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  1. So, Malik, Trent, and mark cole went to pick her up, took her to the apartment of
  2. coach Rick Cameletti on lovers lane where Michael Nodianos, Charlie Keenan, Cody
  3. saltsman, and Anthony Craig were. They started drinking there, then traveled the
  4. short distance to Coach belerdine's house where he kicked them out, they then
  5. traveled to Mark Cole's house where she was raped and can be identified in the
  6. picture of them carrying the victim. This occurred in wintersville, outside of
  7. Steubenville which is in sheriff abdalla's jurisdiction. Mark Cole's step father
  8. Dave pitera, (who coincidentally is related to Anthony Craig's mother, who is
  9. related to the owners of scaffidi's spaghetti in Steubenville, who is a relative of
  10. coach Robert lamantia where the pre game parties started)  who works as a RN in the
  11. same hospital as Michael nodianos's uncle.
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