How long for a 301 redirect to take effect?

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. How long for a 301 redirect to take effect?
  2. Revived a really strong niche relevant site over the course of about 6 months. Just 301'd it to my money site. How long does it take to take effect in 2020?
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  16. 301 Redirected domain will show the effect when it indexed on search engines. And more powerful link flow occur while the organic traffic receives from keywords ranked on the old website.
  21. That's always an intriguing question: when will this link push my rankings? or when will this redirect boost my visibility?
  22. A simple answer is that you never know for sure.
  23. I want to share a small tip. With our own PBNs we always make websites and wait them to get indexed. Only after this we put links or do redirects.
  24. If a PBN get indexed - that's a good sign that it doesn't seem to have trouble with Google and also that's a 100% correct indicator that Google knows about this site.
  25. And only after this you can redirect it to your money site. This will give you more confidence that Google even knows about that particular PBN site.
  26. But still this won't answer your question "How long does it take to take effect in 2020?"
  27. We don't wait for a particular link to take effect. Instead we're building links to money sites regularly during 3-6 months and then compare a total investment to total results.
  28. Revived a really strong niche relevant site over the course of about 6 months. Just 301'd it to my money site. How long does it take to take effect in 2020?
  29. In my experience about a month, month and a half after the 301 you can start evaluating the result. The increase of ranking may continue well after that or to start earlier, but in that 30-45 days period you will see if the redirect have positive effect at all.
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  34. I'm not the most experienced here but I did a slightly successful 301 very recently that took about 2 months to take effect.
  35. However, the site I 301'd was exact same niche and still indexed in google.
  36. Kicks in just like any other links. It's good to build few quality links to your 301 and ping its old links to get faster results.
  37. Thanks for everyone's feedback!
  38. I did that with one of my websites this year. Between 2 and 3 moths to take place bud.
  39. There's no renewal price protection & there's no need, especially as secondary market prices on the core TLDs have sharply come down.
  40. Domain Pricing Trends
  41. How long for a 301 redirect to take effect?
  42. Aggregate stats are somewhat hard to come by as many deals are not reported publicly & many sites which aggregate sales data also list minimum prices.
  43. However domains have lost value for many reasons
  44. declining SEO-related value due to the search results becoming over-run with ads (Google keeps increasing their ad clicks 20% to 30% year over year)
  45. broad market consolidation in key markets like travel, ecommerce, search & social
  46. Google & Facebook are eating OVER 100% of online advertising growth - the rest of industry is shrinking in aggregate
  47. are there any major news sites which haven't struggled to monetize mobile?
  48. there is a reason there are few great indy blogs compared to a decade ago
  50. Have you considered using a PLR package to generate the shell of your site's content? Good luck with that as some sites trying that shortcut might be pre-penalized from birth.
  51. Navigating the Maze
  53. When I started in SEO one of my friends had a dad who is vastly smarter than I am. He advised me that Google engineers were smarter, had more capital, had more exposure, had more
  55. data, etc etc etc ... and thus SEO was ultimately going to be a malinvestment.
  56. Back then he was at least partially wrong because influencing search was so easy.
  57. But in the current market, 16 years later, we are near the infection point where he would finally be right.
  58. At some point the shortcuts stop working & it makes sense to try a different approach.
  59. The flip side of all the above changes is as the algorithms have become more complex they have went from being a headwind to people ignorant about SEO to being a tailwind to those
  61. who do not focus excessively on SEO in isolation.
  62. If one is a dominant voice in a particular market, if they break industry news, if they have key exclusives, if they spot & name the industry trends, if their site becomes a must
  64. read & is what amounts to a habit ... then they perhaps become viewed as an entity. Entity-related signals help them & those signals that are working against the people who might
  66. have lucked into a bit of success become a tailwind rather than a headwind.
  67. If your work defines your industry, then any efforts to model entities, user behavior or the language of your industry are going to boost your work on a relative basis.
  68. This requires sites to publish frequently enough to be a habit, or publish highly differentiated content which is strong enough that it is worth the wait.
  69. Those which publish frequently without being particularly differentiated are almost guaranteed to eventually walk into a penalty of some sort. And each additional person who reads
  71. marginal, undifferentiated content (particularly if it has an ad-heavy layout) is one additional visitor that site is closer to eventually getting whacked. Success becomes self
  73. regulating. Any short-term success becomes self defeating if one has a highly opportunistic short-term focus.
  74. Those who write content that only they could write are more likely to have sustained success.
  75. A mistake people often make is to look at someone successful, then try to do what they are doing, assuming it will lead to similar success.This is backward.Find something you
  77. enjoy doing & are curious about.Get obsessed, & become one of the best at it.It will monetize itself.— Neil Strauss (@neilstrauss) March 30, 2020
  79. The Fractured Web
  81. Anyone can argue about the intent of a particular action & the outcome that is derived by it. But when the outcome is known, at some point the intent is inferred if the outcome is
  83. derived from a source of power & the outcome doesn't change.
  84. Or, put another way, if a powerful entity (government, corporation, other organization) disliked an outcome which appeared to benefit them in the short term at great lasting cost
  86. to others, they could spend resources to adjust the system.
  87. If they don't spend those resources (or, rather, spend them on lobbying rather than improving the ecosystem) then there is no desired change. The outcome is as desired. Change is
  89. unwanted.
  90. Engagement is a toxic metric.Products which optimize for it become worse. People who optimize for it become less happy.It also seems to generate runaway feedback loops where most
  92. engagable people have a) worst individual experiences and then b) end up driving the product bus.— Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) April 9, 2020
  93. News is a stock vs flow market where the flow of recent events drives most of the traffic to articles. News that is more than a couple days old is no longer news. A news site
  95. which stops publishing news stops becoming a habit & quickly loses relevancy. Algorithmically an abandoned archive of old news articles doesn't look much different than eHow, in
  97. spite of having a much higher cost structure.
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