) Lysergic_: once you have rapport and you have them imagining what its like and he entire conversatoin is focused on her values what she values and how it makes her feel
  9. (12:33:36 PM) Lysergic_: there is no more to the basis of attraction
  10. (12:33:45 PM) Lysergic_: than the rapport and understanding that your values are one in the same
  11. (12:33:51 PM) adotb: Do you have a recommended reading list?
  12. (12:33:56 PM) T3ddy: Lysergic_: people hate on anything they havent tried or sounds hard
  13. (12:34:08 PM) adotb: I'd like to learn hypnosis but it's like... need more time
  14. (12:34:17 PM) adotb: need a list of things that are the best material
  15. (12:34:21 PM) Lysergic_: i just layed out with that guide how to use it to approach
  16. (12:34:23 PM) Lysergic_: nothing more really
  17. (12:34:32 PM) Lysergic_: but i mean its easy to just be natural after youve approached
  18. (12:34:41 PM) Lysergic_: approach is the hook point most guys get stuck at before being able to learn where they ACTUALLY get stuck
  19. (12:34:59 PM) Lysergic_: so i decided to write a guide about how to approach what to say what to do and how to do it and leave blanks to insert your own experience
  20. (12:35:32 PM) Lysergic_: but the thing here is
  21. (12:35:34 PM) Lysergic_: my girlfriend was present
  22. (12:35:41 PM) Lysergic_: and i didn't even get past
  23. (12:35:44 PM) Lysergic_: the FIRST PART of the APPROACH
  24. (12:35:50 PM) Lysergic_: and i  had rapport and then had her CONFIRM TO ME
  25. (12:35:54 PM) Lysergic_: by me directly asking her
  26. (12:35:58 PM) Lysergic_: and thats how you feel right now with me, right?
  27. (12:36:05 PM) Lysergic_: and she smiled, nodded, and said yes
  28. (12:36:09 PM) Lysergic_: and asked me to get to my point
  29. (12:36:15 PM) Lysergic_: rofl
  30. (12:36:20 PM) Lysergic_: but she sincerely just wanted to hear me keep talking
  31. (12:36:27 PM) Lysergic_: my point doesn't even matter because i could have switched topics and said
  32. (12:36:48 PM) Lysergic_: well i WAS just interested in your values, but do you want to know why values are so interesting?
  33. (12:37:02 PM) Lysergic_: i can be completely honest in my approach and talk about what i know to make them feel how i want them to feel
  34. (12:37:05 PM) Lysergic_: while still being indirect
  35. (12:37:47 PM) Lysergic_: anjyone can
  36. (12:37:54 PM) Lysergic_: like you learn all this shit from the books we have on our own list
  37. (12:37:58 PM) Lysergic_: its a matter of actually using it
  38. (12:38:12 PM) T3ddy: yeah
  39. (12:38:21 PM) T3ddy: i think i do this stuff, but dont really think about it
  40. (12:38:51 PM) adotb: hypnosis stuff will be the next level of pickup for me once I decide I'm ready
  41. (12:39:04 PM) adotb: :)
  42. (12:39:16 PM) Lysergic_: that's such a bad way to look at i though
  43. (12:39:19 PM) Lysergic_: because hypnosis is not a next level
  44. (12:39:23 PM) Lysergic_: its what you already know and ahven't learned yet
  45. (12:39:34 PM) adotb: yeah but it's more stuff to focus on
  46. (12:39:43 PM) adotb: it could be too distracting
  47. (12:39:53 PM) Lysergic_: it could easily be too easy
  48. (12:40:04 PM) Lysergic_: to not get distracted
  49. (12:40:11 PM) Lysergic_: and realize you just messed up like a REGULAR CONVERSATION
  50. (12:40:13 PM) Lysergic_: oh where was i?
  51. (12:40:23 PM) adotb: brb getting coffee
  52. (12:40:24 PM) Lysergic_: oh right so after you begin to feel trusted
  53. (12:40:28 PM) Lysergic_: now where does that bring you
  54. (12:40:59 PM) Lysergic_: the way it works is
  55. (12:41:04 PM) Lysergic_: you get them to perceive something as their own idea
  56. (12:41:17 PM) Lysergic_: by understanding that it becomes easy to learn to communicate that way
  57. (12:41:19 PM) Lysergic_: and people wil lalways understand you
  58. (12:41:20 PM) Lysergic_: like
  59. (12:41:23 PM) Lysergic_: im not saying
  60. (12:41:25 PM) Lysergic_: feel trusted now
  61. (12:41:25 PM) Lysergic_: im saying
  62. (12:41:43 PM) Lysergic_: so right after you begin to feel trusted NOW what do you usually like to talk about?
  63. (12:41:54 PM) Lysergic_: in the "if you were to meet this person" frame
  64. (12:42:04 PM) Lysergic_: so it's a hypothetical frame with languaging telling the mind what to do indirectly
  65. (12:42:34 PM) Lysergic_: you're presenting ideas and conneting them in a way in which they cna't be avoided
  66. (12:42:44 PM) Lysergic_: but only followed
  67. (12:42:51 PM) Lysergic_: you're guiding attention using rapport
  68. (12:43:00 PM) Lysergic_: and you're building rapport using her words and body language
  69. (12:43:15 PM) Lysergic_: the focus is on you because of rapport
  70. (12:43:29 PM) Lysergic_: and you are presenting nice ideas and feelings that can not be avoided because there's rapport
  71. (12:43:42 PM) Lysergic_: which means feelings will surface depending how you begin to start languaging them now
  72. (12:43:59 PM) Lysergic_: it's just a matter of knowing how to know you already know how to do that
  73. (12:44:25 PM) Lysergic_: like when you practice you might screw up but it never mattered before which means it doesn't matter now only as much as you think it did
  74. (12:45:00 PM) Lysergic_: because clearly you have a whole world ahead of you asking to be hypnotized
  75. (12:45:14 PM) Lysergic_: by the next man ready to call himself a savior
  76. (12:45:17 PM) Lysergic_: so who will be the first?
  77. (12:45:22 PM) Lysergic_: remains the only question
  78. (12:45:43 PM) Lysergic_: you can be saved or you can save yourself
  79. (12:46:02 PM) Lysergic_: but the reality is that no one is going to save you
  80. (12:46:05 PM) Lysergic_: except yourself
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