(Roblox) FakeMouse (SS Script auto converter) [OP]

May 7th, 2020
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  1. FakeMouse Was created about a year ago By me, I have kept it private for a while until i leaked it in my discord (that is now deleted) Anyway FakeMouse is one of the most powerful SS script converters out there as its more powerful than CMouse and from what i know you can't get banned for using it.
  3. Download:!Ho5mgSSA!JZfpYCKdzc77riylkn3ok9PYihxbfeMB9MyHWgMRLPg
  5. Virustotal:
  7. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE (simple): just drag it into the roblox studio window from a folder / desktop go to FakeMouseMainconversion in the Explorer window under modulescript and scroll all the way down and paste the script you want to convert at the bottom and then upload the modulescript to roblox turn off the comments and make it for sale and call it whatever you want and upload it. I am not responsible for what you convert.
  9. Enjoy Making FE Scripts!
  11. Please don't sell anything using FakeMouse not even your modules as its a open source free to use Converter that is not allowed to be sold whatsoever if you do so buy anything using FakeMouse its a scam im not responsible for what other users sell to you.
  13. DM Me on discord if you happen to have issues converting with meh FakeMouse : Peace & Tranquility#8553
  15. NOTICE : Not all scripts will work with FakeMouse
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