Building ZC with MSYS

Dec 4th, 2016
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  1. Building ZC With MSYS
  2. A simple guide by ZoriaRPG.
  3. 4th December, 2016
  5. 1. If you have not already done so, install MinGW and MYSY on your system.
  6. 1a. Be sure to install all the basic packages.
  7. 2. Download the ZC '2.50.x' branch to your local filesystem.
  8. 3. Download this revised makefile, and keep it handy in the event of errors:
  9. timelord.insomnia247.nl/zc/zc_dev/makefile
  10. 4. On your local filesystem, locate and open this path:
  11. drive:\MinGW\lib\gcc\mingw32\5.3.0\include
  12. 5. On your local filesystem, open the path to the zc sources, to this point:
  13. drive:\pathto\zeldaclassic-2.50.x\allegro
  14. 6. In this 'allegro' directory, you will find:
  15. allegro\
  16. fixed\
  17. allegro.h
  18. winalleg.h
  19. 7. COPY (do not move) the two directories, and the two headers, to the path from (4).
  20. 8. In the zc files path, make the following directory:
  21. obj\
  22. This should be at the same level as src\, allegro\, bin\, include\, libs\, other\, projects\, and utils\
  23. 9. Inside the newly made obj\ directory, create the subdirectory:
  24. parser\
  25. Thus, you should have: drive:\zcfiles\obj\parser
  26. 10. On your filesystem, find and open this path:
  27. drive:\MinGW\msys\
  28. 11. Run the batch file, msys.bat
  29. 12. A terminal window will open.
  30. 13. use the 'cd' command to move to the path containing the zc sources and makefile.
  31. NOTE: MSYS uses Linux style paths, not MS-DOS style paths, so the path will be represented as:
  32. DRIVE:/pathto/zeldaclassic-2.50.x/
  33. 14. Once the path containing the makefile is your current directory, type the command:
  34. make
  35. 15. This will start the building process.
  36. 14. if you encounter early errors on missing headers, replace the makefile with the makefile that your downloaded in (3).
  37. 15. If you encounter late-compiling header errors, ensure that you copied all the files in steps ( 4 ) to ( 7 ).
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