2020 Famitsu TD3rd Interview with Ibuki Kido

Jul 12th, 2020
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  1. Already similar people when they first met!? The super-positive duo
  4. - Is it alright if you recall the audition, the time that gave you the chance to meet with Kana?
  6. Kido: I originally accepted the role of Hinata Kinoshita. I'm from Aomori prefecture myself, so when I saw Hinata-chan's countryside girl-like atmosphere, and the illustration with her apple T-shirt, I thought "This might be the one!". Dialects are also my specialty.
  9. - So during the audition, they told you to "Give Kana a try"?
  11. Kido: Other than Kana, they wanted me to try a group of energetic youths, including Iku (Nakatani) and Tamaki (Ogami). At the time, I was a middle-schooler, and I wore my uniform there thinking that "I can do my best using my youth as a weapon!", so I'm glad that was decided for me (laughs). There were many roles that involved cheerful kids, so that kind of role seemed to fit.
  14. - So in actuality, was Kana easy to perform as?
  16. Kido: During recording, they told me "Kido-san is basically Kana-chan, so please perform as is without changing anything", and the recording of the dramas and songs went really smoothly. To myself, "are we really that similar?", I thought......
  19. - (laughs). These past 7 years, has your impression of Kana changed any?
  21. Kido: The basic parts haven't changed! But at first I felt she was just a cheerful and energetic, as well as optimistic girl, but for example in the Movie where her frustrations and troubled sides of her emerge, it's times like those where I discover a new side to her.
  24. - In the Movie, Kana overcoming her frustrations were one of the themes. When you need to act depressed, how do you reach that kind of mental state?
  26. Kido: I try not to get too depressed. For myself, even when I'm depressed I'm still positive at my core, so I can't really recover. When you think about it, I guess Kana-chan and I are really alike in that sense (laughs).
  29. - After the Movie's release, in 2017 "Mirishita" was released. After the release of "Mirishita", has the environment changed any?
  31. Kido: With the 3D graphics and the smooth movement, I could feel that there was a lot of effort put into making all of that, so I felt "I'm gonna try even harder in my performance!". Getting to imagine how the character will move while dubbing over, it's a lot of fun.
  34. - Kana always appears in the commus with her singing, so she leaves a pretty strong impact (laughs).
  36. Kido: Truth is, her singing is something impromptu that I come up with while recording. While it is fun to think about it, having to sing every time means that I also run out of material sometimes. At those times the staff will also try to contribute with "How does this feel?", those kinds of ideas, but in the end it's still really tough (bitter laugh).
  39. - Please tell me what left the biggest impression on you these past 7 years.
  41. Kido: The 3rd Live Tour. With the various members performing in different places and passing the baton to each other, before finally gathering in Makuhari, it was a really memorable event. Many people would list this tour as well. This period was really densely packed. There were a lot of lessons, and the food in all these places was really delicious (laughs).
  44. - Did you eat with the rest of the cast?
  46. Kido: Yes! Around the day before, everyone was saying "let's do our best tomorrow!", while we were having fun eating together. The Horipro group, that is, Azusa Tadokoro-chan and Machico-chan, are usually together. Also Miku Itou-chan. They're kind of like me, in the sense that we won't be satisfied unless we give it our due diligence and a perfect performance, so we mutually encourage each other.
  49. - Of all the songs you sang live, which one left the deepest impression on you?
  51. Kido: That would be "Thank You!". It was the first song I recorded as Kana Yabuki. Back when I recorded it I had almost no experience in singing, so I was giving it my all, but I remember being told that "if you sing at 100% you'll get tired, so if you can get rid of the parts where you're losing power, you may be able to grow more". The singing voice in-game is the same as it was back then, but listening to it again now, I can feel how full of energy I was back then...... or maybe I should say, I can't really feel Kana that much so it's a little embarrassing.
  54. - I think that it's very Kana-like. From the end of this May, the various Lives have been streamed for the Anniversary.
  56. Kido: When I watch myself during 1st, I look at my past self and go "I look really young" (laughs).
  59. - Compared to back then, is there any change in you attitude towards Lives now?
  61. Kido: As the number of people who know more about "Mirishita" and the new "Million Live!" increase, in order to make the Lives more fun for those Producers, that's how I approach the stage now.
  64. - Kido-san, you're one of the members of the cast who tends to be overcome with emotion during the final MC corner, but you leave the impression of someone that always smiles with brisk chatter.
  66. Kido: We usually get about a minute for the MC section, so I aim to not go over that time. There are many Producers who come from afar from the Shinkansen or other ways, so while it's simple and concise, I hope I can get my feelings across......I think.
  69. - The performance of "Akai Sekai ga Kieru Koro" during the added performance of 6th Live, "THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! 6thLIVE TOUR UNI-ON@IR!!!! SPECIAL”'s 2nd day is something widely about among the fans, but what was your mental state when it was decided you were going to sing with Risa Taneda-san?
  71. Kido: I thought "we can finally sing this song together!". I was really happy during the actual performance. I could hear Tane-chan in my earpiece, and the feelings I had when we sang together rushed forth, and as soon as I saw the audience during the intro, all the Producers were awe-struck...... I normally decide not to cry, but at the time I just cried too.
  74. - At the 2019 "Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival"'s 2nd day, even though you weren't listed as a performer for "Million Live!", you came out and performed "UNION!!" with the cast. I think many people were surprised.
  76. Kido: That day, I was actually performing as part of the "Aikatsu!" series, but it just so happened that "Million Live!" would be performing on the same day, so I was able to appear as part of a suprise. Truth is, I was wearing my "Million Live!" costume under my "Aikatsu!" costume, so it felt so tight up there (laughs).
  79. - How was the stage at Tokyo Dome?
  81. Kido: It was one of my dreams to stand on the dome's stage, so I was very moved. I wanted to stand there as part of "Million Live!" one day.
  84. - In May, there was a special livestream that was done remotely.
  86. Kido: Actually, this was the first time we ever did remote recording, so I was worried if I could do it properly. However, it was nice and relaxing to do it at home, and the chat moving at that incredible speed was really interesting. "So 'Million Live!' is, in a good sense, a 'dangerous' kid" was what I felt, and the charm of "Million Live!" as well. I want to meet with everyone soon.
  89. - If the environment allows for performing Live in the future, what kinds of things would you like to try?
  91. Kido: A stage that moves around would be really interesting! Right now we're only moving around in carts, so I'd like to experience rotating stages the same way that Korean idols do. That's really cool!
  94. - Who is your favorite idol in "Million Live!"?
  96. Kido: Hinata Kinoshita-chan. I really like Nao Tamura-chan's unique voice and her quiet, gentle way of speaking, and she's always been my "favorite". I also like Julia-chan. She always praises Kana-chan (laughs). If she's kind, I'll like her!
  99. - (laughs). Kido-san, you did mention that you accepted the audition for Hinata as well, so how did you feel listening to Tamura-san's performance?
  101. Kido: I felt it really suited her. For someone who really "pushes" for Hinata-chan, I felt like it was a "thank you!". I honestly think that Nao Tamura-chan was born to play the character (laughs). As the name of "39 Project" implies, there are 39 performers, but the combination of Hinata-chan and Nao-chan has a very prominent individuality, and it's something I'm envious of as a performer.
  104. - Could you tell me your favorite unit and song?
  106. Kido: I really like D/Zeal. The drama and songs moved me with how warm they are, and I really like how "emotional" they are as a unit. I like "Harmonics" and also "Airu" for the songs.....wait, I just realized that Julia's in both of those! I guess I like Julia a lot because of how emotional she makes me (laughs).
  109. - In the midst of all this, I'd like to ask a question......what idol would Kana like to form a unit with......
  111. Kido: Julia, of course (laughs). "Mirishita" has a number of conversations between Julia and Kana about "let's form a band someday", and I really want to see that happen. However with the 2 of us, there's a lot of pressure, so I'd like snother person to join as well.
  114. - So what if KidoP gets to choose?
  116. Kido: Then I'd choose the one who's voice I love the most, which would be Reika Kitakami-chan. During rehearsals, when Pirami-san sings I tend to turn around without even thinking. That's why I'd like a unit with Kana, Julia and Reika, these 3 people!
  119. - Next, if you have an upcoming solo song, what kind of song would you like to sing?
  121. Kido: My last song ("Ame ni Utaou♪") was a more relaxed song, so I'd like to sing a more uptempo song like "Omajinai"!
  124. - Lastly, please give a message to the Producers.
  126. Kido: Thanks to the support of the Producers, "Mirishita" was able to reach the 4th year. In order for us to continue to see various worlds together, please continue to produce and support us. Me and Kana will keep running!
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