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  2. SilverKhaos - Today at 1:31 PM
  3. Phobos moves to get off the volcano to one of the cooler areas as it was still very hot for him. "uggggh..."
  4. Kento Kido - Today at 1:33 PM
  5. follows him down the volcano
  6. SilverKhaos - Today at 1:34 PM
  7. He takes off his cloak as he couldn't take the heat very well, then looked over at her naked form and blushes again. "Still...n-naked.." The demi was trying his best to not stare at her naked form, but he could be easily spotted staring from time to time.(edited)
  8. Kento Kido - Today at 1:43 PM
  9. She keeps following him down the mountain, walking with a hip sway. Her tail moving behind her as she followed him
  10. SilverKhaos - Today at 1:45 PM
  11. Phobos looked towards her sway, then starts to turn red. "What...a-are you trying to do now?"
  12. Kento Kido - Today at 1:45 PM
  13. Fatalis just kept following and shrugged when he mentioned what she was trying. she wasn't really trying anything
  14. SilverKhaos - Today at 1:47 PM
  15. Blinked as he looked at her again, He had a nice long look at her whole front, since she was clearly trying to show off. "T-then why are you walking like that." He was still very hot from the planet as a whole as he was panting a little bit.(edited)
  16. Kento Kido - Today at 1:55 PM
  17. she keeps walking as she enjoyed messing with him. She shrugged to respond to his question before turning her head to the side. Her hand rubs one of her breasts for a moment
  18. (You want this to be considered ic? Or ooc?)
  19. SilverKhaos - Today at 1:56 PM
  20. Up to you)
  21. Kento Kido - Today at 1:56 PM
  22. (Nah, I don't mind which. Want you to say yes or no)
  23. (Cause if its ic, she may reference it)
  24. SilverKhaos - Today at 1:58 PM
  25. He turned bright red "Alright now I know you are t-trying to tease me..." Taking off the jacket as he was getting really heated in this place and her clearly flirting actions.
  26. (Fuck it, we can make it IC)
  27. Kento Kido - Today at 1:59 PM
  28. looks at him with a confused look, acting like she didn't know what he was talking about, before running her hand down her own body
  29. Kento Kido - Today at 2:00 PM
  30. (just asking cause your messing with a demon and she may do wierd stuff to him :P)
  31. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:00 PM
  32. (oh my~)
  33. looked away. "A-alright... d-don't tease me if you are gonna do that."
  34. Kento Kido - Today at 2:01 PM
  35. She keeps walking as her hands move to her waist and between her legs before back to her chest
  36. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:04 PM
  37. He looked at her, then saw her get closer and closer. He looked all over her body. "A-are you gonna show me your butt next? After all, you did slap mine."
  38. Kento Kido - Today at 2:06 PM
  39. looks at him while placing a finger on her chin like she was thinking, before turning around and bending over for him, showing everything.
  40. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:07 PM
  41. He looked at her butt as he showed it off, then smiled, it was pay back time, then he gave her a firm butt spank. "Payback~" He said, clearly quite turned on at this point, there was just a huge budge in his pants.
  42. Kento Kido - Today at 2:08 PM
  43. her tail quickly catches his hand, her speed more trained than his. Her tail wraps around his arm as she walks closer to him
  44. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:11 PM
  45. meeps as he is caught. "Awwww~ I thought that would work...You know I deserve some payback." He was still quite powerful as he tucks to get out.(edited)
  46. Kento Kido - Today at 2:12 PM
  47. Her tail removes itself from his arm before her hands place themselves on his chest. She gets close for a moment before he would feel her tail sliding into his pants
  48. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:13 PM
  49. He looked at her as he feels her tail slide into his pants. "H-hey if you are gonna do that...At least let me keep my clothes from being burned off." as he moves to grab her wrists.
  50. Kento Kido - Today at 2:14 PM
  51. as he grabs her wrists, he would feel her tail wrap around his rod before sliding on it some
  52. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:15 PM
  53. let out a small grunt before taking the grip of her wrists and using it to try and push her to the ground to catch her off guard. "I s-said wait a second~" Still holding them as tightly as he could.
  54. Kento Kido - Today at 2:16 PM
  55. her tail gets tighter as he tries pushing her away, likely causing him pain if he tried getting away from her. She shakes her hand with a finger up like she was calling him naughty, before the tip of her tail goes between his legs
  56. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:19 PM
  57. He didn't try to get away as he felt the grip, then he just removes the pants with one hand to keep a grip of her. "Nope~ I'm not letting you get away so easy!" using the hand he used on his pants to remove them and show off his dick to grab her tail, moving his legs to snag it to.
  58. Kento Kido - Today at 2:20 PM
  59. she looks at him before making another naughty hand shake. She then suddenly expands her muscles four times before pushing him off and on to the ground, her tail breaking free
  60. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:22 PM
  61. He is pushed off but it clearly took a lot more then just that as he was still standing, nearly tripping from the force, right next to the wall as he falls back a little bit and moves to it. "Awww, that's cheating you know."
  62. Kento Kido - Today at 2:23 PM
  63. she giggles and makes two copies of herself as she gets closer, having more womanpower to hold him. they charge as they all grab for him
  64. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:27 PM
  65. He looked around at all of them then frowns. "Okay, that isn't fair at all." Clearly being out numbered wasn't something he was a fan of, he tries to grab at least one of them to pin it down, trying to do the middle one as that was the one right in front of him.
  66. Kento Kido - Today at 2:28 PM
  67. had been on the left, but she lets the clone get pinned. She goes for his back and holds on to him, before her tail goes for his rear. She pushes him towards the clone on the ground as it spread her legs, letting him enjoy a clone at least
  68. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:32 PM
  69. having got pushed towards it, he rammed into her then he tries to reach behind him to grab her tail before it reaches him, using the other hand to grab and lift up one of the clones legs to show off her butt some more.
  70. Kento Kido - Today at 2:34 PM
  71. She keeps using her expanded strength to  push her tail to his rear while the other copy that was standing grabs his arms to pull them off her tail. She was determined to get this and she had more strength than him while her muscles were expanded. If her tail wasn't let go, the clone on the ground and the one standing beside him would use their tails while his hands were busy. He didn't have enough hands to stop three tails
  72. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:37 PM
  73. Looked at all the tails, then gave the clone a firm spank before trying to grab her tail and pull her closer to put himself deeper into her. Then the next tail, the one he already had, he tried to pull her closer to, but down towards the place beween his legs, but the grip of the last tail, he couldn't stop, tearing his grip away from the first tail, but it was clear he was outnumbered.(edited)
  74. Kento Kido - Today at 2:44 PM
  75. The clone laying there flinches as she was pushed into, but the real one behind him pushes her tail into his rear when he lets go of it. The tail of the one on the side goes into the clone on the grounds rear, while the clone on the ground sticks her tail in the original's lips. She leans on his back as her tail thrusts into him, while the one under him's lips drip wet from the feeling
  76. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:47 PM
  77. rear starts to expand as her tail was to big for him, he goes down his mouth dripping over the clone he is fucking, dripping down drool onto the clones mouth, very close for a kiss, the clone could feel him getting a bit larger and harder as he's hands push down on the clones arms holding them down so he could do everything he wants with her.
  78. Kento Kido - Today at 2:49 PM
  79. She grins evilly as she watches him, before doing the most evil thing she can think of. The copies suddenly dissappear as she wraps her hands around his waist and she starts rubbing him off. this being his punishment for trying so hard to get her.
  80. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:51 PM
  81. They meeped as they realized it faded away, then he is pulled up and stroked. "W-why don't you try and f-feel it i-i-in place of j-just a c-clone~ Y-your clone seemed t-to love it~"
  82. Kento Kido - Today at 2:52 PM
  83. she shakes her head as her tail keeps pounding into him, her hands rubbing his rod as she grins and keeps a firm hold on him. The tail lessens in size as it moves though, making it more comfortable for him
  84. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:53 PM
  85. He smiles as he pants some, trying to get his hands around her waist to push her to the ground. He was still quite hard as a bit of pre-cum leaked out now.(edited)
  86. Kento Kido - Today at 2:54 PM
  87. She keeps a firm grip around his waist from behind. She didn't relax her muscles in her arms. She was going to keep him there till he came. Her tail goes deeper and wiggles around as she keeps rubbing his rod and now his balls occasionally
  88. SilverKhaos - Today at 2:57 PM
  89. He starts to pulse some as he was getting really close, he wanted to flip her over to feel her insides again, but for now, just her hands were doing the job, due to the fact she kept moving in his butt, he couldn't focus enough to grab her very tightly, but he was still drooling, some of it could be felt on her hands.
  90. Kento Kido - Today at 2:58 PM
  91. She keeps going hard as she pounds into him harder. She was going to make it hard for him to walk by the time she was done, her hands taking good care of his rod with the unusually soft skin. She seemed rather experienced with her hands as she felt the drool on them
  92. SilverKhaos - Today at 3:00 PM
  93. He couldn't help but start to leak a bit more as he cam "W-w-why did you have t-to tease me much~..." Even after cumming a large load all over the ground and her hands, he was still hard as a rock as it was clear he could easily go for more.(edited)
  94. Kento Kido - Today at 3:03 PM
  95. She keeps thrusting into him as he cums all over the ground. a hand reaching down to get a bit on her hand before tasting it, having to lean slightly to the side to do so
  96. (get bored?)
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