REQ - Reddit traffic method

Oct 3rd, 2020
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  1. REQ - Reddit traffic method
  2. No more than 2-3 weeks ago a read a thread talking about getting easily 10 000 uniques from a listing on reddit. I saved the thread, but now when I tried to see it again it doesn't exist. I suppose it was deleted for some reason, but if some other guy remembers something please share it here.
  3. ++++++++++++++
  4. list of top cheapest host http://FreeList.top
  6. Top 200 best traffic exchange sites http://FreeList.top
  8. free link exchange sites list http://FreeList.top
  9. list of top ptc sites
  10. list of top ptp sites
  11. FreeList.top
  12. FreeList.top
  13. +++++++++++++++
  14. the gist was find a cool picture and post it under pics. go blackhat and use multiple accounts and proxies to bump your pic up and bump others down.
  15. I found that the same applies towards articles, videos, etc...
  16. gl.
  17. Dunno but here is a good digg method -- http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/making-money/37770-get-digg-domination.html
  18. Thanks guys.
  20. I've put both posts together into one pdf file. You can download it from: -- http://33jv.com
  21. http://33jv.com/ doesn't work please upload again
  22. high karma aged accounts + cool content + quality upvotes within first hours + relevant and big subreddits = traffic
  23. OK bro
  24. Make such covers for all of your social media profiles that helps your company stand out in the crowd.
  25. You can scale all your designs and export them PDF file format.
  26. It allows you to design beautiful presentations.
  27. It offers many powerful tools like Pen, Knife, Slice, Bezigon and much more that helps you to design stunning photos.
  28. It contains a curated list of Google fonts, rich SVG icons, high quality stock photos. All these are available for free that you can use for any product.
  29. You can import or export your designs in editable format or flat like format and can bring those to other applications or you can even print them.
  30. 11. Venngage
  32. The tool aims to empower you to create infographics very easily in short span of time.With venngage, you can tell stories and present your data with infographics. This tool is developed by team from Visual.ly.
  34. You can create infographics in 3 easy steps.
  36. Choose a temple from over 100 infographics on venngage.
  37. Enhance your infographic by adding icons and images that are available in venngage library.
  38. You can further customize your infographic design by changing fonts and color with venngage’s infographic maker. So that you can make your infographic unique.
  39. Features:
  40. REQ - Reddit traffic method
  41. You will find images not only for creating infographics but also for designing posters, social media posts, promotional posts, reports.
  42. Turn complex data into an easy understandable way with stunning charts and visualizations.
  43. You will get real support from the team of venngage.
  44. 12. PicMonkey
  46. picmonkey
  48. It’s a photo editor as well as design maker. If you want to make your ideas come to life then PicMonkey is for you. You can take your photo editing and design skills to the next level with PicMonkey.
  50. Features:
  52. It makes photo editing a fun due to it clone tool for touching up photos, airbrush, blemish remover, mascara, halloween features what’s not everything you need.
  53. You can make edits to photos by just drag and drop which is freaking easy.
  54. It introduced a feature called “The Hub” which allows you to save the images within the PicMonkey application so that you can work on it again later.
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