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comfy mac tips

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Jan 21st, 2018
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  1. comfy mac tips:
  3. required:
  4. install iTerm2 (look up how to recompile with padding and rounded edges)
  5. install homebrew even if you don't into programming, it's useful for updating software
  6. install a browser that isn't safari
  8. top/menu bar (if you don't just hide it):
  9. bitbar lets you put custom text from script output onto the bar
  10. Bartender lets you hide menu bar icons, get a cracked copy
  11. there's a program called Übersicht I think that lets you re implement the menu bar overlayed on the desktop as widgets but it's literally a web browser so I avoid it
  13. video and media:
  14. install IINA
  15. if you don't stream music then setup ncmpcpp + mpd for terminal music
  17. window managers:
  18. chunkwm is a more unixy config WM with good features
  19. Amethyst has a little bar icon and handy config gui but fewer tiling modes and features
  20. windows kinda snap to each other so manually tiling is possible too
  22. one of the comfiest thing about OSX is that GUIs are scriptable with AppleScript, even if it's the worst language since JS
  23. I used it to write a """theming""" script that changes wallpapers, system dark/light mode, and terminal theme on the fly
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